Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest perusing our FAQ page for anyone seeking to find common information on VoIP Technology. If you are looking for information that you cannot find on this page, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-398-8647.

Basic VoIP
1. What is VoIP?
2. What are the advantages of VoIP over analog PSTN lines?
3. What type of service and equipment are needed for VoIP deployment?
4. Can I use dial-up for VoIP or do I need broadband?
VoIP Calls
1. Do I need a computer to make/receive VoIP calls?
2. Can I surf the web during VoIP calls?
3. How I can make/receive free VoIP calls to/from remote location?
4. Can VoIP make and receive calls to/from PSTN lines?
5. May I keep my existing phone number when migrating to VoIP?
IP Phones
1. Should I use an ATA or an IP phone?
2. Can I use VoIP for all the phones in my residence?
VoIP Service
1. What are VoIP Service Providers (VSPs)?
2. Which VoIP Service Provider should I use?
3. What are IP PBXs?
Network Equipment
1. What are VoIP Gateways?
2. What are FXO and FXS ports?
3. What are PSTN failover lines?
4. Which VoIP signaling protocols are commonly used?
5. Which voice codec should I use?
6. What are Gatekeepers and Registrars?
Customer Service
1. Where is my tracking number?