Watch Now! June VoIP News Update

June 29, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

Are you ready to hear the latest VoIP updates?   In this month’s episode of the VoIP News Update, we will cover a new app release from Poly! This app lets you control your Poly Studio cameras from any touchscreen device.   We will also go over some NFR (Not for Resale) programs that could benefit you! Don’t miss out!

5+ NEW Grandstream Products You Must Know About

June 28, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

What’s new with Grandstream? New Wi-Fi 6 certified Access Points, New Wi-Fi IP Phones, New Facility Access System and More! Let’s take a quick look at each of these exciting new products:

Click here to download our presentation slides to learn more

GWN 7664 & GWN7664LR Wi-Fi 6 Access Points

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products have undergone rigorous testing. When a product passes the tests successfully, the manufacturer can use the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo.

Thanks to Wi-Fi 6 technology, the GWN7664 and GWN7664LR is able to handle a high number of concurrent devices without sacrificing performance. 

GWN7664 Features:

  • 3.55 Gbps aggregate wireless throughput 
  • 4×4:4 MU-MIMO 
  • Supports up to 750 concurrent clients 
  • 2.5G + 1G network ports 
  • Coverage range of up to 175 meters 
  • Advanced QoS to ensure real-time performance of low latency applications 
  • 3 free management options – cloud, software & embedded 

GWN7664LR Features:

  • 3.55 Gbps aggregate wireless throughput 
  • 4×4:4 MU-MIMO 
  • Supports up to 750 concurrent clients 
  • 2.5G + 1G network ports 
  • Coverage range of up to 300 meters 
  • 4 detachable antennas 
  • Advanced QoS to ensure real-time performance of low latency applications 
  • 3 free management options – cloud, software & embedded

GWN 7625 Wi-Fi Access Point

The GWN7625 is also part of the GWN family. It comes with 2.03 Gbps aggregate wireless throughput and 2XGigabit wireless ports. 

  • 802.11ac Wave-2 (Wi-Fi 5) 
  • 2.03Gbps aggregate wireless throughput and 2xGigabit wireline ports 
  • 4×4:4 MU-MIMO technology on the 5G band and 2×2:2 MU-MIMO on the 2.4G band 
  • Supports 200+ concurrent Wi-Fi client devices 
  • Anti-hacking secure boot and critical data/control lockdown via digital signatures 

There are three management options available for the GWN Series: Embedded, GWN.CLOUD, and GWN Manager

WP822 Cordless Wi-Fi IP Phones & WP825

  • Dual-band Wi-Fi with efficient antenna design and advanced roaming support 
  • 2 SIP accounts, 2 lines 
  • HD voice & dual MIC design with AEC and Noise Shield Technology 
  • Rechargeable 2000mAh battery, 8 hour talk time, 200-hour standby 
  • Integrated Bluetooth to connect headsets 
  • Configurable button for push-to-talk 
  • Micro USB port and 3.5mm headset jack

The WP822 is a new addition to the WP wireless phone family! This easy-to-use Wi-Fi phone is equipped with useful features such as dual-band Wi-Fi, HD Voice & Dual Mic design, push-to-talk, and more. 

The WP825 is the next new device coming soon in the pipeline for the WP Series! It is a ruggedized version of the cordless Wi-Fi IP phone. 

  1. GDS3702 Audio IP Intercom System

The GDS3702 is a facility access system with HD audio options, 2 relays for electric lock and alarm out, integrated PoE, built-in microphone and more features. It is the newest addition to the GDS series.

  1. More Coming Soon Products!

That’s not all! Stay tuned for more upcoming new releases including the GWN7624 In-Wall Wi-Fi Access Point, GWN7062 Wi-Fi 6 Certified Router and GWN7052 Router. 

Visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-398-8647 to learn more!

4 VoIP Reseller Updates: VoIP Rebates, Upcoming Events, and More!

June 27, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

Download presentation slides here

Sangoma S-Phone Rebates

It’s your last chance to take advantage of Sangoma’s S-Series rebates

Call your account manager today to claim your discounts! This promotion ends June 30th, 2022.

Sangoma Roadshows are coming up!

Are you registered for Sangoma’s roadshows yet? If not, you have to hurry up! The roadshows will be at three locations, including Boston, Parsippany, and Baltimore. Click here to see more details!

New Fanvil Demo Kits Available!

Try these Fanvil devices at discounted prices! Each partner can buy each bundle twice at most. This would be a great opportunity to test out Fanvil’s latest phones, door phones and more! Click here to shop!

Check out the Yeastar UCaaS Solution!

Yeastar’s UCaaS solution is more than just a PBX. it provides:

  • Powerful and dynamic system
  • Key telephony features
  • Advanced UC functions
  • Excellent usability
  • Intuitive and simplified UI
  • Easy to set and use
  • Less maintenance

P-Series Cloud Edition (short for CE) provides fully-featured unified communications solutions in the cloud 

  • Each customer gets its own cloud service delivered over regional data centers 
  • Highly reliable, flexible, and easy to manage 
  • Hosted and operated by Yeastar 
  • Sold and delivered by partners

Check out more features:

*Summer Deals* 3 Featured Like-New Poly Phones!

Check out this month’s featured refurbished products. 

VVX 501 $129.99

The VVX 501 is a professional phone that improves productivity. It has a 3.5 inch touchscreen display and an easy to use interface. The VVX 501 is a great phone for office managers who are often juggling multiple tasks. 

VVX 501 Datasheet 

  • Gesture-based, multitouch-capable, capacitive touchscreen
  • 3.5-in TFT LCD display at QVGA (320×240 pixel) resolution, 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Streaming media video playback
  • Screensaver and digital picture frame mode
  • On-screen virtual keyboard
  • Voicemail and video mail support
  • Dual USB ports (2.0 compliant) for media and storage applications
  • Polycom HD Voice technology delivers life-like voice quality for each audio path-handset, the hands-free speakerphone

VVX 410 $94.99

The VVX 410 is a high-end 12 line phone that has a color touchscreen display. The VVX 410 is customizable and expandable allowing office staff to increase productivity. 

VVX 410 Datasheet 

  • 12 Line appearances
  • Polycom HD Voice
  • 3.5″ (320×240) Backlit Color LCD
  • Dual Gigabit RJ45 Ports
  • RJ9 headset port
  • Built-in auto sensing IEEE 802.3 af Power over Ethernet
  • Optional 48V DC power supply (not included)

Trio 8500 $499.99

The Trio 8500 Conference phone is perfect for small to medium conference rooms. The Trio 8500 can pick up voices as far as 14 feet away. It features HD Voice and helps to reduce background noises so that every voice meeting you have is crisp and clear. 

  • 5-inch color LCD (720 x 1280 pixel)
  • On-screen virtual keyboard
  • 3 cardioid microphones
  • 14ft/4.3m microphone pickup range
  • Polycom® HD Voice™
  • Polycom® Acoustic Clarity™ technology
  • Polycom® NoiseBlock™ 
  • Voice activity detection
  • Polycom Zero Touch Provisioning
  • QoS Support

Get these and more refurbished products on our website. 

June VoIP Hardware Roundup: New Snom D785N & Grandstream WP822 Wi-Fi Phone

What’s new this June? New desk phones, Wi-Fi phones, and More! Let’s take a quick look:

Snom D785N Desk Phone

Snom recently released the new D785N desk phone! The D785N is the exact same phone as the D785 with the exception that it does not have Bluetooth onboard. Check out these cool features:

  • 4.3-inch color screen
  • Optional Wi-Fi and DECT support via USB port
  • Dual ethernet ports (GigE)
  • Support for up to three D7 expansion modules
  • Support for up to 12 SIP lines/accounts

Grandstream WP822 WiFi Phone


If you love Wi-Fi phones, you must be familiar with Grandstream’s WP Series! Grandstream recently launched the newest addition to the WP Series, the WP822!

The WP822 is a portable Wi-Fi IP phone designed to suit a variety of enterprises and vertical market applications, including retail, logistics, medical and security. This business-grade Wi-Fi phone comes equipped with integrated dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, an advanced antenna design and roaming support.

Key features include:

  • Dual-band Wi-Fi with efficient antenna design and advanced roaming support
  • 2 SIP accounts, 2 lines
  • HD voice & dual MIC design with AEC and Noise Shield Technology
  • Rechargeable 2000mAh battery, 8 hour talk time, 200-hour standby
  • Integrated Bluetooth to connect headsets
  • Configurable button for push-to-talk
  • Micro USB port and 3.5mm headset jack

Visit our new product page to view more new VoIP hardware this month!

How to Reset Configuration on Yealink’s WH66 Wireless Headset Base

June 17, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

Sometimes you just need a fresh start and Yealink’s WH66 Wireless Headset knows that! 

To reset configuration on Yealink’s WH66 headset base, all you have to do is to follow these simple steps below. 

There are two versions:

  1. For Microsoft Teams users: Tap user account avatar and go to Settings> Advanced Settings > Reset Configuration
  2. For UC version users: Tap the gear icon and go to Advanced Settings > Reset Configuration
  3. The screen will then prompt you whether to reset configuration or not.
  4. Confirm the action
  5. Now your WH66/WH67 base will reboot and all settings will return to their default values

Yealink’s WH66 is ideal for busy professionals who need to connect multiple devices at once. It is known for its ease of use and added functionalities to enhance your work productivity. Watch our short video to learn more about the awesome features that the WH66 has to offer!

Overview: How to Grow Business with Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition

June 9, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition is popular for a reason. It is one, easy platform for all you need to deliver, scale, manage, support and enhance your PBX and UCaaS! If you missed our Yeastar P-Series webinar, you don’t want to miss out on this webinar recap post!

Click here to download the presentation slides

Introducing Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition are fully-featured unified communications solutions in the cloud. It is a powerful and dynamic system that’s easy to set up and intuitive to use.

  • Each customer gets its own cloud service delivered over regional data centers 
  • Highly reliable, flexible, and easy to manage 
  • Hosted and operated by Yeastar 
  • Sold and delivered by partners

Key Features of Yeastar P-Series Cloud

Linkus UC Clients

  • Single phone number, universal directory, enterprise telephony, reduced call costs 
  • Same calling experience from browsers, mobiles, and desktops 
  • Check colleague’s presence and availability, and chat with them for efficient collaboration 
  • Work from anywhere quickly and securely, and stay engaged and productive

Linkus Web Client

  • Make and receive calls directly through the web browser anywhere anytime. 
  • Bring teams and customers closer together no matter where they are. 
  • Stay connected anywhere with secure and hassle-free remote access. 
  • Instant messaging, enterprise & personal contacts, presence, voicemail, call history, operator panel…

Video Conferencing

  • Get started in seconds
  • Participate via links
  • Stay interactive with simultaneous screen sharing
  • Stay in control with functions like password protection, mute and remove participants.

Built-in Call center solution

P-Series PBX System tightly integrates call center and unified communications capability to put everything you need on a single, integrated system to impress your customer, empower your agents, and elevate your business.

That’s not all! The P-Series also comes with Wallboard & Queue Panel, Phonebooks, CRM integration, headset integration and more advanced features! 

Click here to see them all

How to grow your business with Yeastar P-Series

Getting started with Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition is easy! You don’t need to worry about deployment, maintenance, or even running your business. It’s designed to jumpstart your business and drive revenue as fast as possible. 

Establish your own brand

You will be able to take advantage of the white labeling option to customize your company logo, URL, and email templates. 

Yeastar Partner Benefits

As a Yeastar Partner, you will be able to create new opportunities, get sales enablement, and maximize your profitability. 

Check out these key benefits of Yeastar’s Xcelerate Channel Program: 

  1. Cloud-based demo for evaluation and demonstration
  2. Sales qualified leads support
  3. Access to the partner portal
  4. Expert training
  5. Partner-ready sales and marketing materials
  6. Direct free technical support from Yeastar

Are you ready to try it? Visit our website or simply contact our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 to learn more!

[Q&A] Algo 8190 VS. Algo 8190S: What are the differences?

June 8, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

The Algo 8190S SIP Speaker is a great device for classroom or commercial Public Address (PA) System applications. It is compatible with most hosted/cloud and on-prem based solutions and it comes preloaded with a number of ringtones and sounds, which you will see in the video below!

Algo 8190 VS. Algo 8190S: What are the differences?

Many customers wonder what are the differences between the Algo 8190 and 8190S.

Although both devices can serve as a visual alerter, the 8190 doesn’t have the four-color LEDs which are amber, blue, green, and red.

Join Marc Spehalski as he walks you through configuring the Algo 8190S and then demonstrating some of the really awesome features!

Click here to learn more about Algo 8190 IP Speaker

Click here to learn more about Algo 8190S IP Speaker

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