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InformaCast is a mass notification system that can send audio, text and/or visual images to deliver important information in the event of an emergency. We carry a wide range of informacast devices from known brands such as Cyberdata, Advanced Network Devices, Valcom, and Algo. Some of our most popular InformaCasT speakers include CyberData 0114504, AND IPSCM-IC, and IPCDS-RWB-IC IP!

Not sure which device will be ideal for your organization? Download our FREE IP Paging guide or simply contact one of our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 for a free consultation!

Why Our InformaCast Devices?

  • Emergency notification communications
  • Easy to install and mount to your desired place 
  • Simple to connect with just a single Ethernet cable
  • High-efficiency speaker driver

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  1. Valcom VIP-130LA-GY-IC

    SKU: 02-112226

    InformaCast IP Paging Horn, Gray
  2. Valcom VIP-130AL-M-IC

    SKU: 02-112227

    InformaCast IP Paging Horn, Marine White
  3. Valcom VIP-160A-IC

    SKU: 02-112231

    InformaCast IP Talkback 8" Inch Ceiling Speaker
  4. Valcom VIP-401-IC

    SKU: 02-112232

    InformaCast IP 1 ft x ft Lay-In Ceiling Speaker - One-Way
  5. Valcom VIP-430A-IC

    SKU: 02-112243

    InformaCast IP Wall Speaker Assembly - Talkback
  6. Valcom VIP-429-D-IC

    SKU: 02-112242

    InformaCast IP Wall Speaker Faceplate Unit w/ Digital Clock - Talkback
  7. Valcom VIP-428-IC

    SKU: 02-112241

    InformaCast IP 8in Square Wall Speaker Faceplate - Talkback
  8. Valcom VIP-422A-IC

    SKU: 02-112240

    InformaCast IP 2 ft x 2 ft Lay-In Ceiling Speaker - Talkback
  9. Valcom VIP-421-IC

    SKU: 02-112239

    InformaCast IP 1 ft x 2 ft Lay-In Ceiling Speaker - Talkback
  10. Valcom VIP-411A-DS-IC

    SKU: 02-112235

    InformaCast IP Surface Mount wall Speaker,Angled w/ Digital Clock -- One-Way

Items 31 to 40 of 42 total

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