Valcom IP Clocks

About Valcom Clocks

Keeping time accurate and consistent throughout a large facility is easy with Valcom’s IP PoE Clocks - simply add a clock to any location on the network via RJ-45 connection.

Power to the clock is provided by Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) eliminating the need to add costly power outlets, keeping installation easy and inexpensive, and allowing quick and easy relocation of clocks throughout a facility. These cost-effective Valcom clocks use the same IP network CAT 5/6 cable as all other Valcom IP paging peripherals.

With Valcom’s synchronized clocks a single facility-wide time standard is set keeping your organization’s daily schedule on track and with 2-wire correction you can rely on instant time corrections whenever there’s a power outage or daylight savings time adjustment

Why buy Valcom Clocks?

  • Industrial grade metal housing, easy to install via RJ45 connection, 10/100BaseT Ethernet compatible
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) and DHCP or static IP addressable
  • No master clock required, set automatically by NTP (Network Time Protocol)
Valcom IP PoE Clocks
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