Mobotix Cloud

Mobotix Cloud

Mobotix Cloud solutions meet the demands of the present as well as the changes of the future as Mobotix understands that Cloud technology is the future. Mobotix Cloud offers an agile and dynamic platform that opens the door to new opportunities for businesses of any size.  Mobotix Solutions allow you to have access to your video systems conveniently from anywhere in the world and with any device. Securely use your smartphone or PC to view your live camera footage or access recordings and feel peace of mind knowing that an area or building you care for is being monitored at your fingertips.

Mobotix Cloud Bridge Features and Specifications:

  • Does not require upfront investment in expensive servers
  • Plug & Play- extremely easy to use
  • No IT skills required 
  • Available 24/7
  • Access your video systems from anywhere 
  • Agile, flexible, and scalable

Easy, Affordable, and Secure 

  • Get up and running right away with Bridge (hardware) and the app
  • Cybersafe and GDPR compliant
  • Protected against failure by Bridge, which acts as a buffer 
  • Compatible with Mobotix 6 series or newer, or other Onvif cameras
  • Only pay for the services you use
  • All services from a single source, including camera installation
  • About a dozen data centers: data is always stored in your region 
  • Mobotix is a reliable manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience

mobotix cloud

The Mobotix Cloud system is great for medium and large businesses and allows system administrators the ability to assign different permissions to different users. Mobotix Cloud makes it easy to manage multiple locations using a centralized system. What's better? Administrator and user rights are separated for added security and specific departments can access only specified cameras locally. Schools, administration buildings, banks, and residential buildings are all great candidates that can benefit from a Cloud-based security system. 

Retailers and franchises can also benefit from the Mobotix Cloud. For example, clothing stores can install a monitor at an entrance with a live camera image to deter thieves, and branch managers and other authorized users can access live images and footage from anywhere. 

More about Mobotix Cloud:


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