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Phoenix Audio MT301 Quattro2 USB (REFRESH)

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The Refreshed Phoenix Audio Quattro2 USB (MT301) is a USB full-duplex conference phone which boasts 4 speakers, 4 microphones, and 5 echo cancelers. Read More

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Phoenix Audio MT301 Quattro2 USB
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Phoenix Audio MT301 Quattro2 USB (REFRESH)

This Refreshed Product has undergone an extensive 10 Step Process in which it was inspected, tested, fully cleaned, upgraded to the latest firmware and repacked for sale.

Refresh products ship with all the applicable original components including phone, handset cord, base stand, RJ45 cable and manuals.

Phoenix Audio MT301 Quattro2 (USB Only) Conference Phone REFRESH

The Refreshed Phoenix Audio Quattro2 USB (MT301) Conference phone features full-duplex sound with 4 speakers, 4 microphones and 5 echo cancelers. The Quattro2's sound quality rivals competitors with a bigger footprint and bigger price tag. The Quattro2 USB is best used with VoIP Softphones, playback of computer media, or for recording meetings. The Quattro 2 is expandable for larger rooms with the addition of the MT304 quattro2 USB+Daisy Chain.

This is the Phoenix Audio Quattro2 with USB Conference Phone Interface Only & Echo Cancellation.

Refresh Phoenix Audio Quattro2 USB Overview

There is no other speakerphone with such an extended audio pickup and audio broadcasting range. The Quattro2 is brimming with advanced and complicated technology on the inside - but yet very simple and intuitive to use and operate.

Networking Your Quattro2

For VoIP applications the Quattro2 connects directly to your computer through the USB port and works right out of the box. No installation or drivers required. And it supports a sampling rate of up to 44 KHz.

Ease of use

Focus groups have shown that the office product you are most familiar and comfortable with is your telephone. So the Quattro2 incorporates your telephone, your comfort zone, into your conference calling experience. All of your company directory numbers, speed dialing, and conferencing calling features you currently use, are used to make a call. Just initiate the call from your own phone and press one button on the Quattro2 to move the conference over. There is no learning curve or missed feature sets. Everyone is productive the moment they enter the room. If a key pad is required for your application, an external dial pad by Phoenix Audio is available to order.

A better meeting experience.

There is an amazing amount of technology built into the Quattro2 yet it is about half the size of competitive units that do less. Unlike other products that utilize their multiple microphones by gating one of them at any time based on the signal level, the Quattro2 uses all of its four microphones concurrently with a 'beam forming' technology. In simple terms, the Quattro2 uses its microphones to develop a beam directed at the person or persons speaking. This 'Beam' is not just looking for the loudest signal it is actually checking for noise, reverberation, and stray non-voice sounds like keystrokes and door slams, and then works to eliminate them. If more than one person is speaking at the same time, the Quattro2 will effectively create several beams and mix them together in a sophisticated way based on each beam's 'Signal voice to Noise Ratio'. This is being re-evaluated thousands of times per second to ensure the best and cleanest possible signal is being sent to the far end.

The Quattro2 also provides high definition, wideband audio onto networks that accept it. Typical phone lines and most competitors in this category have frequency responses of approximately 300 to 3500Hz which lack dynamic range and sound flat. The Quattro2 can provide up to 20 to 20,000Hz for a full sounding conference including all of the voice inflections and nuances that provide for a much more natural and productive meeting experience.

The Quattro2 was built with best in class echo cancellers that provide true full-duplex communication. Most other products either compromise the full duplex performance, limit the loudspeaker sound level, or design the microphone as far as possible from the speaker. Quattro2 echo cancellers work in the confined small space that the Quattro2 is packaged in and with a sound level which is about four times louder than any other product you have experienced before.

Refresh Phoenix Audio Quattro2 USB Features and Functions

  • First and only to provide the ability to add any type of external microphone.
  • First and only to offer, In-Room sound reinforcement (voice-lift) through the Quattro2.
  • Control the daisy chain from any unit in the string.
  • Soft Dialing for the PSTN version through free Phoenix software.
  • Send and Receive fine tuning with the ability to save your custom settings.
  • First and only to offer unlimited daisy chain performance.
  • Note: The first unit in the Quattro2 chain can be whichever Quattro2 you would like it to be for connectivity sake. Every Quattro2 after that needs to be a Quattro2 USB+Daisy Chain (MT304).

  • More robust echo cancellation performance.
  • Improved beam-forming array performance.
  • Improved charging management.
  • Custom recording software.
  • PC or MAC compatible.
  • Accepts external mics such as a podium or lavaliere
  • 360 degree coverage using 4 microphones
  • dimensions - 7" diameter, 2.5" tall - small footprint
  • Recommended Range- 15' to 20' with a single unit. Can be extended indefinitely by daisy chaining to other units.

What's Included

PLUS6 Warranty

Refreshed Products come with a standard 6 month warranty with an additional 6 months of coverage available through the PLUS6 WARRANTY.

All Refresh Products purchases are non-refundable. Replacement or store credit will be given if product is deemed defective inside of 6 months.

Why Buy Refresh?

✚ Value - Refresh products represent an exceptional value as they can be purchased for 20 to 25 percent less than their new equivalent retail price.
✚ Reliability- You can be assured that each product has been fully tested and ready to perform just like it was when originally purchased.
✚ Performance - All Refresh products go through an extensive reconditioning process which includes feature/functionality testing, component replacement (if necessary) and software upgrades.
✚ Warranty - Every Refresh product comes with a standard six month warranty that covers mechanical failures and defects. In addition VoIP Supply also offers an additional six months of protection through the Plus 6 warranty.