Paging systems are everywhere. You may have seen them in schools, businesses, hospitals or factories. It is a common system that we use for mass notification in a large, spacious area. Traditionally, businesses use analog paging systems, which are proprietary, inflexible and not easily managed. Nowadays, more and more organizations are switching to an IP paging system.

What is IP Paging?

Different from a traditional analog paging system, IP paging is a more powerful version of the analog notification system that can be combined with your VoIP phone system and data networks. With an IP paging system, you will be able to increase efficiency significantly and better utilize the technology you already have in place.


How Can I Benefit From Using an IP Paging System?

We know you might not be excited about changing your existing paging system that has been there forever, however, the benefits you can get from installing an IP paging system will significantly outweigh what you’ve sacrificed and make your organization more competitive.

A properly installed IP paging system will allow you to quickly communicate with your mobile workers and will lessen hold times for internal and external calls. It is also more reliable than an analog system. Most IP paging systems can be powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE), which receives power via your network switches. By using uninterruptible power sources for your network switches, your IP paging will operate even when the power is down. See below for some other popular benefits of having an IP paging system:

  • Shared network infrastructure
  • Lower installation and implementation costs
  • Seamless integration into existing networks including legacy analog wiring
  • Simple installation and configuration
  • Scalable to intercoms and paging stations – locally, regionally or globally
  • Remote control and simple end-point expansion in intercom systems
  • Software based zone management in paging systems


Want to Learn More?

ip-paging-new-guideIf you want to learn at your own pace, be sure to check out our IP paging buyers guide for a detailed IP paging system explanation. You can also visit our IP paging page for more product information.

The ideal paging system varies case by case as everyone has a different situation. But don’t worry! That’s what our experts at VoIP Supply are for. Contact us at 1-800-398-VoIP today if you have any questions!


ip-pagingHaving trouble finding an ideal IP paging for your workplace? We’ll help you narrow down your choices by highlighting some of our top-selling IP paging products! Each of them has unique features that can fit in different work environments to ensure that you have an excellent communication experience. Let’s get started!


#1 Advanced Network Devices IPSCM

advanced-network-devices-ipscmIdeal for: A workplace where it is difficult to install additional power for IP speakers, such as school baseball or soccer fields or outdoor campgrounds.

If you are looking for an easy-to-install IP speaker, you won’t want to miss Advanced Network Devices IPSCM. This solution is powered using an RJ45 connection on a CAT 5 cable from a PoE switch, so there’s no need to install power to function the speaker. It also required no special hardware or servers, making it so easy and quick to install.

The IPSCM is an 8in IP speaker embedded into a white 2 foot by 2 foot frame which is designed to be dropped in place of a standard ceiling tile in a typical drop ceiling.

“The IPSCM is easy to install since it only requires a CAT5 cable to connect to the network. It is also PoE capable so it can be powered through a standard PoE switch. Bonus awesomeness is that it’s a talk-back speaker for 2 way communications.”- Joseph Shanahan, Senior VoIP Consultant at VoIP Supply.

The Advanced Network Devices IPSCM Features:

  • 8” Speaker
  • Full multicast and broadcast support
  • Field upgradable
  • On-board web server for status and control and field upgrades
  • Easy to install – built-in test tones allow quick checkout of installation


#2 The Algo 8180 SIP Audi Alerter (NEW)

algo8180Ideal for: A noisy or large workplace such as warehouses, restaurants and machines ships where you tend to miss phone calls because you just can’t hear the ringtones.

The Algo 8180 is a SIP compliant PoE speaker designed for voice paging, loud ringing, and emergency notification. With its high-efficient amplifier and loudspeaker, the Algo 8180 is able to generate an 8 times louder tone than a normal telephone ringer (which means no more missed calls!). The SoundSure technology adjusts loud ring and paging volume to compensate for background ambient noise, protecting your hearing from overly loud volume.

“The Algo 8180 is one of the easiest setups you can find, extremely loud, and very reliable. Instead of adding an extension or “seat” to the noisy site, you can simply pair the Algo 8180 with the Algo 2506 detector which detects the audio from the headset jack and activates 8180 alerter directly without using SIP.” – Brian Hyrek, Senior VoIP consultant at VoIP Supply

The Algo 8180’s most useful features include:

  • Dual purpose loud ringing and talkback voice paging
  • SoundSure ambient noise compensation adjusts output for noise level
  • Selectable alert tones
  • PoE eliminates local power supply

Access the Algo 8180 datasheet here


#3 The CyberData 011186 (NEW)

cyberdata011186Ideal for: An outdoor workplace that faces extreme weather conditions and possible vandalism. Ex: Nursing care facilities, schools and universities, day care facilities, retail establishments, and highway tolls.

The CyberData 011186 is a versatile, cost-efficient outdoor intercom that offers a weather-resistant option and dry relay contacts for optional auxiliary controls. This SIP-enabled solution is perfect for settings requiring two-way communication and secure access.

“The great thing about the CyberData 011186 is the durability and outdoor weather resistant capability. It can also be powered by a PoE switch which really helps with mounting and installation.” – Darren Hartman, Senior VoIP consultant at VoIP Supply

The CyberData 011186 V3 Outdoor Intercom Features:

  • PoE 802.3af enabled (Power over Ethernet)
  • SIP compliant
  • Adaptive full-duplex voice operation
  • Network web management
  • Network adjustable speaker volume and microphone sensitivity

Access the CyberData 011186 datasheet here


#4 The Valcom V-1020C (NEW)

v-1020cIdeal for: Any size offices, retails, educational institutions, etc. where you need a reliable IP speaker solution.

Consider the Valcom V-1020C if you are looking for a reliable solution that can produce exceptional sound quality and wide sound dispersion!

The Valcom V-1020C is a one-way, 8in amplified ceiling speaker with a removable volume control knob for voice paging and background music. The sturdy steel grille design increases its durability for a long term use.

“V-1020C is a very strong solution that you can rely on for a long time. It produces excellent sound quality and is perfect for music reproduction.”- Jon Garbin, Experienced VoIP Consultant at VoIP Supply

The Valcom V-1020C Features:

  • Utilizes Standard CAT 3,5, or 6 cable
  • Excellent voice and music reproduction
  • Built-in accessible volume control per input
  • Additional pop-on, pop-off knob included
  • Wide sound dispersion
  • Electrically, acoustically matched components
  • Sturdy steel grille

Access the Valcom V-1020C datasheet here

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Questions about VoIP devices and services are regularly submitted to VoIPSupply.com through a technical support ticket or via the “Ask The Expert” tab on our product pages.

We respond to these requests directly but more often than not, this Q & A would be helpful for lots of other folks.

Below are your VoIP questions answered – Real questions from real people  just like you.

Cisco SPA303G
Cisco SPA303G 3-Line VoIP Phone

Q: I am a solo attorney. I have a support person who answers the phone for me. Does this phone have an intercom type feature that allows her to “buzz” me and let me know who’s calling?

A:  Yes, the SPA303G does have the intercom feature that you’re looking for.

This feature is called paging and it works like this:

Your IP phone can automatically answer pages from other Cisco IP phones in the office, if your phone administrator has enabled this feature. When your phone is paged, the phone emits a series of beeps, and two-way audio is established between your phone and the phone that called you. You do not have to accept the page.

For more information, go to Page 62 of the Cisco SPA303G User Guide.

Q:  Our facility in Texas needs to deliver digital instructions to a group of people via video conferencing system. The group has a common school house with electricity but no Internet.  They have wifi phone service however most do not have phones.  Most families do not have computers or power at home. How can we communicate and teach them remotely?  What solutions will we need at our facility and at the remote end?

A:  Sounds like you’re in quite the pickle there. There is a solution though, and one that applies to many things in life:

Keep It Simple!

Since the common school house has electricity and WiFi service just use something like mobile Google Hangouts which offers free video calls for face-to-face connections on a tablet, laptop, or even a cell phone on both ends of the connection. No need for a fancy video conferencing system here.

AT&T Syn248 Analog Gateway Phone System
AT&T Syn248 Analog Gateway Phone System

Q:  We are seeking to buy a system that supports VOIP gateways as our phones will run on high speed internet.  Will this system [AT&T Syn248 Analog Gateway Phone System] work for us?  If not, is there another to which you might direct us?

A:  Yes, the AT&T Syn248 Analog Gateway is a great entry-level small business phone system to get started with when switching over to VoIP.

The Syn248 can also be stacked with another Syn248 to add additional phone lines if you ever need to expand.

Just remember that the Syn248 analog gateway needs a AT&T Syn248 Desk Phone to operate because it’s a proprietary gateway that only works with the AT&T Syn248 Small Business Phone System. Configure your own AT&T system here:

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