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Mobotix Hemispheric IP Cameras

Hemispheric Cameras

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Hemispheric Cameras


About Mobotix Hemispheric Cameras

Hemispheric Cameras feature 360 degree all-round hemispherical view for both indoor and outdoor use. 

HD audio, built-in microphone/ speaker, up to 64 GB recording space and digital zooming/ panning give users the flexibility they need. The optimized image quality reduces motion blur even in poor lighting conditions. Sensors for temperature, illumination, shock detection integrated

Why Buy Mobotix Hemispheric Cameras?

  • HD audio and optimized image quality
  • Complete panorama view, ideal for access control
  • Robust and maintenance-free, without mechanically moving parts



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    The Mobotix Q25 is a Weatherproof IP Dome Camera that allows panoramic, all-round 360° view of an entire room with just one camera. With its elegant, simple, ultra-compact design, the Q25 is the perfect surveillance solution for access control.
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    Mobotix p25 Ceiling Camera with Manual Pan/ Tilt has 6 megapixel Moonlight technology for great low-light indoor environments. The camera does an excellent job adjusting to any indoor lightning situation. This competitive priced camera is the perfect security solution for indoors protection.
  3. Mobotix MX-Q25M-Sec-D25

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    The MOBOTIX MX-Q25M-Sec-D25 is a 360° allround hemispheric daytime surveillance IP camera with an elegant weatherproof design. The MX-Q25M-Sec-D25 features a 5MP, Super Wide Angle 25mm camera lens, 2-way audio and VoIP telephony compatibility.
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    Mobotix i25 is a 6 Megapixel Hemispheric Dome Camera intended for indoor use. This camera makes it possible for users to monitor an entire room (180° ) with just one single camera.

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