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About Cyberdata IP Notification

These IP devices are SIP visual alerting devices, notifying you the incoming calls within an IP paging environment. This solution is ideal to be used in various places, from classrooms, banks, to warehouses, and offices.

With CyberData IP Strobes, you can enjoy wide range of features such as PoE, web-based setup, 2 flashes per second, event-controlled relay, and more. 


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  1. CyberData 011049 SIP Call Button

    SKU: 02-109496

    The Cyberdata 011049 SIP-based call button is meant to be mounted under a desk or in a discrete location so if an event should take place, the user depresses the button to silently call for help.
  2. CyberData 011376 SIP RGB Multi-Color Strobe

    SKU: 02-123456

    The CyberData wall-mounted SIP RGB (Multi-Color) Strobe operates as a visual alerting device. The device can be set up as part of a ring group (call group) with the Strobe engaged as notification of incoming calls.
  3. CyberData 011313 PoE Digital Clock

    SKU: 02-123757

    The easy-to-read 4 digit CyberData PoE Digital Clock 011313 connects to your PoE network and gets the device's precision time updated from an NTP (Network Time Protocol) server.
  4. CyberData 011491 SIP Outdoor Call Button

    SKU: 02-126820

    The CyberData 011491 SIP Outdoor Call Button is ideal for a one-touch programmable call to an IP phone or page announcement.

4 Item(s)

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