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  1. VP7 American Plug Adapter

    SKU: 02-108849

    The VP7 converts European/German/Asian 2 pin plugs to 2 pin American Plug (flat pin)

    Regular Price: $3.99

    Special Price: $2.99

  2. VoIP Supply VP111 Universal Switzerland Plug Adapter

    SKU: 02-111045

    The VP111 is a plug adapter that will convert Switzerland grounded plug to Universal.

    Regular Price: $6.99

    Special Price: $4.99

  3. Xorcom XR0109 Additional Power Supply for XR0108

    SKU: 02-116119

    The Xorcom additional power supply can be installed into the XR0108 dedicated Redundant Power Supply unit to maximize its capacity at 4 power supplies. The XR0108 is a 19in 1U rackmount chassis including 2 internal power supply devices. Each chassis can hold up to 4 power supply devices and up to 32 additional USB ports. The XR0109 will maximize the XR0108 chassis.
  4. Xorcom XR0128 Analog Line Failover

    SKU: 02-116118

    In case of power outage or an Asterisk malfunction with the Xorcom analog line failover board, up to six analog PSTN lines are routed directly to predetermined analog extensions. The Xorcom XR0128 is a component board which can be integrated into an Astribank chassis.
  5. Xorcom XR0108 Redundant Power Supply Unit

    SKU: 02-113682

    The Xorcom redundant power supply unit is a microcomputer-based control system which constantly monitors power requirements and supply to hundreds of telephony ports, alerting the system administrator and balancing the load in the event of malfunction.
  6. Altronix AL1024ULM

    SKU: 02-106127

    The Altronix AL1024ULM is specifically designed for use with access control systems and accessories. This unit converts a 115VAC 60Hz input into five (5) PTC protected Class 2 Rated power limited outputs rated @ 2 amp each, with an output current of 24VDC @ 10 amp supply current for Access Control application, 24VDC @ 8 amp supply current with 10 amp during alarm for Fire Alarm applications.
  7. Valcom VP-12124 Switching Power Supply

    SKU: 02-106278

    Valcom VP-12124 Switching Power Supply VP-12124
  8. Valcom VP-1124D Switching Power Supply

    SKU: 02-106274

    Valcom VP-1124D Switching Power Supply VP-1124D
  9. Altronix ALT-ALTV244 (USED)

    SKU: 02-107209

    Altronix ALT-ALTV244 (USED) ALT-ALTV244
  10. 5FT AC Power Cord CP-PWR-CORD-NA

    SKU: 02-102627

    The 5 foot transformer AC cable for the Cisco Power Cube 3.

Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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