How would you rather spend your time online if you had a health concern; searching WebMD or speaking with a real doctor through video conferencing?

MobiHealthNews writer Jonah Comstock posted an article today, Five Reasons Virtual Doctor Visits Might Be Better Than In-Person Ones, showing how video conferencing is growing in popularity for healthcare uses:

  1. Convenient for both patient and doctor
  2. A virtual waiting room is better than the physical one
  3. Increased patient engagement thanks to screensharing
  4. More convenient, automatic record-keeping
  5. Patients feel like doctors pay better attention to them during virtual visits

Virtual Checkups Save Time, More Comfortable

Video conferencing used to be expensive but now it can easily be done via your laptop, tablet, and even smartphones.

The benefits of virtual doctor …

Would it sound too good to be true if I told you that there’s a way for patients and doctors to use video conferencing to save time, money, and the hassle of in-office visits?

And it can all be done with the approval of insurance companies?

VoIP Supply is now working with doctors across the country to implement low cost telemedicine solutions with VoIP Supply’s new Telemedicine Kit for Video Conferencing.

While health care experts debate how to reform the American health system, the nation’s doctors are asking themselves what they can do today to cut costs and diagnose patients more efficiently now.

Overwhelmed doctors are looking towards a familiar place, technology, to find cures for issues plaguing them on a daily basis such …

Schools are using video conferencing to both help provide students with a more interactive and fulfilling education, as well as providing better services to the students. Some of the ways that schools are utilizing video conferencing include:

  • Virtual Field Trips – With video conferencing, classrooms can visit distant places remotely to enhance lesson plans.
  • Shared Staff Resources – With tightening budgets, some schools find it difficult to get their students the staffing resources needed to guarantee academic success. Video conferencing gives every school in a district remote access to specialty staff and resources.
  • Distance Learning – With video conferencing, schools can host special guest lecturers, mentors, or even career days with presenters from virtually anywhere.

video conference in schools
Taiwanese based manufacturer AVer is trying to make video conferencing …