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Frequently Asked Questions - VoIP Calls

Question 1: Do I need a computer to make/receive VoIP calls?


The answer depends on whether or not you will be using a softphone with your VoIP integration. VoIP does not require any computer to make/receive phone calls (only ATA devices or IP phones). If softphones are used instead of physical phones or ATA devices, then computers are needed.

Question 2: Can I surf the web during VoIP calls?


Yes, VoIP allows web surfing while making and receiving VoIP calls simultaneously. It shares the bandwidth connection with other LAN computers and prioritizes voice.

Question 3: How can I make/receive free VoIP calls to/from a remote location?


Making and receiving free VoIP calls can be made possible by signing up with VoIP Service Providers such as Free World Dialup (FWD) that allow unlimited VoIP calling. These providers will sometimes allow making/receiving free VoIP to PSTN calls (and vice versa). In addition, VoIP end user devices such as ATAs and IP phones can be set up to make point-to-point VoIP calls between one another. 

Question 4: Can VoIP make and receive calls to/from PSTN lines?


Absolutely! VoIP users can definitely make and receive calls to/from PSTN lines. Any type of calls (e.g. local, long distance, international, etc) are allowed. This requires an account with VoIP Service Providers that provide termination.

Question 5: May I keep my existing phone number when migrating to VoIP?


Most VoIP Service Providers will allow you to keep your existing PSTN phone number for VoIP. However, you will need to check with the provider since not all of them offer this service. A signed "Letter of Authorization" will be required by the provider when keeping your number.