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The VoIP Supply Partner Program is designed to assist all of our valued partners who want to offer perfect telecommunications solutions to their clients. Whether you are looking for an opportunity to grow your business exponentially or to bring in additional income, we have the right resources to help you reach your goals!

To better assist our partners, VoIP Supply is hosting four Partner Program Webinars starting on August 16th, 2 pm. Join our webinar to explore our new partner portal and sign up to sell hosted VoIP through the CloudSpan MarketPlace! Reserve your seat now!

You will also have the chance to win a $200 Gift Certificate to VoIP Supply! Must register and attend to be eligible. One winner for each webinar. We

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You had feedback and Sangoma listened! Sangoma recently updated their Peace of Mind Support Package in an effort to consolidate their offerings and make things more consistent for customers.

A POMPs package is an optional support agreement that is purchased by the customer from Sangoma for a single PBXact system. The purchase of a POMPs base package, which is sold as Gold or Platinum and any additional Add-On Feature packages entitles the customer to certain services to be rendered by Sangoma. Some of my customers wonder what has changed and how the two support levels different. So, let’s check out the two support packages in the chart below.

Choosing the right FreePBX support package will ensure you receive all technical support from implementation assistance to …

The communication expenses remain the top expense list for most of the hotel businesses despite that more hotel guests are using personal mobile devices than ever before. In order for hotels to survive and become competitive in the hospitality industry, switching to a VoIP system becomes a wise choice in terms of cost savings, work efficiency, and customer experience.

Recently, I have received some inquiries from customers about the 3CX hotel module and the Xorcom Complete Concierge. They were interested in learning about their features, highlights, and the differences between these two solutions. So, let’s dive in together!

3cx thumbThe 3CX Hotel Module 

The Hotel PBX is designed for hospitality environments which enable functions such as guest Check In and Check Out, setting guest extensions to …

If you are one of the many people who handle an overwhelming amount of incoming calls for a living then you can understand that sometimes what your phone comes with, it’s always enough.

Every now and then we think of how much easier our jobs would be if we just had a little extra help. An example would be having two monitors on your desk instead of one. Another might be having your own stapler instead of having to walk to the printer every time you needed to staple something.

All of these things are nice to have, and sure, they would help make our lives easier. But, the reality is that we can probably still do our daily tasks even without them. And if …

When it comes to cordless telephones, VTech is second to none. Leveraging their global experience in telephony, engineering, and manufacturing with the technical expertise of Snom, VTech delivers innovative and diverse product lines.

VTech does more than just manufacturing business phones. They improve your business communications. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the five ways VTech can help your business overcome communication challenges.

1. VTech uses a vertically-integrated infrastructure to design superior phones

The VTech global team of more than 1,500 R&D professionals continually innovate VTech and Snom products. Through state-of-the-art research, engineering and global design influence, VTech delivers high-quality products to customers at affordable prices.

2. The Versatile Product Portfolio fits your business – big or small

From small offices to …

If you are looking for new office phones but are keeping a budget in mind, then the new Fanvil X2P should be on top of your list.

This new release comes with everything you’d expect from a high-end model VoIP phone, for the price of an economy phone. And it looks great too!

One of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time is that Fanvil actually swapped out the handset on this phone and gave it the ability to use a footswitch to answer and end calls! I feel like this is something that has not been done before and would be a great fit for a call center environment!

If you need more convincing, just watch this short video we put together …

A while back we published this video above on setting up the Adtran Total Access 908e as an FXS gateway. To recap a little, an FXS gateway allows you to connect analog phones or stations, to a VoIP based system. It does that by providing an analog interface like an FXS port to which you connect your analog phone, and through the use of witchcraft, translates the signal from analog to digital.

To clarify a little bit more if you’re new to this technology: when we talk about analog gateways, we are generally referring to two types of interfaces, or ports; FXS and FXO.

FXS stands for foreign exchange station, but to get to the points, it’s what PROVIDES dial tone to a device …

skype-tipsSkype is nothing new to most of us. We all love how simple and straightforward Skype is. It probably only takes you less than 30 minutes from downloading to dialing your first call through Skype.

You think you already know all about Skype? Well, there might still be some features that will surprise you! Check out the 7 Skype tips and tricks in this post to see what they are!

#1 How to Make Calls from Skype Contact Listskype-5

Do you know you can start a Skype call by double-clicking on a contact? Here’s how:

  1. Click Tools >> Options >> General Settings
  2. Check the box: When I double-click on a contact start a call

Pretty easy, huh?

#2 How to Hide or Show the Skype

In the past, I have written blogs about the importance of customizing your workplace. One of the best ways to do this is bringing in pictures from home, and even changing the wallpaper on your deskphone!

This process usually falls into the category of “basic” when dealing with most IP phones, and the same goes for the Yealink CP960. The only difference is this is a conference phone, and not like;y to be on your desk!

What I thought was cool is that even though this is a conference phone, and most likely to be used by several different people around the office, it is still fully customizable. Everything from the wallpaper to the ringtone to so much more!

For this blog, we will …

vtech-snomVTech IP PhonesVTech Communications, Inc.
is no stranger to the Voice over Internet. As a global leader in electronic learning products and the world cordless telephones, VTech constantly grows and improves customers and partners.

After VTech acquired Snom Technology GmbH, the world’s first and leading brand of enterprise, the two companies have become stronger and more powerful than ever in the areas of hardware, software development, telephony R&D, and operational efficiency.

snom VoIP Phones and accessoriesSnom and VTech operate separately to take full advantages of the two companies’ strengths as well as to create a powerhouse team. Together, with the global experience of Snom in VoIP telephony and technical support, and with the operational capability and state-of-the-art design of VTech, the two companies have strengthened their product portfolios and technological leadership …


August 1st, 2017, Digium announced the release of their new E-Series Switchvox appliances and subscription changes.

Targeting small to medium businesses, Digium’s new E-Series Switchvox appliances are built with less operational complexity and better value at an even lower price. The Switchvox E-Series includes the E510, the E520, the E530 and the E540. Let’s see what all the buzz is about!


Up to 500 Users and 200 Concurrent Calls

If you have ever used any of the older versions of the Switchvox appliances, you will tell the difference right away. The E-Series are all SIP only appliances with up to 600 supported phones, 200 concurrent calls, and 200 conference users. Much powerful and flexible than before.

Less Weight, Lower Price

Comparing to …