Secure Access Control Devices

About CyberData Secure Access Control Devices

CyberData Secure Access Control Devices allow you to use your new or existing VoIP network to enable access control. Make a phone call and play a pre-recorded message or broadcast a multicast message to IP speakers when registered to the VoIP server with your CyberData Secure Access Device. These CyberData devices are ideal for schools, manufacturing plants, assisted living facilities, offices, and retail stores.

All CyberData Control Access Devices can operate in standalone mode. No PBX is required! It is future-proof and adaptable when upgrading to a new VoIP PBX.

Why buy CyberData Secure Access Control Devices?

  • Network web management
  • No PBX required - can operate in standalone mode
  • Easily unlock and lock gates and doors
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