Introducing Jabra’s New EarBuds: The Jabra Evolve2 Buds

December 8, 2022 by Tony Monteleone

With the advent and rise of virtual meetings and video conferences that have taken place over the past few years, there has been an advancement in the technology necessary to deliver and meet the demands of such processions. 

And with this rise has come the increase in hybrid workers who work outside the office, whether that be at home, in a remote location, or somewhere on the go. The hybrid worker finds themselves wanting, and in need of, supplemental accessories that will allow them to keep up with this ever-changing technology while providing the comfort, mobility, and resourcefulness they need without having to sacrifice their professionalism. 

Of vital importance when taking part in these virtual meetings is the ability to hear, see, and speak clearly while having the ability to follow what’s going on and be an active participant. As we all know, when one or all of these functions are lost or something goes wrong, you can find yourself in a compromised position as you star in an ill-timed one-person production of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” where the best you can do is to hope to find pity from your audience as you blame a bad connection, faulty equipment, or feign ignorance because you’d hate to admit that you have forgotten to unmute yourself. 

You may be asking yourself, or you may be addressing me in absentia as I’m nowhere to be found, “My gosh! What’s this? Tony, what’s all that stammering? Product announcements usually list attributes! So, let’s have it!”

What I’m here to tell you about, to talk to you about, is the next step in headphones, the evolution of how you not only hear out of, but wear, headphones with the release of Jabra’s new Jabra Evolve2 Buds.

The Jabra Evolve2 Buds are the new generation of professional true wireless earbuds. The Evolve2 Buds are the new addition to Jabra’s line of headphones and earbuds. These small, lightweight, and discreet earbuds have been specifically designed to easily fit in your ear for all-day comfort while providing crystal-clear sound quality.

Now, you may be saying: “Hey, Tony, I don’t know about this. I don’t like putting things in my ear or even having things put in my ear.” You might be someone who upon just hearing the word “earworm” gets the shivers or the thought of getting water in your ear is enough to keep you on dry land and become the epitome of “landlubber.”

To this, dear reader, I say, these earbuds are different and I ask that you let me put your mind at ease. 

Let me begin by admitting that I am not someone who has been known to be a headphone wearer. Over my many decades of work and taking part in phone calls, conference calls, and meetings, you’d more than likely find the phone handle pressed against my face or the phone on speaker with the volume set to low. Rare would be the sight of me wearing a pair. However, nowadays, as I found myself participating in more and more video calls, I came to enjoy a good, comfortable pair of headphones that fit neatly over my head and settle softly on my ears. 

And after wearing and utilizing the Jabra Evolve2 Buds, I’ve come to a new appreciation for the art of wearing headphones. Not only do these earbuds have a snug fit with no feeling of invasiveness, it feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. 

And being true wireless, I can move about as I listen and talk and still get great call quality without having to worry about missing a beat! 

To help us further understand and get a full picture of the Jabra Evolve2 Buds, and what they have to offer, I’ve compiled the following list of key features: 

  • Professional-grade true wireless earbuds
  • Advanced Bluetooth® Multipoint connection
  • MultiSensor Voice™

You may be thinking that there’s a lot there to take in. But, again, I say it’s OK as we’re going to go through this together.

The Jabra Evolve2 Buds are closed-in true wireless earbuds. There are no wires between the earbuds or between the earbuds and the device, so you won’t have to worry about getting tangled up in, choked by, or caught up in headphone wires. There are no wires, period! With no connecting wires, you are no longer tethered to your desk, improving cordless flexibility and freeing you to move around all you want.

Bluetooth® Multipoint connection allows you to stay seamlessly connected to two devices. Connect your earbuds to two devices of your choice, for example, a smartphone and a laptop. Should you get a call on your smartphone while you are on your laptop, the headset sets an alert on the other device. This ensures you’re always aware of incoming calls and notifications. (The knock knock tone you hear is not the beginning of a bad knock-knock joke, but an alert coming from your earphones.)

With Jabra Evolve2 Buds using Jabra’s trademark MultiSensor Voice™ technology, which uses a combination of four microphones and bone conduction sensors to reduce disruptive background noise, you won’t have to worry about obstructive noises or about not being heard. 

The four microphones transmit your voice clearly from anywhere. Users get the call quality they need to sound professional.

Bone Conducting? Yes, Bone Conducting (not Bone Crushing or anything else harmful). Bone Conducting is just another way of saying vibrations! When you talk while wearing the Evolve2 Buds, the vibrations travel up your jawbone. Then the bone conduction sensors, which are placed in both earbuds, pick up and recognize the vibrations and transmit them as sound, just like a regular microphone. 

And what of this Noise Cancellation, you say? You want more noise cancellation and less noise! Well, if you recall, we talked about a snug, comfortable fit earlier. That snug fit is due to an ultra-compact design that can be combined with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to help drown out those outside distractions and soothe into the quieter moments.

And don’t forget Bone Conducting sensors when it comes to Noise Cancellation. These sensors can pick up surrounding noises and other possible interferences, like a rustling wind blowing all around you, and mix these signals with those from the microphones to block out as much of the surrounding noise as possible

Additional Jabra Evolve2 Buds features include a plug-and-play USB adapter that boosts your connection and makes it more stable, with fewer dropouts, and up to 20 meters / 65 feet wireless range, a battery life of 5 hours talk time with up to 33 hours with the charging case, a pocketable charging case with integrated USB adapter storage that is Qi-certified for wireless charging and lastly, the Evolve2 Buds are certified for leading UC platforms and available in a Microsoft Teams variant.

In closing, for those hybrid workers who find themselves working unconventional schedules (sometimes in the office, sometimes at home, sometimes in unconventional places) while adapting to the hybrid work environment, the Jabra Evolve2 Buds do have everything hybrid working professionals need to make the most of working on the go and are definitely worth exploring.

And for me, I got out of my head, put these buds in my ears, and enjoyed the ride!

How to Configure Busy Monitoring on Snom’s M500

December 2, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

Have you heard of the Busy Monitoring feature? As the name implies, Busy Monitoring provides the ability to monitor other users within Snom M500 when they are available or when they are active on a call. It effectively reduces interruptions and increases productivity. 

Busy Monitoring can be configured on a Programmable Feature Key (PFK) on both Snom M55 or M58. The PFK LED shows: 

  • Red – when the user is on a call
  • Green – when the user is idle

Pressing the PFK when the monitored user is idle will initiate an intercom call to the monitored user. 

How to Configure Busy Monitoring by WebUI

The configuration is fairly easy! Simply follow these three easy steps: 

  1. On the System > Programmable Keys page, select the handset or deskset that you want to use for monitoring.
  2. On the PFK that you select, click on the Type list and select “Dect Busy Monitoring”. Click on the Value box, and enter the device ID (1-48) of the handset or deskset that you want to monitor.

  3. Repeat the above steps for each additional handset or deskset that you want to monitor.

Snom’s NEW M5xx Series has so much to offer! Visit our website to learn more and don’t forget to join our upcoming webinar that details all the important features you must know about!

November VoIP Hardware Roundup: New Grandstream Phones, New Snom M5xx Series and More!

November 21, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

November is usually a very busy month at VoIP Supply and this year is no exception! Today we will give you a tour of the latest VoIP hardware from some of our top brands including Snom, Grandstream, and more!

Grandstream New Hardware

Grandstream recently released several exciting products that you have to see yourself! 

Grandstream GXV3480 is an IP video phone that runs on Android. The GXV3480 features an 8” 1280×800 capacitive touch screen, 2 Megapixel camera, dual microphone, dual Gigabit ports with PoE/PoE+, HD audio and HD video, integrated Wi-Fi 6 and so many more cool features!

  • Executive focus with 16 lines and 16 SIP accounts
  • Built-in 2 megapixel camera for video calling with privacy shutter
  • Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 for syncing with mobile devices and connecting Bluetooth headsets
  • Integrated dual-band Wi-Fi 6 (2.4Ghz & 5GHz)

Grandstream GXV3450 is designed for busy professionals, executives, as well as conference room use. It is a 16-line IP phone that can function as an Android tablet to offer businesses an advanced video collaboration solution.  

  • Executive focus with 16 lines and 16 SIP accounts
  • Built-in 2 mega-pixel camera for video calling with privacy shutter
  • Runs on Android 11 operating system
  • Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 for syncing with mobile devices and connecting Bluetooth headsets
  • Integrated dual-band Wi-Fi 6 (2.4Ghz & 5GHz)

Snom M5xx Series

Join our upcoming Snom webinar to learn about the new and versatile wireless M500 DECT series designed for restaurants, doctors offices, warehouses, and more!

Snom recently released the NEW M5xx SIP System! This DECT system includes three products, including the M500 Base Station, the M55 DECT Handset, and the M58 DECT Desk Phone. Check them out now:

Snom M55 DECT Handset

The Snom M55 headset features HD Audio for clear communications and has an integrated belt clip so you can easily carry it around the office, warehouse, store, or restaurant. The M55 offers up to 19 hours of talk time so you never run out of battery during your workday!

Snom M58 Desk Phone

The Snom M58 Desk Phone has a 5-inch color LCD display. It has built-in Bluetooth for ease of use and maximum flexibility. The M58 allows users to program up to 8 keys for added ease when communicating with others. 

Snom M500 Base Station

The Snom M500 provides TLS and SRTP security for places such as hospitals and banks where security is key. It is also great for retail spaces, warehouse restaurants, and the like. 

Key Features:

  • Up to 2 M500 Pro base stations
  • Up to 16 handsets or desksets
  • Up to 8 concurrent calls per base
  • Programmable keys for handsets and desk phones
  • Zero-touch provisioning

Visit our website to learn more about new VoIP hardware!

Overview: Algo Device Management Platform

November 17, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

If you haven’t heard of Algo’s Device Management Platform (ADMP) yet, now’s your time to discover what it’s all about! Algo and VoIP Supply teamed up to host a webinar to explain all the ins and outs of ADMP and we want to recap the webinar for you in this post!

Click here to download the presentation slides

Algo Device Management Solutions

Algo provides three different device management solutions including Device Web Interface, 8300 On Premise Solution, and ADMP Cloud-Based Solution. 

Here are the key features of each solution:

  1. Device Web Interface
  • All Algo IP Endpoints have an intuitive web interface, accessible via the device IP Address 
  • Common layout across all products 
    • General Status
    • Basic & Advanced Features 
    • Security and Network settings 
  • All configuration settings accessible from web interface 
  • Ability to download/upload pre-saved configuration files to deploy common configuration across multiple devices
  1. 8300 Controller – On Premise Device Management
  • Monitoring Algo devices for in service 
  • Notification via email, SIP call or audible alarm for “offline” conditions 
  • Single pane view of all Algo devices connected to subnet 
  • One-time hardware purchase, no ongoing costs
  1. ADMP Cloud-Based Solution
  • Cloud-based device management solution to manage, monitor, and configure Algo IP endpoints from any location. 
  • Provides device status, including notification should devices go offline (with email notification) 
  • Basic management functionality such as: 
    • Pushing configuration settings 
    • Upgrading device firmware 
    • Troubleshooting devices 
  • Easily organize and view devices with intuitive tagging, filtering and search functionality.

We also want to let you know what’s coming up next with Algo! 

New Devices Coming Soon!

Algo is launching a few new devices to complement audio paging/notification with visual signaling.

  1. IP Display Suite with a 15.6’’ customizable display screen. Available in on or two sided solutions
  2. 8410 *8420 IP Display Speakers with three color LED strobe light, embedded microphone, and web interface to allow for customizable screen display. 
  3. Firmware 5.2 with optional cloud-based device monitoring This is compatible with the ADMP.

Visit our Algo pages to learn more about Algo products!

7 Like-New VoIP Phones to Add to Your Holiday Shopping List

November 15, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

While shopping this holiday season, don’t forget to check out VoIP Supply’s popular like-new phones! Let me walk you through some of the best like-new deals we have this month:

  1. Like-New Grandstream GRP2613

The first one on our list is the GRP2613, an ideal business phone for enterprises, service providers and other high-volume markets. The GRP2613 comes with zero-touch provisioning features which makes mass deployment and management a breeze! It also offers high-end security, 3 lines, 24 BLF keys and dual Gigabit ports. 

Key Features include:

  • 2.8″ color LCD screen
  • 3+3 line keys, 3 SIP accounts
  • Gigabit network ports, PoE
  • Digital BLF & speed dial keys, 4 programmable soft keys
  • Support of up to 24 VPKs (4 pages)
  • 1000 contact phonebook
  • Opus support
  • Swappable faceplate
  • Power supply included (5V)
  1. Like-New Poly VVX250

If you are looking for a deal for small offices or cubicle workers, you can’t miss out on the Poly VVX250! The VVX250 brings you exactly what you need for a productive work environment. It combines robust, feature-rich and affordable all in one!

Key features:

  • 2.8” color LCD screen (320x 240-pixel resolution)
  • 4 line keys
  • 4 soft keys
  • In-call keys: call transfer and hold
  • Illuminated audio keys
  • HD audio
  • 1 USB port
  • 2x Gig-E ports
  1. Like-New Poly VVX350

Poly’s VVX350 is a great phone to consider this holiday season for small to medium-sized businesses. The VVX350 is equipped with 6 lines, HD voice, Poly’s Acoustic Fence Technology and more. 

Key Features:

  • 3.5” color LCD (320x 240 pixel resolution)
  • 6 line keys
  • 4 soft keys
  • In-call keys: call transfer, hold and voicemail
  • Illuminated audio keys
  • HD audio
  1. Like-New Poly VVX450

Check out Poly’s VVX450, a 12-line high-end IP phone with advanced enterprise features that every business needs! The VVX450 has a 4.3 color display and features the same HD voice and Acoustic Fence Technology that the VVX350 offers.

Key Features:

  • 4.3” color LCD (480×272 pixel resolution)
  • 12 line keys
  • 4 soft keys
  • In-call keys: call transfer, hold and voicemail
  • Illuminated audio keys
  • HD audio
  1. Like-New Poly VVX410

Poly’s VVX410 is one of the best like-new VoIP phones VoIP Supply has to offer! The VVX410 brings a high-quality, cost-effective desktop telephony solution to front line staff handling moderate volume of calls through advanced UC features. 

Key Features:

  • 12 line appearances
  • Polycom HD Voice
  • 3.5″ (320×240) backlit color LCD
  • Dual Gigabit RJ45 ports
  • RJ9 headset port
  • Built-in auto sensing IEEE 802.3 af Power over Ethernet
  • Optional 48V DC power supply (not included)
  1. Like-New Poly VVX411

Are you looking for an expandable color media phone? Consider Poly’s VVX411 Gigabit phone! The VVX411 delivers crystal clear communication and provides personalized information at a glance through built-in web applications and custom backgrounds. 

Key Features:

  • 12 line appearances
  • Polycom HD Voice
  • 3.5″ (320×240) backlit color LCD
  • Dual Gigabit RJ45 ports
  • RJ9 headset port
  • Built-in auto sensing IEEE 802.3 af Power over Ethernet
  • Optional 48V DC power supply (not included)
  1. Like-New Poly VVX501

Last but not least is the VVX501 from Poly! Designed for a broad range of environments, the VVX501 is an ideal business media phone that comes with streaming media video playback, screensaver, on-screen virtual keyboard and more. 

Key features:

  • Gesture-based, multitouch-capable, capacitive touchscreen
  • 3.5-in TFT LCD display at QVGA (320×240 pixel) resolution, 4:3 aspect ratio
  • FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS4 server-based central provisioning for mass deployments
  • Bundled with Polycom Productivity Suite
  • Called, calling, connected party information
  • Local three-way audio conferencing
  • One-touch speed dial, redial
  • Remote missed call notifications

Before you go, check out our 10-Step Refresh Process. This process is what separates VoIP Supply’s reconditioned equipment from the rest.

Q&A: What do “NC” and “UNC” mean on VoIP Headsets?

November 14, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

If you have been shopping for a headset, you would notice that some headsets are labeled as “NC” or “UNC”. What do they mean? Let’s find out!

What do “NC” and “UNC” mean?

“NC” stands for “Noise Cancellation, and “UNC” stands for “Ultra Noise Cancellation”. 

Which one is for you? It depends on the environments you want to use these headsets in. 

For example, if you are planning on using your headset in a very loud office environment, then an Ultra Noise Cancellation (UNC) headset would be an ideal option. UNC headsets are designed to pick up only sounds very close to your mouth and they eliminate literally all background noises. 

However, if you are a multitasker looking for a headset that can allow you to focus on what you need to accomplish while being aware of your surroundings, a regular Noise Cancellation (NC) headset will do the trick!

Check out some of the popular options:

Unboxing Grandstream GXV3480

November 10, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

The Grandstream GXV3480 IP Video Phone for Android is one of the newest releases from Grandstream Networks! In this video, we’ll unbox, set up, and run through this intuitive phone’s features and functionality. This phone is designed for all employees, from executives to office staff, and even remote workers!   Watch this short video as we unbox the GXV3480 and learn about its features and functionality!

How to Configure the Emergency Call Number on LINKVIIL by Fanvil WiFi Phone W611W

November 4, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

While most phones allow you to call emergency service when your phone is locked, LINKVIL by Fanvil W611W has another great feature that gives you the ability to set the corresponding emergency call number on the phone after enabling the keypad lock. Let’s see how this can be done easily! 

Simply follow these steps to set your emergency call number:

  1. Log in the phone page
  2. Enter the [Phone Settings] >> [Function Settings]>> [Basic Settings] page
  3. Set up the emergency call code
  4. Note that if you need to set up more than one emergency call code, please use “, “to separate.  

And that’s it! Visit our webpage to learn more about LINKVIL by Fanvil!

5 Things You Need to Know about SkyAMP

VoIP Supply and SkyAMP partnered together last week to host a webinar detailing the benefits SkyAMP can bring. If you missed the webinar, don’t miss out on this webinar recap!

Click here to download the presentation slides

#1 What is SkyAMP?

VoIP Supply is a new distribution partner for SkyAMP. SkyAMP strives to provide resilient online connectivity that would continue to operate without failure, even under adverse conditions such as severe weather and local power availability. 

SkyAMP devices are constructed from a mix of metallic materials and assembled under our patented process so that they function similarly to solid-state electronics, harnessing the power of physics, radio waves, and inherent qualities of the materials to make for an effective signal booster. 

  • New, game-changing, and patented technology 
  • UnpoweredWirelessSignal Booster 
  • Models available in DECT,2.4 GHzWiFi, Bluetooth, and 4GCellular 
  • No cables, wires, SIM cards, configuration, pairing or setup required 
  • Just Set It and Get It!

#2 What Key Differences set SkyAMP apart? 

The main differentiator is that SkyAMP devices require no electricity or batteries! These devices are not dependent on power or wires. More important benefits include:

  • Unpowered – SkyAMP devices require no electricity or batteries 
  • JustSet it and Get it – No configuration, pairing, or setup process 
  • Range – SkyAMP devices have a significantly larger coverage area than competing products 
  • Fast- SkyAMP cleans the signal,removing noise and interference,resulting in faster data speeds 
  • Secure -TheSkyAMPdevices have no firmware and are not hackable 
  • Tough – All products are tested to be durable, survive drops, and harsh environmental conditions

#3 Usage Scenarios 

What can SkyAMP solve? SkyAMP devices can be applied to many scenarios including:

  • Concrete structures (i.e. parking facilities, bunkers, basements and sub-levels). 
  • Rural and remote locations outside cell range (most towers only broadcast up to 22 miles) 
  • Dead spots 
  • Slow or weak signals
  • “High bar count” , but no service 
  • Congested areas, large events
  • Traveling with spotty signals 
  • High rises, typically above the 6th floor the signal decays 
  • Manufacturing and warehouse facilities with high conflict materials (i.e. lots of metal)

#4 What are the options?

There are five options to choose from based on your business needs:

#5 SkyAMP Partner Program

Don’t forget to check out SkyAMP’s partner program! When you partner with SkyAMP, you’ll have access to industry leading wireless solutions that are easy to sell, implement and support. In addition to special reseller pricing on all products, joining the reseller program supports your business with rock-solid sales enablement, and a wide variety of helpful tools all available on a world-class partner portal. 

  • Priority Support Receive fast and responsive assistance from our dedicated partner support team for quicker issue resolution. 
  • AllYourSales Info in OnePlace Stay on top of your sales pipeline with easy monitoring and analytics from your partner portal. 
  • Preferred Pricing Authorized resellers receive our best prices through authorized seller product discounts to help you sell at an excellently profitable margin. 
  • Customizable Collateral We make marketing easy with a library of customizable co branded marketing materials available for your use

Visit our website to learn more about SkyAMP!

Q&A Section:

Q1: I am concerned about spending such a large amount of money on a product that is already obsolete because it does not support WiFi 6 or 6E or 5G cellular. And with a product that has no firmware, it is clearly not upgradable.

A: There is a tremendous amount of infrastructure out there currently using 2.4GHz WiFi, and we have heavy demand for it, which is why that has been our initial focus.   4G LTE is also the most heavily used data out there, and also has a large demand.   That being said, we do have models in R&D for 5G Cellular and 5GHz WiFi that are quickly approaching production/release

Q2: Is there a demo program or a trial program or money back guarantee so that we can see this in action without risk?

A: We do have a pilot program in place, contact your VoIP Supply account manager to make this arrangement.

Q3: Is there a limit to how many devices can be enhanced at once?

A: No, the only limit is what you’re connecting to.   As an example if you have an Access Point capable of supporting 64 devices, and because of the SkyAMP you now can reach 100 devices, the SkyAMP would not hinder you…but your Access Point would.

Q4: How come the Pro does not include DECT?

A: The Pro was designed prior to the DECT being released.   The DECT was released earlier this year at the demand of VoIP manufacturers.  A new Pro model will be coming that supports DECT, as well as 5G and 5GHz WiFi.  We have numerous models in R&D.

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