Bored after the sale of his company IVR, Inc., Ben started B2 Technologies at the beginning of 2002 as a software development company focused on creating a stock trading platform based on Trade Station. After several months of deployment, it was evident to Ben that the stock market wasn't for him; his true passion lay in technology equipment and services.

Over the next year, Ben transformed B2 Technologies from a software development company to an IT asset management firm assisting companies looking to liquidate their IT infrastructure.


At the end of 2003, B2 Technologies recorded 2.4 million in sales with a staff of six.


It was during the first six months of 2004 that Ben noticed a growing demand from customers for VoIP products; the problem? There was nowhere to purchase them. With demand growing each day, B2 Technologies launched VoIPSupply.com, in August of 2004 to almost instant success. Ironically, VoIPSupply.com featured more networking equipment than VoIP equipment. By the end of the year, VoIPSupply.com had established itself as THE place to purchase everything you need for VoIP. B2 Technologies finished 2004 with 7.1 million in sales, and 14 employees and decided to focus 100 percent on VoIP during 2005 and beyond.


With VoIP technology in the headlines almost every day, 2005 was another banner year for B2 Technologies. In March of 2005, the company eclipsed $1 million in monthly sales for the first time in the company's history. True to form, the company continued to grow, and to accommodate for this growth, the company doubled the size of its headquarters to 20,000 square feet that August. This was followed by the launch of CanadianVoIPStore.ca in September to meet the growing demand for VoIP technologies north of the border. In November, B2 Technologies was named the 96th Largest Private Company in Western New York, based on 2004 sales marking B2 Technologies' arrival on local business radar and setting the stage for national recognition in 2006. Sales revenues skyrocketed to $14.1 million with staff reaching 33 employees for the year.


In 2006, the VoIP industry and the national media took notice of the tremendous growth the company had experienced since its inception in 2002. That February, the company added a dozen new employees, bringing the total to 45. During the second quarter of the year, B2 Technologies launched two new initiatives, PBXSelect.com, an IP PBX solution provider, and a joint retail kiosk with Vonage. June proved to be an especially exciting time as the company was named #45 on Entrepreneur HOT 100 list of fastest-growing companies in the US and was named, by Buffalo's Business First newspaper. With the growing success, 11 more employees were added in August. In November CEO Benjamin P. Sayers was named to the Business First Top 40 Under 40 list, while B2 Technologies continued to climb up the Top Private Companies in Western New York list, coming in at #79. All of the awards and new hires didn't deter growth, as the company finished the year with more than $20 million in sales revenue.


At the beginning of 2007, B2 Technologies was formally renamed VoIP Supply, LLC and Sayers Technologies Holdings; STH was created as the parent company for VoIP Supply and a number of other emerging technology divisions that had grown out of B2 technologies. In February, VoIP Supply was named one of the Best Places to Work by Business First newspaper and Quantum Research, in addition to being nominated by InfoTech Niagara for a BETA STAR award for bringing emerging technologies to the area. June brought another major award for the company, as VoIP Supply made its first appearance on the INC 500 list as the #359 fastest-growing company in the US. VoIP Supply also continued to climb the ranks of local private companies, landing at the #60 spot in October. In November, noticing a growing market for IP surveillance, VoIP Supply launched IPCameraSupply.com. VoIP Supply finished the year strong recording $24 million in sales revenues, yet another stellar year of growth.


In April of 2008, VoIP Supply was chosen as the #1 best place to work in the Best Places to Work in Western New York by Business First newspaper. In August, VoIP Supply once again made it onto the Inc. 5000 list - this time coming in at #1511. In September VoIP Supply was featured as the #60 Fastest Growing VAR in the US by CRN magazine in an article focusing on retailers that have excelled as a result of quick moves, real value add, and exceptional customer service. Of the fifteen businesses featured VoIP Supply ranked #2 for 2-year revenue growth. Just like many companies in the world, the second half of 2008 was not a spectacular year. Though difficult in many ways, the economic fallout of 2008 was an opportunity for VoIP Supply to focus on its core and continue to improve what it has always done well, be the place to get everything you need for VoIP!


Moving on to 2009, VoIP Supply became a lean and mean online retail machine. Retracting to our core proved to be a great move for the company and allowed VoIP Supply to have its best year ever from a business improvement and company profitability standpoint. We also managed to win a few more awards in 2009 including being named to the Inc. 500/5000 list for the third year in a row and climbing further down the list of the Top 100 Private Companies in Western New York, this time making it to the #57 spot. In 2009 VoIP Supply launched a new version of its online retail platform, increased our service and support options for customers, revamped our fulfillment and provisioning platform to be positioned second to none, and launched our RECLAIM™ equipment Buy-Back program.


Next year, in 2010, VoIP Supply continued it's relentless focus on being the best VoIP Supplier in the industry. Following suit from our prior year, VoIP Supply finished 2010 able to say, "This was our best year ever, so far!" With more gains in operational efficiency, debt and expense reduction and maintaining/increasing revenues and profit margin, VoIP Supply is well positioned for explosive growth in the years to come. We again managed to win a few more awards in 2010 including being named as one of Western New York's Best Places to Work for the third time and climbed further down the list of the Top 100 Private Companies in Western New York, this time making it to the #56 spot. One additional expansion to our service offerings in 2010 was the launch of Deploy™, our nationwide installation service offering site assessments, installs, training, and support of both IP PBX solutions as well as IP Surveillance solutions. You can learn more about Deploy™ here: Deploy Nationwide VoIP Installation Services


In 2011, VoIP Supply had once again, our best year ever! So far. Not only was the company able to grow by more than 20% year over year, outpacing the industry by a margin, we did so while relocating to our new headquarters purchased at the end of 2010. We had a great year settling into our new home, strengthening our culture and refining our team of VoIP Experts and dedicated customer advocates. It was truly a great year at VoIP Supply! There were a few awards won along the way, including our favorite, another nomination on the list of Western New York's Best Places to Work. This is the fourth time that we have been named to this list and it is a testament to the culture and people working within it. We were also able to improve our ranking on the list of Top Private Companies in Western New York, this time making it all the way to #50. We spent a lot of time and resources this year improving our e-commerce platform to better serve our customers, further improvements to frequent communication of order information and real-time access to all customer information both new and old.


At the start of 2012 we celebrated our 10th year in business. With more than 100,000 customers worldwide and over $100,000,000 in VoIP equipment delivered, we spent the month of March recognizing those who have made this possible.

Never ones to rest on what we've done in the past, 2012 was another great year. Starting with the expansion into two new markets, video conferencing, and IP surveillance, we continued our strong growth from 2010 and 2011.

For the fifth time in five years we were nominated as one of Western New York's Best Places to Work, once again moved up the list of Top Private Companies in Western New York to #46, and were honored to be named to the Most Admired Companies list in December.

More importantly, in December 2012, VoIP Supply completed its list of requirements to become a Certified B Corporation (B Corp) , joining the ranks of other great eCommerce B Corps based in New York such as Etsy, Warby Parker Eyewear, and UncommonGoods that are representing a new sustainable way of doing business and measuring success in the same way that a LEED certification can be given to a building or how food can be labeled as Fair Trade or USDA Organic certified. As we enter the next phase of our business growth, we’re focusing on doing well so we can do good!


We started 2013 with a big "first."

In January 2013 we officially announced that VoIP Supply become the first Certified B Corporation (B Corp) in Western New York, joining the ranks of other great eCommerce B Corps based in New York such as Etsy, Warby Parker Eyewear, and UncommonGoods. B Corps represents a new sustainable way of doing business and measuring success in the same way that a LEED certification can be given to a building or how food can be labeled as Fair Trade or USDA Organic certified.

From here on out our company mission was changed to "Doing well, so that we can do good for others." One example of this commitment came from the help of our online customers. Throughout the entire year, for every order placed online at VoIPSupply.com, we donated $1.98 to Buffalo City Mission to cover the cost of one meal. We were fortunate enough to donate 9,700 total meals.

Another first stemming from our sustainability was a Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Award (BNBEA) nomination; an award given to businesses committed to ethical business practices. Other awards and nominations for the year included our third Fast Track Company recognition for fast-growing companies in Western New York (WNY), our sixth Best Places to Work in WNY nomination, and our second inclusion on the list of Western New York's Most Admired Companies.

It was also a busy year around the office with redesigns of both the eCommerce website and blogs, the addition of the EZuce Store, helping customers with the addition of a Rush Processing shipping option, and the launch of our VoIP installation services called Deploy


In 2014 VoIP Supply continued to evolve and forge ahead as a great resource for VoIP help and knowledge which was reflected by our second straight Fast Track Award for 2014. Overall this was the fourth time in our 12-year history that we've earned this distinction for privately held companies in Western New York with strong sales growth.

Our CEO, Ben Sayers, was proud that we made the list again as a Certified B Corporation and during our first ever yearlong volunteer campaign which we called VoIP Supply’s “Year of Giving,” to give back to the community and help a different charity every month. VoIP Supply is a sustainable business with the mission to “Do well so that we can do good for others,” says Sayers.

With a focus on conscious capitalism, Sayers says “We hope that our actions will be an example to other businesses in the area, showing that a company can continue to grow even while putting people ahead of profits.” And to top that off, for the 10th straight year, VoIP Supply was named to Western New York's Top Private Companies List for 2014, coming in at #43 out of 74, along with our seventh Best Places to Work in Western New York nomination


As of this writing, 2015 has only just begun but we're already starting fast out of the gates. For the first time ever, we are a finalist in the small business category for the prestigious Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Award (BNBEA) which recognizes companies who act ethically every day by treating their employees, business partners, and local community with honesty and fairness.

"VoIP Supply is honored to be named a 2015 Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Award finalist for the first time," said Ben Sayers, CEO of VoIP Supply. "Doing the right thing isn't always easy and ethical practices often go unnoticed."

"VoIP Supply routinely volunteers to help our neighbors and local charities. We're in a good position to help others and it's an opportunity that we’re not only grateful for, but it's an opportunity that stems from a dedication to providing customers with value; we put their needs and interests above our own," said Sayers.

Sayers also added, "VoIP Supply thanks its passionate employees for living and breathing our core values every day. They have enabled us to give back to Western New York and have allowed us to be recognized by the Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Committee."

We've also been recognized by our partners with the Digium 2015 Pinnacle Partner Award for Direct Marketing Partner of the Year (the third time since 2012 that we've been recognized with the Pinnacle Partner award from Digium) and we also earned the 2015 Sangoma Revenue Growth Award which brings attention to partners who are helping customers find flexible Sangoma telephony solutions.


This year promises to be one of continued advancement for VoIP Supply with many exciting plans on the horizon.

VoIP Supply started the year strong with a renewed sense of sustainability as we have been recertified as a B-Corporation for three more years. This is a great accomplishment and honor. Continuing to hold the B-Corp status shows that we truly live by our core values and that we meet the rigorous standards set by the B Lab.

“I'm very proud that we have been able to renew our certification and continue our participation in the B-Corp movement,” said Ben Sayers, founder and CEO of VoIP Supply.

Moreover, VoIP Supply LLC. North America’s leading provider of VoIP solutions is excited to announce the addition of a West Coast warehouse and provisioning site, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since 2005, VoIP Supply has been successfully completing VoIP fulfillment for clients directly through our warehouse location in Buffalo, NY. Over the years VoIP Supply has added and expanded our provisioning and fulfillment capabilities to meet our customer’s needs and stay ahead of changes in technology. With such high demand, Ben Sayers, Founder and CEO of VoIP Supply knew it was time to expand and grow.

VoIP Supply is now home to over 40 employees and has once again been nominated as one of the best places to work in Western New York. We look forward to continued growth and changes. With it being only three months into the year, already VoIP Supply is making strives; Surely there will be many more good things to come.


Last year was a success in many ways and set the stage for many great years to come.

VoIP Supply has continued to expand its sales department and added more members to our cloud services team with a focus on providing even more value to our customers with integrated solutions.

We continue our mission of being a community-minded business by helping our local charitable organizations and doing the right things in business as was highlighted with our third nomination as one of Western New York's Most Ethical Businesses.

As of July 1, 2017, VoIP Supply is now a proud member of the Sangoma family of companies after completion of the acquisition by Sangoma on July 5th. Business at VoIP Supply will continue as an independent operation without change of business focus, relationships with key manufacturers, customers or our valued partners.

The acquisition provides significant opportunities to expand the services that we are able to offer our large and ever-expanding customer base.


In the past year, VoIP Supply continuously built strong relationships with our partners, customers, manufacturers, and dedicated employees. Today, VoIP Supply has been recognized as not just an efficient website where our customers fulfill their VoIP needs, but a place where they grow their business with our dedicated VoIP experts, customer service, technical support, dedicated employees, and resources behind the website.

“One of the reasons why it is rewarding to work at VoIP Supply is because we can volunteer to help Non-profit organizations. It is nice to see the look on their faces because they know we care.” – Josephine Taibbi, Customer Service Lead at VoIP Supply

“Working at VoIP Supply has been extremely rewarding for many reasons. The people, the culture, and the consistent opportunities to help customers create solutions and solve problems with VoIP makes it all worthwhile,” said Joe Shanahan Senior VoIP Consultant, “ Having the most dedicated and knowledgeable people in the industry working for VoIP Supply has brought us to the top, and the company-wide commitment to being the best will keep us there.”


In the past year, VoIP Supply has been relentlessly expanding and improving its VoIP reseller program and fulfillment capabilities to help its VoIP partners grow. Today, the team works seamlessly side by side with multiple VoIP service providers and provides VoIP provisioning and fulfillment services for their partners with lots of benefits and features.

Custom branding on the boxes and private stock holding are just two of the popular benefits their VoIP partners enjoy.

“I am thrilled with where the company is today and am honored to work with such a great team. Their passion and dedication to our customers, partners and our community makes me so proud. We truly have a winning team.” – Paula Griffo, Managing Director and CFO of VoIP Supply


VoIP Supply demonstrated itself as a resilient and strong company in the past challenging year. We have coped with supply chain challenges, lockdowns at our offices (and those of our customers), an inability to travel to meet clients/partners. The VoIP Supply team works together and stays focused during these difficult times. Through all of this we have not only maintained our service to customers, introduced new products, bolstered our existing ones, and maintained our financial strength, but also helped our customers transition to work from home.


While the pandemic continued, VoIP Supply rallied together to make 2021 one amazing year! We started off as finalists in Buffalo Business First’s Best Places to Work. It was the first year in almost two years that we exhibited at Channel Partners. We hired new team members because of our growth and well, we really thought the Buffalo Bills were going to make it to the Big Game (2022 is our year!).

But back to us, in January we were awarded the 2020 3CX Titanium Partner award in recognition of excellent sales and technical performance. VoIP Supply ran our March Mayhem Contest and the Snom D785 rose to the top and ended up taking the gold! In July we had our first in-person partner training in almost two years with Konftel. Most impressively, VoIP Supply had many team members hit their 17th anniversary with the company! And lastly, we added two new amazing additions to the Dogs of VoIP, Winslow, and Willow, if you haven’t seen their pictures on our social media, check them out.

One of the greatest things that happened all year, which I am sure many of you experienced was being back in the office! 2021 was an amazing growth year for VoIP Supply and the team here is looking forward to breaking new company records and being the most amazing and reliable company in the VoIP industry. Thank you to all of our partners, customers and employees for making 2021 a great one!


As we reflect upon 2022, there were so many exciting things to celebrate!

VoIP Supply celebrated our 20th Anniversary! Twenty years of working with an amazing team and amazing partners. Growing and advancing not only our business and company culture but helping our partners and clients do the exact same. Adding to the celebration our fearless leader, Paula Griffo celebrated her 15th anniversary with VoIP Supply. Her dedication and leadership is second to none and we are so appreciative to have her leading our team.

VoIP Supply also celebrated some major accomplishments! We launched our new Podcast Channel. This allows you to listen to the newest VoIP company, industry, and product updates while driving, working out, or walking your dog! VoIP Supply also received the Fanvil Distributor of the Year Award. We were honored to be recognized by one of the industry’s top brands.

In other 2022 news, we persevered through some major snow storms. We know not everybody in our community was as lucky, and our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who experienced loss and hardships from the storms. Additionally, as per usual, the Buffalo Bills took us on another wild ride, ending our season in the divisional round. We will never forget Damar Hamlin’s injury and traumatic event on the field that brought our community and the world together in an amazing way. We are so pleased to hear he is on the mend and looking forward to stepping back out onto the field. We will always BILLieve. Go Bills!

We cannot wait to see what 2023 has to offer not only for our company but our clients and partners as well.

Onward and Upward

It has been a great ride so far. We have enjoyed our fair share of ups and downs, but it is safe to say that we are proud of who we are and how we got here (otherwise why would we have spent four hours figuring out what to put here!). If you have more questions about who we are and how we have gotten here, feel free to drop us a line. We would be happy to speak with you.