About Valcom

For over 30 years Fortune 500 companies have relied on Valcom for their paging needs. As the standard product offering for major telephone companies, you can be assured that integrating Valcom’s IP Paging products into your phone system offers the same great quality as their tried and trusted analog systems. With quicker installation than traditional wired systems, Valcom IP paging products eliminate the need for separate voice and data networks.

Made in the USA in a state-of-the-art facility, Valcom IP Paging is great for warehouses/distribution, offices, retail, military installations, schools, car dealerships, manufacturing settings, and hospitals or medical offices.

Why take a chance with emergency broadcasts of critical information or evacuation procedures? Valcom IP Paging systems that include IP loudspeakers, paging horns, visual signs, and strobe lights distribute information indoors or outdoors faster and more completely than any other notification methods.

Why buy Valcom?

  • Real-time, clear, and concise voice announcements in emergencies with large amounts of people
  • VoIP paging uses existing IP networks, connects remote buildings, and has quicker installation than traditional systems
  • Battery backup continues to page during power failure
Valcom IP Paging