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Eliminate your need for AC adapters with Power over Ethernet (PoE) network devices

Power Over Ethernet

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Power Over Ethernet

Power Your Endpoints with Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Drop the AC power adapter today with these Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapters and injectors.

In an effort towards global sustainability, many manufacturers are now selling their IP devices PoE enabled hereby eliminating the need for an AC adapter. Power your PoE enabled VoIP Phones and IP Cameras with a PoE Switch or a PoE injector - also called a PoE adapter. VoIP Supply carries multiple PoE injectors including single port injectors, PoE Splitters, and multiport PoE midspans. When installing a new PoE switch to power your IP devices is not an option, turn to VoIP Supply for your PoE injectors and skip the AC adapter!

All of the PoE devices we retail come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty, are fully supported by our team of in-house Networking experts and work in conjunction with most popular Networking products like our network switch offerings.



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    The ADTRAN NetVanta 1235P is a 28-port multi-layer fast ethernet switch that utilizes ADTRAN's ActivReach Ethernet Technology. The NetVanta 1235P extends the reach of standard ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE) beyond the typical 1600 feet of cabling. Includes 24 - Access ports capable of 10/100Base-T or 10/100 ActivReach for PoE/Data Connectivity over long distances of voice-grade cabling (24AWG,CAT3,CAT5), 2 - Standard SFP Gigabit Ethernet Ports and 2 - Enhanced (1Gbps/2.5Gbps) SFP ports.
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    The Netgear GS728TP ProSAFE Smart Switch provides 24 Gigabit ports with PoE/PoE+ and 4 SFP Ports. The first eight ports support PoE+. This switch offers a 192W PoE budget.
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    The Netgear GS752TPSB provides PoE on 52 ports of gigabit Ethernet throughput where 8 ports provide PoE+ and 4 SFP ports for uplink and stacking.
  4. CyberData 011258

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    The CyberData 011258 2-Port PoE Gigabit Port Mirroring Switch is for network diagnostics while maintaining PoE or PoE Plus connection. It's powered from a single 802.3at or 802.3af network switch and passes that power through to one or two of the downstream switch ports.
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    The Netgear GS728TPP-100NAS ProSAFE is a 24-port Gigabit Smart Switch with PoE+, 1 EPS connector, and 4 SFP Ports. This Smart Switch provides enhanced performance, usability and ease of management and has been manufactured to handle converged networks, while lowering operational costs.
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    Netgear's GS752TP-100NAS Smart Switch is equipped with 48 10/100/1000 Mbps auto-sensing Gigabit-Ethernet ports and four dedicated 1000m SFP fiber ports. Netgear GS752TP-100NAS is part of Netgear's ProSAFE Series- switches specifically designed to handle the needs of converged networks where all applications are carried on a single platform.
  7. Cisco Catalyst 3560-C

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    Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560C-8PC-S compact switch easily extends an intelligent, fully managed Cisco Catalyst wired switching infrastructure, including end-to-end IP and Borderless Network services, with a single Ethernet cable or fiber from the wiring closet. This attractive, small form-factor Fast Ethernet switch is ideal for connecting multiple devices on the retail sales floor and in classrooms, hotels, and factories and for extending wireless LAN networks.
  8. ADTRAN NetVanta 1535P

    SKU: 02-117019

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    The ADTRAN NetVanta 1535P is a managed 28-port PoE Layer 3 Lite Gigabit Ethernet switch with ActivReach Ethernet technology designed for ease-of-deployment, as well as fast, secure, cost effective LAN switching.
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    The Netgear GS752TXS is a 48-port Gigabit Stackable Smart Switch with 10-Gigabit connectivity to deliver maximum throughput in SMB networks. The GS752TXS features enterprise-class applications, scalability and reliability, and flexible management options.
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    The Netgear JGS516PE is a 16-port Unmanaged PoE Gigabit Switch for today's businesses with growing demands. The JGS516PE has PoE support on 6 ports, plug-and-play connectivity, and delivers network monitoring, traffic prioritization and VLAN to your company.

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