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Phoenix Audio Quattro3 Powered Chainable

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Your Price: $539.96
Your Price: $539.96
The Phoenix Audio Quattro3 Powered Chainable Conference Phone(MT304) is a USB full-duplex conference phone which boasts 1 speaker, 4 microphones, and is daisy chainable up to 15 units. It includes an additional interface allowing you to power up to 8 daisy chained units with a single power source (Power source not included). Read More
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Phoenix Audio MT303 Quattro3 Powered Chainable Conference Phone

The Phoenix Audio Quattro 3 is a high quality conference speakerphone that will turn any room into a professionally sounding conference room. The MT304 model is a USB only model that comes with an additional interface for creating a daisy chain with a single power source. Simply add one MT320 to an entire chain of MT304 to power a chain of up to eight MT304's with one power source. It has an exceptionally large pickup and broadcasting range, yet is small in size and discrete in design. The Quattro 3 utilizes 4 microphones, a uniquely designed speaker, and a powerful Digital Sound Processor (DSP) to achieve its fantastic performance.

Phoenix Audio Quattro3 Overview

The new Quattro3 utilizes a single loudspeaker specifically developed and tooled for the Quattro3. This custom made driver delivers even more power and bandwidth than the four speakers used in the Quattro2.

Each and every Quattro3 can be daisy chained to other Quattro3 units with included cat5 cabling up to 15 units. When daisy chaining multiple Quattro3's together, each Quattro 3 can be powered individually with the included power supply. The Q3 also offers the option to power up to eight units through the daisy chain cables using a single 48V international power adapter. In order to use the "Powered Chain" option, each of the Quattro3 units in the chain has to have some type of interface. (All Quattro 3's except the MT301 USB model have an included interface.) The daisy chain utilizes two standard Ethernet connectors, with green and red light indicators. These connectors and the use of standard Ethernet cables guarantee a reliable daisy chain connection.

Phoenix Audio Quattro3 Features:

  • USB Interface, Mini B Connector
  • Included interface for single power source daisy chains
  • 3.5mm external loudspeaker and microphone jack
  • Volume up,down buttons
  • Daisy chain expandability of up to 15 units
  • Three-way bridging capability
  • 7 hours of battery talk time with secondary interface (MT302/MT303)
  • Frequency Response 50Hz - 16KHz
  • Low Latency (10ms)
  • Broadcast level (peak) 92dB SPL @1m (5 watts RMS)
  • Noise cancellation > 10dB
  • 100% full duplex
  • High end performance conforms to ITU-T G.167
  • Acoustic echo cancellation
  • Residual echo is suppressed to the environment noise level
  • 4 High quality directional microphones
  • Direction finding algorithm (determines direction and presence of a speakers)
  • Beam forming algorithm (forms and directs audio beams towards a defined direction)
  • Automatic Voice Level Adjustment (AGC)
  • Metal case and metal grill mesh for high RFI immunity and product durability

Phoenix Audio
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Nicole Jacobs

Direct: 716-531-4267

Why Pay $539.96 for the Phoenix Audio Quattro3 Powered Chainable?

  • 4 Directional Microphones, 1 speaker

  • USB interface

  • Can daisy chain up to 15 units for larger rooms, includes daisy chain cable

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Questions on Phoenix Audio Quattro3 Powered Chainable

From Gary at 1/15/2015 7:00 PM

Q: I need an ANALOG conference speakerphone solution to cover at least a 50 foot conference room. Would be nice to have it expandable to our largest conference which is twice that large.

A: http://www.phnxaudio.com/mt302

This is the analog version

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Good for large conference rooms
We use the Quattro3 MT304 to daisy chain and power two other quattro3's. The daisy chaining is very easy to set up and the controls are simple power/mute button, volume up and down and a mic sensitivity level. We looked at other solutions and this was easily the best quality for the price we couldnt be happier.

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