Frequently Asked Questions - VoIP Service

Question 1: What are VoIP Service Providers (VSPs)?


VoIP Service Providers (VSPs) are the next generation telcos that provide interconnection between VoIP and PSTN networks. They allow call origination and termination between these two networks.

Question 2: Which VoIP Service Provider should I use?


VoIP Service Providers can be selected based on the services and call plans that they provide. The features they offer can greatly differ based on the price of the calling plan that you choose. Rates vary between providers and their pricing ranges from per minute charges to flat monthly bills. Choosing the right calling plan should be based on your monthly telephony usage and company budget. The list shows current available VoIP Service Providers.

Question 3: What are IP PBXs?


 IP PBXs (Private Branch Exchanges) are complete phone systems that provide advanced telephony features and services between VoIP and PSTN networks. Common features and services include: call transfer, conference, voicemail, music-on-hold, auto-attendant, and auto call routing.