Cisco Meraki

About Cisco Meraki

Cisco acquired Meraki in December 2012 to become Cisco's new Cloud Networking Group.

Meraki, which is pronounced (may-rah-kee) and is the Greek word that means to do something with passion and soul, is a complete Cloud-based solution that includes wireless access points, LAN, Ethernet switches, the ever-important security appliances, and mobile device management.

Cisco Meraki will give you secure network access that's easy to manage and easy on your budget.

There are over 10,000 customers worldwide that have eliminated their complex network architectures and now rely on Cisco Meraki to simplify their Cloud network access with a secure, scalable solution.

Why buy Cisco Meraki

  • Networking that's 100% Cloud managed, eliminating the need for you to manage hardware
  • Guest access for wireless users, remote access via VPN, and centrally managed mobile devices
  • Firewall, advanced security monitoring with alerts, online dashboard with analytics and control features