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*New VoIP Hardware*

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*New VoIP Hardware*

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    The Yealink CP920 is a Touch-sensitive HD IP Conference Phone CP920 that simplifies communication for businesses with small to medium-sized conference rooms with features such as echo cancellation, 3-way audio, and a full duplex speakerphone.
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    The Grandtsream HT818 is an 8-port FXS gateway that facilitates the conversion of analog lines to VoIP. With an integrated Gigabit NAT Router and strong encryption, the HT818 is a reliable and safe gateway/router for VoIP deployments.
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    Simply what you need from Sangoma. You asked. We listened. The Sangoma S205 is a basic SIP phone that is an ideal, low-cost option that helps to remove the barrier to entry into the VoIP world.
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    Grandstream's GXP1760W WiFi Mid-Range IP Phone offers the same sleek design you've come to know and love, but now features integrated dual-band WiFI for integration with wireless networks. The GXP1760W supports 6 lines and 3 SIP accounts.
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    The Blackwire 5200 Series fits your busy workday. Easy to use, USB/ USB-C and 3.5 mm connectivity options let you work on a variety of devices. And it's so comfortable, you'll be able to wear it all day. The Blackwire 5200 Series-connect, work, seamlessly.
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    The W60 Package is a bundle of W60B base and W56H handset, which delivers top-tier audio clarity and battery durability. The W60 Package is an ideal DECT phone solution for on-the-go communication.
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    Grandstream's HA100 acts as a high availability controller for the UCM6510 IP PBX's. The HA100 makes sure that your system stays up and running in the event that your primary appliance fails. The HA100 high-availability controller can take over in as little as 10 seconds and a max of 50 seconds.
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    Hey, we want perfect too. The s705 IP Phones are ready for the most demanding executive. With features like 6 SIP Accounts, Full-duplex speakerphone, 5-way conferencing, 4.3 inch full-color display, 45 programmable soft keys, Headset compatible, Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Support this phone is pretty perfect.
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    Patton SmartNode VoIP Gateway, 8FXS, 8 VoIP Calls and a ton more. Take the old comfy tech you know and love and let it operate on a hip next-generation network. Talk about the best of both worlds.
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    The Plantronics Blackwire 3200 series includes corded UC headsets that are durable, comfortable, easy to deploy and come in a variety of connectivity and wearing options.

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