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About Clarity Amplified Communications Devices

Clarity has been creating amplified communications devices for over 40 years and continues to lead the global market for these solutions. Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, Clarity's central offices boast state-of-the-art acoustic science labs that ensure that only the best of amplified communications is produced. 

Clarity offers a diverse series of amplified communications devices including UC Handsets, DECT, and Desk Phone solutions to accommodate those who suffer health and hearing challenges. Clarity was the first amplified communications provider to receive the Arthritis Foundation's Ease-of-Use Commendation and has also been featured via positive reviews by companies such as the New York Times, AARP. 

Why buy Clarity?

  • Clarity delivers up to 53 dB of audio across a variety of devices
  • Clarity offers hearing aid compatible devices, such as the WS-2620 and WS-2800 PTT Handsets
  • Clarity's line of Unified Communications handsets are compatible with almost any softphone platform
  • Clarity also offers Super Loud Phone Ringers and Telephone Amplifiers
Clarity amplified communications devices

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  1. Clarity AltoPlus Standard Amplified Corded Phone

    SKU: 02-119776

    The Clarity AltoPlus is a standard analog desk phone that utilizes the amplification power of Digital Clarity - incorporating hearing aid technology for clearer call quality - in order to accommodate those with mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss. This 53dB phone is the first on the market to receive TIA-4953 certification and also features ergonomic volume and tone control that is perfect for users with arthritis.
  2. Clarity JV-35 Amplified Desk Phone

    SKU: 02-120480

    The JV-35 Amplified Desk Phone is an analog desk phone that features up to 37 dB of amplification, which will allow the user to enjoy a clear and easier to understand conversation. This phone can be easily converted into a VoIP solution by utilizing an Analog Telephone Adapter.
  3. Clarity D703 DECT Cordless Phone

    SKU: 02-120485

    The Clarity D703 DECT Cordless Phone is the number one selling of its kind, offering you sound of up to 35 dB, a backlit keypad with large font and a high contrast caller ID screen, as well as the flexibility to move around as you talk. Great sound, amazing display, and cordless mobility all in one.

3 Item(s)

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