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Hello, I’m Tom Uhteg, and I am the VoIP solution consultant here at VoIP Supply. I have a wealth of knowledge about VoIP phones, headsets, and networking equipment.

I have always been interested in technology, and I love learning about the latest and greatest stuff coming out. I started here as a VoIP sales rep. In that position, I learned the ins and outs of the technology, and how to work with customers on getting the right solution.


After spending 4 years in the US Navy I wanted to find a new and interesting field to work in. In the Navy I worked on fighter aircraft which required attention to detail, and it was very technical. Being the IP Surveillance Specialist doesn't differ much. I need to pay close attention to customers needs so I can make the correct recommendations for their applications.

Within the company the sales reps will come to me with high-level technical questions that I need to answer. This means I need to spend a lot of time keeping up to date on all technical aspects of IP Surveillance and be the first to know all of the latest technology as well.

On the topics that I am already well versed in, I spend time writing blog posts for our VoIP Insiders page. It’s very rewarding to be able to take the knowledge I have learned, and share it with others. Every day I get lots of questions on all different kinds of solutions. I feel this is what has helped train me the most because it makes me go out there and find the answers when I don’t know them.

If there are any specific questions you have, please feel free to contact me directly.

In-house Trainings

  • Panasonic iPro
  • Mobotix
  • Vivotek
  • Axis
  • ACTi
  • Xorcom
  • Digium
  • Polycom
  • 3CX
  • Sangoma
  • Konftel
  • Jabra
  • Cisco


Although the bulk of my week is spent focusing on IP Surveillance, there are many other things I like to do. I love to run, play hockey, read, and travel. I am also a musician, and of course love spending time with family and friends.

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Customer Reviews

(Submitted on 3/28/2012) | by Jim C.

Digium & Polycom
We recently purchased a Digium Switchvox System from Tom with Polycom IP560 phones. I had quite a few questions and bounced questions back and forth with him. He was very knowledgeable and helpful and we love our new system.

(Submitted on 3/1/2012) | by Raechel Boston

A Real Fan of this Guy!
I am Tom's biggest fan! He's very knowledgeable and always makes my day when he calls. I appreciate his quick response and humor to any questions that I may have. He's truly a pleasure to have as a rep at VOIP! Thanks so much, Tom!

(Submitted on 2/1/2012) | by Michael

Tom is a Rock Star! Thank you so much for spending the time with me and answering the questions that I had about different VOIP phones. Tom led me, efficiently, through a gaggle of questions and options and had patience way beyond his years. Much appreciated, cheers!

(Submitted on 7/20/2011) | by Enrico G.

Great Customer Service
Tom did a great job of finding the products I needed and ensuring that they made it to me as fast as possible. He was very helpful and nice and kept an eye on my order for me. I will definitely remember VOIP Supply for next time!

(Submitted on 4/26/2011) | by Brett M.

Great Customer Service
Tom did a great job answering all questions I had on IP Phones. Very knowledgeable and a personable guy!

(Submitted on 4/22/2011) | by Terry

Excellent customer support rep.
Tom is extremely knowledgeable and has the ability to
hear between the words and determine just what a novice
in VOIP, like me, is looking to accomplish.
I now look forward to a great relationship with
VOIP Supply.

(Submitted on 3/28/2011) | by Sid

Outstanding Customer Service
Tom answered to my all of questions very efficiently and helped me to choose the right product. After this review I will be placing an order. Thanks for all the info Tom :)

(Submitted on 3/8/2011) | by Will

Great IP Phone knowledge
I talked with Tom today about IP conference room phone options. He had excellent insight in what would work for us and was very good at detailing all the options out there. I also read his post on Polycom conference room options and found it very helpful.