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Register Now for the Digium Switchvox Fast Start Training!

We are hosting a Digium Fast Start Training and we want you to be a part of it!

Switchvox Fast Start is a great opportunity for sales engineers, technicians, and installers to get a hands-on introduction to Switchvox and access to Q&A sessions with Digium's pre-sales engineers. Best of all, training is FREE. That's right, there is zero cost to be a part of this great opportunity. 


July 10 and 11, 2019 


Our office located at 80 Pineview Drive, Amherst NY 14224. 


  • Practical understanding of data and voice networks
  • Basic understanding of Switchvox menus acquired through experience with your Switchvox demo system

What to bring:

All students must bring a laptop computer for optimal participation in hands-on configuration.


Seats for the Switchvox Fast Start course are offered on a first come, first served basis. The class can accommodate a maximum of 8 students. Fill out the form to register NOW before spots fill up! 


Switchvox Installation and Configuration

Out-of-the-box setup experience

  • Initial network configuration
  • Intro to Admin, change admin password
  • Register/activate, update software
  • Configure first SIP extension (handset)

Connect to the world

Hardware setup analog

  • Connecting analog lines
  • Configure FXO channel group
  • Configure FXS channel group

Hardware setup digital

  • Connecting T1/E1 lines
  • Configure PRI channel group
  • Configure VoIP Provider
  • Configure outgoing call rules
  • Configure incoming call rules

Focus on features

  • Intro to user Switchboard
  • Create & Maintain Phonebooks
  • Configure Music on Hold
  • Configure basic IVR
  • Configure directory
  • Using extension permissions
  • Using extension groups
  • Using extension templates
  • Managing recorded sounds
  • Managing time frames
  • Add G729 support
  • Integrating web apps with Switchvox SMB (call creation API)
  • URL Manager, pushing call data to external web apps/services
  • Firedialer

Care and feeding

  • Create a backup, setup automatic backup
  • Restore from backup
  • Using call logs and reports

Before you buy

  • Compare and contrast the Switchvox family of appliances.
  • Subscriptions and support options

Basic Telephony/VoIP Overview

Explain PSTN technologies

    • Analog lines / cards
    • Digital lines / cards