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Switchvox Platinum Upgrade

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From: $30.00

To: $6,550.00

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Solution Overview

Switchvox Platinum Upgrade

Upgrading from Switchvox Silver or Switchvox Gold to Switchvox Platinum will allow you unlimited email access to Digium's support team and give you phone support coverage Monday through Friday from 9am - 6pm PST. Additionally, grants you the option to call our emergency line which normally incurs an additional $200 per incident. All Platinum subscriptions come with 5 free after hour calls that incur no additional $200 charge. Also, you will be entitled to upgrades and patches that are released throughout the year for your Switchvox PBX.

To Upgrade from Swithvox Silver or Gold to Switchvox Platinum, first match your upgrades to the number of current users you have. Then add new Platinum subscriptions for any new users you want to add. Remember - Switchvox licenses are not returnable, if you are not sure what you need, call your VoIP Supply certified Switchvox sales representative at 1-800-398-8647.

Subscription Summary:

  • - Software Updates and Upgrades
  • - Unlimited E-mail-based Support
  • - Unlimited Business Hours* Phone Support
  • - 5 Incidents of out-of-Business Hours** Emergency Phone Support
  • * Busines Hours are Monday through Friday from 9am - 6pm PST.
  • **Additional Incidents $200/ea.
  • 100 User Denominations

    Do you have over 100 users to upgrade? If so, buy some of these, if not, move on down! Remember, you need to maintain your registration codes, so it is best to have as few as possible. Try to cover all your users using as few skus as possible to save yourself time.

    25 User Denominations

    If you have more than 25 users you may need some of these....

    5 User Denominations

    Use 5 user upgrade subscriptions where needed... remember to try to minimize the number of license skus you need.

    1 User Denominations

    Buy a single user upgrade license for any straglers that are not covered by 5, 25, or 100 user upgrade licenses.

    By clicking this button, VoIP supply will send you an email with a build list and price based on the options configurated for your phone system needs.

    Switchvox Platinum Subscription

    Switchvox Platinum Subscription

    From: $25.00

    To: $13,100.00

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