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Mobotix MonoDome IP Cameras

MonoDome Cameras

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About Mobotix MonoDome Cameras

MonoDome Cameras are weatherproof IP Dome Cameras that enables panoramic 360 degree view with elegant modern design. They are a cost-effective solution especially for access control.

With MonoDome Camera's integrated DVR, you can enjoy long-term recording without putting extra load on the network. Some user-friendly features include continuous panning, tilting and zooming. The MxActivitySensor software allows detailed movement detection with reliable results.

Why Buy MonoDome Cameras?

  • Cost effective solution - Robust and low maintenance with no moving parts
  • Hemispherical view with just one lens
  • Optimized image quality and reduced motion blur

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    The Mobotix Q25 is a Weatherproof IP Dome Camera that allows panoramic, all-round 360° view of an entire room with just one camera. With its elegant, simple, ultra-compact design, the Q25 is the perfect surveillance solution for access control.
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    Mobotix D25 MonoDome Camera is an elegant and discreet IP Camera that provides up to 30 High Resolution images per second and outstanding image quality that does not disappoint even under poor illumination. With 6 Megapixel Moonlight Technology users will enjoy detailed images and smooth video streams. And you can record without the worry of loading up the network since the D25 MonoDome has an integrated DVR for long-term recording.

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