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About RCA

RCA is one of the electronic industry's recognized names and global brand. Providing solutions for business of all sizes, RCA's products include 4 to 6 line HD voice phones, 2 to 3-line PoE Business Phones, and cordless phone headsets.

RCA phones come with a variety of easy-to-use features such as Power over Ethernet, 3-way call conferencing, HD voice and more. For more demanding users, RCA IP 150 can be your ideal solution. With 6 line HD Voice and 7'' Capacitive Touchscreen Display powered by Android 2.1, RCA IP 150 is designed for business applications.

Why buy RCA?

  • 2 year warranty
  • A wide range of user-friendly features such as HD voice, PoE+, 3 way conferencing, etc.
  • Solutions for all-sized businesses

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  1. RCA IP110

    SKU: 02-113956

    The RCA IP110 is a 2 line HD Voice VoIP phone with a 2 line 15 character display. The IP110 has a RJ9 headset jack, a full duplex speakerphone and dedicated hard keys for popular telephony features such as voicemail, call transfer and more.
  2. RCA IP150

    SKU: 02-114340

    The RCA IP150 is a 6 line HD Voice VoIP phone running on Android 2.1. Designed for business applications, with the IP150 can be synced with Microsoft Outlook and Google Contacts, access to Android apps and a 7" color touchscreen display for access applications and web browsing.
  3. RCA IP115

    SKU: 02-115273

    The RCA IP115 is a 2-line PoE Business VoIP Phone certified for Elastix, Asterisk, Broadsoft and Metaswitch. The IP115 features HD Voice, full duplex speakerphone with volume control, and supports 3 way conferencing.
  4. RCA IP070

    SKU: 02-118261

    The RCA IP070 is an expansion DECT deskphone that needs to be paired with either a RCA IP170 or RCA IP160.

4 Item(s)

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