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Spectralink DECT Repeaters and Programming Kits

DECT Repeaters

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DECT Repeaters

About SpectraLink DECT Repeaters

Spectralink DECT Repeaters are building blocks that provide larger physical spreading of the traffic channels to extend the coverage area established with the DECT base stations. 

Equipped with up to 4 speech channels, Spectralink DECT Repeaters are totally wireless which makes the installation process easy and quick. With external directional antenna and power supply, Spectralink DECT Repeaters can further build radio coverage in a remote area giving off-site users the flexibility they need.

Why buy Spectralink DECT Repeaters?

  • Wireless and no cabling needed. Easy to install. Easy to use. 
  • Optional external directional antenna to create radio coverage in a remote area
  • Increase coverage in hotspot areas
Spectralink WiFI Communications for VoIP

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    Repeater with 4 channels, Multicell 1G9 version, order power supply separately (requires power supply)
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    Spectralink DECT Repeater with External Antenna connector for outdoor Spectralink DECT signalling. Order antenna separately.
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    The Spectralink 02319505 is the external antenna for the Spectralink KIRK 02440200 repeater with connectors for outdoor antennae.
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    For 74-Handset and Repeaters (formerly known as KIRK 84642602) is the single power supply for SpectraLink 74-Series handsets and repeaters (formerly known as KIRK repeaters and KIRK 40xx and 74xx handsets).

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