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About Mobotix Indoor IP Cameras

Mobotix Indoor IP Cameras are offered in a variety of configurations. For Fixed IP Cameras the Allround M24 series is a low cost exchangeable-lens camera with 32 GB of internal storage and the DualNight M12 series has dual lenses for separate day and night operation.

For Dome IP Cameras, Mobotix offers the MonoDome D24 series, similar to its fixed counterpart, offers a host of mounting and housing options while the DualDome D12 has dual lenses to simultaneously record two separate room areas with just one camera.

For more specialized indoor applications, look to the Mobotix Vandalism V12 series for a vandal proof camera that withstands the harshest punishment and the Hemispheric Q24 series that offers a complete all around 360° view of an entire room or a 180° panoramic image.

Why buy Mobotix Indoor IP Cameras?

  • Brilliant images in either day or night operation.
  • Fast, simple installation on walls, ceilings, or poles.
  • Exchangeable lenses, dual lens cameras for increased flexibility, and 360° all around view or 180° panoramic option.
Mobotix IP Cameras

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  1. Mobotix i26B Indoor Wall Camera

    SKU: 02-126142

    The Mobotix i26B Indoor Camera is a compact and discreet security system specially designed for wall installations. The i26B has a 15 tilt angle that allows it to perfectly give an overview of a room. When used with a 180 lens, a single i26 can be used to monitor an entire room. Its design allows it to be inconspicuous in any room.

    From: $35.10

    To: $5,049.10

  2. Mobotix c26B Indoor 360° Wall Camera

    SKU: 02-126157

    The Mobotix c26B Indoor Camera is a complete video system for ceiling installations that is small and light, but effective and reliable. The c26B offers a complete hemispheric view and can be used with a night or day sensor.

    From: $44.10

    To: $5,018.40

  3. Mobotix p26B Indoor 360° Wall Camera

    SKU: 02-126176

    Mobotix p26B Indoor 360° Wall Camera

    From: $44.10

    To: $2,903.90


4 Item(s)

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