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Quintum AFT800 8FXO VoIP Gateway

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Quintum AFT800 8FXO VoIP Gateway

Quintum AFT800. MultiPath architecture for easy integration with existing voice and data infrastructure, meaning little or no re-programming of the PBX, or upgrades are required and no need for special dialing plans. Transparent MultiPath Call Routing to intelligently route calls between the PBX, the PSTN, and the IP network to achieve the best combination of cost and quality. The Tenor can also route calls over IP to reduce costs, and then transparently "hop off" to the PSTN, to reach off-net locations. Auto Provisioning interface allows the Tenor solution to be deployed worldwide, and configured automatically by acquiring the configuration information from a central server, upon installation. The same auto-provisioning capability allows this Quintum AF Series VoIP Gateway to be configured from a VoIP application, thus supporting a single user interface between the VoIP application and the Tenor configuration. Unified Communications Proxy (UCP) provides 'Any to Any' connectivity: SIP-SIP, TDM-TDM and SIP-TDM, for easy integration with any network.

Quintum AFT800 8FXO VoIP Gateway

PacketSaver™ Technology multiplexing to reduce bandwidth consumption by up to 57% by combining voice packets from multiple calls into a single packet. Universal Dial Plan that provides a programmable dial plan for Tenor to be integrated into any network environment. NATAccess™ to allow Tenor to operate behind NAT firewalls to translate internal IP addresses into public addresses when a VoIP call is established with an outside party. Remote Management for anywhere, anytime remote management even behind NAT firewalls with Quintum's Remote Management Session Server.

Quintum AFT800 Features:

  • 8 FXO Ports Onboard
  • Auto-Provisionable
  • Perfect for small enterprises, SOHOs and branch office locations

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Quintum AFT800 8FXO VoIP Gateway

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Why Pay $689.99 for the Quintum AFT800 8FXO VoIP Gateway?

  • 8 FXO Ports Onboard

  • Auto-Provisionable

  • Perfect for small enterprises, SOHOs and branch office locations

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From bahar at 12/14/2014 7:00 PM

Q: how to disconnected calling?

A: Please contact Sonus directly for support

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