About CyberData

CyberData was established in 1974 in California as an OEM design and manufacturing firm. CyberData manufactures equipment for companies such as Epson, Dell, HP, and Symbol.

VoIP Supply partners with CyberData to bring to you the cutting-edge design and functionality of an IP Paging solution. When installing a VoIP System, a logical addition would be IP paging and IP Intercom functionality. When using CyberData IP paging endpoints, such as IP speakers and IP intercoms, they function as any other SIP endpoint would, giving you mass notification capability from any SIP phone on your VoIP network.

When installing a new VoIP system with no existing intercom or paging structure, IP paging makes sense. Your VoIP system is your communication backbone inside your organization and in these times, you need a way to communicate to the masses quickly. Using IP speakers connected to your phone system, you can communicate with your entire company or specific zones of your company as easily as dialing an extension. If you already have an analog paging infrastructure in your building, using an IP paging zone controller you can bridge your existing analog paging infrastructure to your VoIP system to get the ease of use and functionality of an IP paging system without the added cost of replacing your infrastructure.

Why buy CyberData?

  • Best-in-class QA on all CyberData IP paging products
  • CyberData IP paging uses existing IP networks, connects remote buildings, and has quicker installation than traditional systems.
  • Easy access to CyberData post sales tech support with serial #
  • CyberData devices are TAA Compliant  (except the 011258 and 011187)