About Mobotix

Founded in 1999, the German company Mobotix AG has made their mark with Megapixel IP Cameras that produce high-resolution images with sharp details. Why does Mobotix emphasize high resolution? Because the higher the resolution, the more accurate image details the user can extract such as a clear view of license plate numbers and letters.

The same year as the company's inception, Mobotix introduced the first weatherproof webcam with digital image sensors and an integrated PC. Not realizing at the time the impact this might have on the industry, they recognized the cost-effective advantage over traditional CCTV analog video systems immediately.

Mobotix has been dedicated to IP video from the start, solely producing Megapixel IP Cameras. In return, they have become a leader in IP camera technology - Number two in Europe and fourth worldwide in IP video surveillance market share.

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