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B Corporation

Our Company Is Sustainable

What Are B Corps?

A B Corporation Certification (B Corp) is to sustainable business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or, what USDA Organic certification is to milk.

As a Certified B Corp, VoIP Supply strives to be a company that's the best for the world.

B stands for 'Benefit.'

No one can force a business to be sustainable and do good for their community but there's a new way to measure corporate success that benefits everyone. Becoming a B Corp was in sync with VoIP Supply's long term vision and now we're proud to officially be a part of the movement.

VoIP Supply is a B Corporation

Why we became a B Corp

Becoming a B Corp gives VoIP Supply a clear roadmap to continue doing well so that we can do good. It’s a great feeling to know that in addition to being successful at work by solving problems for customers, completing tasks, and earning a paycheck that we’re also helping the community with every successful order we process.

The change we seek

VoIP Supply wants to be the opposite of most other online technology resellers who focus solely on offering the lowest price and selling what’s most profitable for them, and not what’s best for the customer. The difference VoIP Supply is trying to make is doing a tremendous amount of education and offering real value and support to customers. VoIP Supply loves helping customers and its employees love coming to work in a creative, fun, and dynamic culture which ensures that their customers will enjoy their experience as well.

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