Networking Equipment

VoIP Network Equipment for Your Business and Home Office

Build or expand your VoIP Network today with VoIP networking equipment from VoIP Supply. With over 900 different products to choose from, VoIP Supply has the right solution for you - whether you are looking for Power over Ethernet switches or wireless routers.

The basic element of your VoIP network is a good network switch. Most VoIP phones are PoE capable so if you are installing a brand new VoIP network switch, consider a PoE switch. It will reduce your infrastructure costs in the long run.

Another good choice is a VoIP switch with built-in QoS. QoS helps prioritize the traffic going through your VoIP switch so that your critical voice traffic gets more immediate resources than data traffic, which can be delayed without losing its meaning.

As we accelerate into the 21st century, a strong wireless network is also becoming a standard in most home and business offices. VoIP Supply offers the best in wireless networking equipment and accessories including Wireless Access Points (WAP), wireless adapters, and WAP Controllers.

All of the networking equipment we retail comes with a standard manufacturer's warranty and is fully supported by our team of in-house networking experts.

Don't just get everything you need for VoIP – get everything you need for your network too!