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About Cisco Meraki Access Points

Don't call tech support when your wireless connection isn't working, get Cisco Meraki Access Points that promise faster connections, higher capacity, greater coverage, and reliability.

Meraki Access points are managed in the Cloud to give you fast deployments, simple management from anywhere including your mobile phone, an in-depth look into network performance, and future-proof automatic updates via the web.

Wireless range and capacity is increased with the powerful and sensitive radios in all Meraki Access Points. Also included is a dedicated security radio that is always scanning for threats and breaches leaving you free to manage and control access to your network from the Meraki dashboard that provides detailed analytics to help you provide the best user experience.

Why buy Cisco Meraki Access Points

  • Cloud-based management with a mobile app and analytics that show usage data.
  • Future-proof technology that includes automatic firmware updates.
  • Dedicated security radio that continuously scans for threats.
Cisco Meraki Access Points

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  1. Cisco Meraki MR12

    SKU: 02-117472

    The Cisco Meraki MR12 is a cloud-managed single-radio 802.11n access point that has been designed for use in small-to-medium businesses, home and branch offices, hotels and retail stores. To deliver the throughput and reliable coverage required by the demanding business applications, the MR12 uses advanced 802.11n technologies including MIMO, beam forming and channel bonding.
  2. Cisco Meraki MR34

    SKU: 02-117797

    The Cisco Meraki MR34 is a cloud-managed three-radio 3x3 MIMO 802.11ac access point that has been designed for high-density next-generation deployments such as large offices, schools, hospitals and hotels. To deliver the ultra-high throughput and reliability required in these demanding applications the MR34 uses advanced technologies including cloud management, 802.11ac, and integrated full-time RF environment scanning
  3. Cisco Meraki MR42-HW Wireless Access Point

    SKU: 02-125010

    The Cisco Meraki MR42-HW Wireless Access Point is a cloud-managed, dual-band, four radio AP that features high-performance hardware, advanced software features and more.
  4. Cisco Meraki MR74 Wireless Access Point

    SKU: 02-126904

    The Cisco Meraki MR74 is a four-radio, cloud-managed 2x2 MIMO 802.11ac Wave 2 access point. Designed for general purpose, next-generation deployments in harsh outdoor locations and industrial indoor conditions.

4 Item(s)

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