We’ve done it again! For the 13th straight year, VoIP Supply has made Buffalo Business First’s list of Top Private Companies in WNY, snatching up the 49th spot.

VoIP Supply LogoVoIP Supply is North America’s leading VoIP solutions provider. Since 2002, VoIP Supply has delivered valuable solutions for some 125, 000 customers worldwide. With over 25 passionate employees, 2,500 products, 20,000 square feet of office space and an unlimited number of VoIP solutions to meet your needs. VoIP Supply has everything you need for VoIP, whether you are a customer, business, service provider or reseller.

“It is an honor to be on this list year after year and amazing that this is the 13th straight year.”, says Paula Griffo, President of VoIP Supply. “It is a testament

If there was a quirkiest IP phone system award, it would have gone to Elastix.

Elastix IP PBX was well known throughout the open source VoIP arena, and mostly for being the solution for all of your communication needs. In that, I mean on a single instance you had a PBX, Mail server, IM server, Fax server, Operator Panel, Agenda/Calendar, and a DHCP server. With add-ons, you can also have a CRM, and a Hospitality Management System. Whew!

Clearly, you didn’t have to use everything at once, but it was always confusing to me why they made such an effort to be the one-stop shop.

Issabel Open Source PBX is the reincarnation of Elastix PBX, and it’s more of the same. It’s a proverbial Frankenstein, …

We had a great, interactive PBXact Setup & Installation webinar this Tuesday with Sangoma and a lot of questions came up during the webinar about PBXact.

We’d like to share the questions and answers with all of you who are interested in learning about Sangoma’s PBXact phone system. Check them out!

The Cloud 8 Series PBXact Part II: Daily Operations is December 19th. Register early!

PBXact Setup & Installation Q&A

Q1: If I decide to purchase Sangoma IP Phones through the PBXact Cloud store process, how exactly are they automatically provisioned?

Answer: Sangoma will automatically register the phones with your PBXact Cloud instance so that when you plug in your phone to your internet, it will automatically talk to your PBXact Cloud. Keep in mind …

December 7th, 2017 – Xorcom, a privately-held IP-PBX manufacturer, released their new version of CompletePBX 5.0.36 to add several new improvements. Let’s have a quick glance!

Cloud Recording

CompletePBX uploads the recorded calls to the Xorcom Cloud call recording server when it’s activated. The recording data is encrypted and secured and the recorded calls are managed by permissions via an advanced user interface. Check out some of the key features here:

  • multi-site
  • agents
  • flexible permissions by site, extension, agent or group
  • filters
  • download recordings
  • cvs export
  • flagging calls
  • commenting on calls

Set Mobile Phone as a Device

Mobile phone numbers can now be set up as a device under a specific Extension. You are able to have the mobile phone ring together with the

When it comes to Bluetooth connections, one of the biggest concerns most VoIP users have is security. Bluetooth connectivity seems to be a vulnerable point of access that unwanted identity or data theft could get in your system. Can a Bluetooth headset be used without the risk of being eavesdropped? Let’s find out.

Bluetooth security can be divided into three procedures: Pairing, Authentication, and Encryption. This mechanism protects your device from malicious third parties from accessing the data that’s transferred between multiple devices.


Bluetooth Security Mechanism

Pairing is the initial setup process that can only be done through physical access to the devices. Once the devices are paired, a secret shared key is stored and will be used for the authentication and encryption processes.  

December 5th, 2017 – Digium, an industry-leading provider of IP phones, business phone systems, and custom communications solutions, launched their new multi-port analog gateways, the G080 Series.

Built on the Asterisk Open Source communications engine and a state of the art embedded platform, Digium’s gateways continue to provide the best value for connecting traditional digital and analog to IP. Let’s find out what new features and designs the G080 Gateway Series has to offer!

Digium’s G080 Analog Gateway Series is an 8-port analog gateway available in 3 separate analog loop-start configurations: 8 FXO ports, 8 FXS ports, and 4 FXO with 4 FXS ports.


DECT phones have been popular for their ease of use and flexibility, especially for those who need need the freedom to be away from their desk. Today, Sangoma released their new DECT solution, the DC201, to provide your staff with wireless communication so they can take their phone extension with them as they move around the office. Let’s dive in to see what it is all about!

B20 Base + One D10 Handset

The DC201 is Sangoma’s first DECT phone system that’s designed exclusively for FreePBX and PBXact phone systems with its auto-provisioning feature. This new DECT phone system package includes a DB20 Base and one D10 Handset. It supports up to 20 cordless handsets and up to 5 simultaneous calls. With a range

When it comes to the world of IT, everyone knows that it is forever changing, and always at a very fast pace. This can sometimes make it hard to keep up, especially when you are dealing with an ever-growing server room.

There are all sorts of downfalls when it comes to having and maintaining a server room. The accruing mess and the high operation costs are just a couple examples, but those alone are enough to start looking for an alternative.

So what is the best alternative when it comes to a VoIP phone system? Virtualizing it! What does that mean? Well, it means a lot of things, but most importantly, it means cutting down the size of your server room and cutting costs!

The …

December 1st, 2017 – Yealink, a global leading unified communication solutions provider, announced their release of the Yealink Meeting Server (YMS) version 1.2.

The Meeting Server is a distributed cloud-based video conferencing infrastructure that brings MCS, registrar server, traversal server, directory server, meeting and device management server under one roof.

Check out some of the updates:

  • Interactive Broadcasting for Training – live product training allows customers to ask questions and interact with the training
  • Web Real-Time Communications – join video conference or share content by browser without any specialized software, hardware or configurations.
  • Advanced Conference Management and Control – personalize video layout and sent out to certain group of participants.

We are excited to learn this new version of Yealink Meeting Server and we expect