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Catering to all types of organizations from SMBs to Enterprises, RockBochs is a leading provider of hardware appliances for open source and proprietary software solutions. Browse our selection of RockBochs Phonebochs Mini PBX Appliances and Fax over IP solutions.

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About RockBochs

RockBochs, Inc. is a leading provider of purpose-built hardware appliances for both open source (Linux and FreeBSD) and proprietary software solutions.

RockBochs' also provides design and consulting services as well as pre and post sale technical support.

RockBochs caters to all organizations, from the small business to the enterprise, offering:

  • Branded Hardware Appliances (including OEM).
  • Enterprise VoIP Consulting (Asterisk, Freeswitch, FreePBX).
  • Linux/FreeBSD Consulting.
  • Fax-over-IP Solutions.

Why buy RochBochs?

RockBochs can provide the knowledge and tools needed to ensure a smooth open source depolyment. Tech support can provide remote troubleshooting as well as configuration assistance during and after the deployment.

RockBochs understands what it takes to design a reliable, branded hardware solution, as well as provide logistics and end-user support if requested.

RockBochs provides open source consulting services to organizations that do not possess adequate internal resources or require additional expertise.

RockBochs VoIP Appliances & Accessories