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About Mobotix Dome IP Cameras

"One camera, more views" is the motto for Mobotix Dome IP Cameras. Instead of installing many cameras, Mobotix offers a solution with a single camera.

The ultra-compact Q24 Hemispheric dome camera provides a 360° all around view when ceiling mounted or, when mounted on the wall, a 180° panoramic view of a room. With several cameras focusing on different angles it can be difficult to under the room layout. With a single hemispheric or, fisheye lens from Mobotix Dome IP Cameras you get a continuous, high-resolution view.

The versatile Mobotix MonoDome D24 series offers exchangeable lenses, flexible mounting positions, indoor/outdoor use, optional vandal proof housing, super wide angle 90° viewing angle, and day/night use.

The DualDome D12 series features two independent, individually adjustable lenses and image sensors. Simultaneously record an entire room plus selected details. For example, focus one lens on the cashier's counter while the second lens is aimed at a door entrance.

Why buy Mobotix Dome IP Cameras?

  • Cost effective - One Mobotix Dome IP Camera does the job of many cameras.
  • Weatherproof, tamper proof, and optional vandal resistant housings.
  • Flexible wall, ceiling, or pole mount.
Mobotix Dome IP cameras