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About Algo Communications Products

Algo is a leading developer and manufacturer of professional quality telephony solutions available globally through telecom distributors and business telephone equipment resellers. Their main products include audible and visual alerting system and doorphones and security intercom system.

Visual alerting system: Provide notification of important telephone activities. High intensity SIP LED Strobe light for IP paging systems. Up to 16 flash patterns. 360 x 180 degrees light.

Doorphones and security intercom: Allow visitors to ring multiple phones for a hands-free conversation. Advanced functions include SIP Endpoint with auto-provisioning capability, Web interface for remote configuration, and more. 


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  1. Algo 8028

    SKU: 02-117387

    The Algo 8028 SIP Door Phone and IP Intercom is an outdoor rated solution for your security needs. Compatible with a wide range of premise based and hosted PBX's, the Algo 8028 Door Phone can connect to a VoIP telephony system so guests and visitors can be greeted from any telephone or client and allowed entry by a press of a key.
  2. Algo 8180

    SKU: 02-117390

    The Algo 8180 is a SIP Audio Alerter for IP Paging network devices. The 8180 is equipped with a high efficiency integrated amplifier and high quality loudspeaker, making it up to 8 times louder than a telephone ringer and speaker. This SIP Audio Alerter is perfect for variable noise environments such as warehouses, workshops, restaurants, and machine shops.
  3. Algo 1202

    SKU: 02-117420

    The Algo 1202 CallBox is a high visibility SIP compliant call box for one touch customer assistance and emergency notifications. The 1202 CallBox supports a variety of notification options making it a highly customizable for different deployments.
  4. Algo 8128

    SKU: 02-117423

    The Algo 8128 SIP Strobe Light is a high intensity PoE LED strobe light that is designed to provide a visual indication for telephone, safety and security events. The 8128 SIP Strobe Light can be deployed in a variety of environments utilizing different flash patterns from mild to aggressive.
  5. Algo 8189 PoE IP Surface Mount Speaker

    SKU: 02-124584

    PoE Wideband IP Surface Mount Speaker for Voice Paging & Notification Alerting. The 8189's slimmer design is better suited for indoor surface mount applications required for voice paging and emergency notification / alerting. The 8189 speaker is a PoE SIP compliant endpoint, and does not require an additional amplifier. Common application environments include a school, hospital, retail store and office spaces.
  6. Algo 8186 Wideband IP Voice Paging Speaker 8186

    SKU: 02-123473

    The 8186 is a weatherproof SIP compliant IP horn / loudspeaker for voice paging, loud ringing, and emergency / safety / security notification and alerting. The speaker is PoE and does not require an additional amplifier.
  7. Algo 2506

    SKU: 02-123239

    The 2506 Polycom Ring Detector is designed to specifically enable the Algo 8180 SIP Audio Alerter or 8128 SIP Strobe Light to interface via the headset jack of VVX series Polycom telephones for loud ringing/visual alerting. For further details, please refer to the 2506 User Guide.
  8. Algo 8188 SIP Ceiling Speaker

    SKU: 02-123019

    The 8188 SIP Ceiling Speaker is a SIP compliant IP ceiling speaker for voice paging, emergency notification, and background music.
  9. Algo 8301

    SKU: 02-122997

    The ALGO 8301 is a paging adapter for IP enabling analog voice paging systems. The device also functions as a scheduler for automated bells, tones, announcements, and music. The 8301 is a SIP interface to seamlessly bridge an analog paging system to VoIP. Common application environments including a school, hospital, retail store, factory, airport / bus / train terminal, etc.

  10. Algo 1186

    SKU: 02-118581

    The Algo 1186 is a high efficiency outdoor rated paging horn

Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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