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About Fanvil

Fanvil is a strong player in the VoIP desktop phone market. With beginnings in China, Fanvil has one of the largest and most sought-after brands in the IP phones space. Fanvil has created a broad lineup of VoIP phones for all kinds of different users from small businesses up to enterprise-size companies. Fanvil provides desk phones, door access, intercoms, and public address solutions, bridging people and our global network. Fanvil is the pioneer in applying SIP and Audio & Video technologies for multiple industries. 

Fanvil Technology is a producer of high-quality cost-effective VoIP Phones, Hotel Phones, Headsets, and Doorphones and Intercoms. Fanvil has been in the industry for over 16 years and has established strong engineering and built solid relationships with IP communication providers.

3CX, a software-based IP PBX, has gone out of its way to fully support the Fanvil X3S and X5S on its software platform. When working with Fanvil and 3CX the setup and configuration will be seamless and easy.


Why Buy Fanvil?

  • Devices for small offices to enterprise-level deployments
  • All-in-one multi-screen phones with lots of BLF keys
  • RPS service and Provisioning tool
  • EHS Support, Bluetooth, and 5.8Ghz WIFi Support are optional for some models
  • Most powerful paging adaptor to DIY SIP video/audio/speaker/alarm system
  • Hotspot function to use a phone as a server to share the same extension
  • X6 model supports video decode which can use together with video intercom and IP cameras
  • X4U / X5U /X6U / X7C / X7 / X210 models use Harmon Speakers for superior voice quality
  • Certified with major telephony systems such as 3CX, Bicom, Asterisk, Avaya, Broadsoft, Epygi, and Xorcom 
The Fanvil Device Management Enterprise System (FDMES) is a device management system deployed on the enterprise user server. FDMES is deployed on the top layer of the user network. Learn more with the FDMES User Manual 3.0.