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Solving Problems With VoIP

Exploring the Benefits of HD Voice

Have questions about HD Voice? Watch this quick video on some of the benefits it can bring to the workplace.

Top 2 Reasons to Switch to VoIP

Looking for more information on VoIP? This video explains the top 2 reasons to switch to VoIP.

How To Use a Wired Headset

Need help connecting your headset to your VoIP phone? We explain how.


What is FXS/FXO?

What is the difference between FXS and FXO? Learn the basic differences. This video will give you a brief description of FXS and FXO.

What is a VoIP Adapter (ATA)?

How does an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) work? Learn the basic deployment of a VoIP Adapter. This video will give you a brief definition and a sample layout of appliances involved for a successful connection.

Refresh - Refurbished VoIP Equipment

This video takes a close look at the 10 Step Refresh Process. This process is what separates VoIP Supply's reconditioned VoIP equipment from the rest.

Lifter and EHS Cable

Need to know how to answer calls from your wireless VoIP headset? VoIP Supply can help! Check out this simple explanation for what you will need.