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Cisco SFE2000 (Discontinued)

The Cisco SFE2000 is discontinued and replaced with the Cisco SF500-24

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Cisco SFE2000 24 Port 10/100 Switch

The Linksys SFE2000 is optimized to maximize the system availability with fully redundant stacking, redundant power options, and dual images for resilient firmware upgrades. The SFE2000 is able to secure the network through IEEE 802.1Q VLANs, IEEE 802.1X port authentication, Access Control Lists (ACL), DOS Prevention, and MAC-based filtering. The enhanced QoS and traffic management features ensure clear and reliable voice and video communications.

Linksys SFE2000 Switch Overview

The Linksys SFE2000 Ethernet Switch provides an intuitive, secure management interface enabling you to better utilize the comprehensive feature-set of the SFE2000, resulting in a better optimized, more secure network. Linksys Business Series SFE and SGE Stackable Switch products are Linksys One Ready. That means they include the necessary firmware to be seamlessly integrated into a Linksys One data or data/voice network. Once connected, a Linksys One Service Router will discover the SFE/SGE device, automatically configure it and make it available to other users on the network. Linksys One technology is automatic and self-configuring. When Linksys One peripherals are connected to a Linksys One Ready Ethernet Switch ports, small businesses are ready to communicate in a matter of minutes.

Linksys SFE2000 Features and Functions

  • 24 10/100 Ethernet ports + 4 10/100/100 Copper ports
  • 2 SFP slots (shared with 2 copper ports) for Fiber Gigabit Ethernet expansion
  • Dual images for resilient firmware upgrades
  • Up to 12.8 Gbps, Non-blocking, Store-and-Forward switching capacity
  • Simplified QoS management using 802.1p, Diffserv or ToS traffic prioritization specifications
  • Power redundancy when used with Linksys Business Series Redundant Power Supply unit (RPS1000)
  • Fully resilient stacking provides optimized growth with simplified management
  • Access Control Lists (ACL) for granular security and QoS implementation
  • Management enables configuration and monitoring from a standard web browser
  • Secure remote management of the switch via SSH and SSL encryption
  • 802.1Q based VLANs enable segmentation of networks for improved performance and security
  • Private VLAN Edge for simplified network isolation for guest connections or autonomous networks
  • Automatic configuration of VLANs across multiple switches through GVRP/GARP
  • User/Network port level security via 802.1x authentication and MAC-based filtering
  • Increased bandwidth and added link redundancy with Link Aggregation
  • Enhanced rate limiting capabilities, including back pressure, multicast, and broadcast flood control
  • Port Mirroring for non-invasive monitoring of switch traffic