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Hi I'm Steve Kruszynski, Solutions Consultant here at VoIP Supply. I have 12  years of experience in the IT Industry, focusing my last 7 years specifically on VoIP.

During my time in the VoIP industry, I have acquired a great deal of knowledge and expertise in all things VoIP and the telecommunications industry. I am also well versed in networking, routing, LAN and WAN implementations and all things that go into a successful VoIP Network deployment. 

I get tremendous satisfaction in working with customers each day and knowing that by providing my assistance I am helping their businesses be more profitable by ensuring that they have the phone system and hardware that is the best fit for their individual needs.

Prior to coming to work at VoIP Supply, I was a Freelance IT Consultant assisting customers in various organizations optimizing their LAN Networks and VoIP deployments. 

Something you may not guess about me is that I’m fluent in Spanish.  I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University at Buffalo (Go Bulls!), so never hesitate to reach out to me if communicating in Spanish is more comfortable for you.


I have been a sales professional in the VoIP industry for over 7 years now. Recently I went to school to further my knowledge of IP based phone systems and networking concepts.  

As the industry has moved from early adopter status in the early to mid-2000's, to more of a mainstream technology today, my ability to troubleshoot issues and develop solutions for all types of businesses and applications has grown exponentially.

While working with customers on a day to day basis has been my main role, I have also contributed to VoIP Supply's VoIP Insider Blog with many insightful and detailed product posts that can be seen on our website today.


  • 3CX Certification

In-house Trainings

I have completed in-house trainings from most all of our top vendors, including:

  • Sangoma
  • Digium
  • Poly
  • Grandstream


During the off hours when I am not in the office and working with customers, I love spending time with my wife and three sons.  Twins, Leo and Phil (age 4), and Ray (age 1) they keep me busy and on my toes all the time.   

In the little time that is left when there are no work or kid-related activities going on, I enjoy following the 2 major sports teams in Buffalo, the Bills, and the Sabres.  You can also find me on a golf course or a ski slope, weather depending.