Fall in Love with These 6 Cool VoIP Features

September 30, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

VoIP is full of potential and we want to help you discover some of the coolest features that you may not know about! Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Fanvil V67 Cool Lighting

Did you know that the Fanvil V67 comes with cool lighting? The flow lighting not only pleases your eyes but also improves your work efficiency as a status indicator!

  1. Algo 8186 can be paired with Algo 8128

The Algo 8186 Speaker can be paired with the Algo 8128 Strobe Lights to provide a visual indicator for voice pages and emergency events!

  1. Fanvil CS30 360-Degree Omnidirectional Voice Pickup

Fanvil’s CS30 features 360-degree omnidirectional voice pickup and noise reduction. It effectively solves the problem of unclear voice in remote calls and noisy conference environments, enabling users to enjoy a clear, stable and smooth remote meeting experience. 

  1. Poly Edge E Series Headset Support

Did you know that Poly’s Edge E Series supports RJ-9, USB EHS, and Bluetooth headsets?

Poly’s PVOS 8.0.0 supports Bluetooth 5.0, including Bluetooth Low Energy, for all Poly Edge E Series devices that have built-in Bluetooth. Connecting your phone to wireless networks is now easier than ever! 

  1. CyberData VoIP Endpoints Provision

CyberData can now be provisioned manually and via 3CX template for all devices. Newer CyberData devices are now featured ‘on-box’ with 3CX, making setup a breeze!

  1. Advanced Network Devices ISO Certification 

Advanced Network Devices’ products are all ISO certified and are ETL compliant with the national safety standards of North America. These paging solutions are Ideal for healthcare facilities and more!

That’s not all! Visit our website to keep exploring more unique VoIP features!

5 Key VoIP Reseller Updates You Must Know This Fall

September 27, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

If you missed our VoIP Reseller webinar this month, you can’t miss out on this webinar recap post! We put together the top 5 key updates for your convenience. Let’s check them out:

Click here to download the presentation slides

  1. Poly released the NEW Poly Edge E Series

If you haven’t checked out Poly’s Edge E Series, you are really missing out! The Edge E Series include several models listed below:

Poly Edge E Series is designed with faster processors, modern Poly desk phone user interface, microban protection, access to help videos via QR Code, and more rich user experience including:

  • Configurable UI to suit individual user needs
  • Assistive technology for user’s with disabilities
  • Personalized line key assignment from the phone UI
  • Simple to use diagnostics for basic end user troubleshooting
  • Improved directory management and search

Click here to learn more about Poly Edge E Series!

  1. Grandstream’s NEW GWN Family Members

Grandstream is excited to announce the new release of the GWN 7062 and 7052 routers! 

The GWN Series WiFi solutions are popular for several reasons:

  • 3 Free management options
  • Easy installation – just scan a barcode with the GWN.Cloud app
  • Portfolio of APs and Routers – Full portfolio of indoor, outdoor and long-range WiFi APs as well as routers
  • Real-time monitoring, alerts and reports – Available on all APs, Routers, and management options

See how Grandstream’s solutions all work together to offer you a seamless communication experience:

  1. Fanvil’s Roadshows

Have you registered for our Fanvil roadshows? If you haven’t, don’t wait any longer! Seize your chance to learn about Fanvil’s newest technologies that will help you and your business grow and succeed. Seats are limited, so register now!

  1. Fanvil’s NEW Promotions!

Don’t forget to also check out Fanvil’s two NEW promotions:

  • Get 1 FREE CS30 when you purchase 10 units of the V64/V65 phones or 5 units of the V67 phones
  • Get i5 Series 5% off SRP when you buy 5 or more units of the i6 series
  1. Sangoma’s Instant Rebate

Now is the best time to purchase Sangoma’s P310 and P315 IP Phones! From now to end of this year, enjoy instant rebates on:

  • P310 – $5
  • P315 – $10

Come back in October to learn more about VoIP Reseller updates!

Algo 8373 & 8301 Paging Adapters Comparison – How to choose the right device

September 20, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

While many organizations choose to deploy full IP systems with dedicated IP speakers, some businesses still see value in their reliable and usable traditional infrastructure. That’s where Algo’s paging adapters come into play! 

Algo’s paging adapters seamlessly bridge VoIP systems to your analog devices, allowing a smooth communication experience.  Algo offers two types of paging adapters, the 8373 IP Paging Adapter and the 8301 Zone Paging Adapter. 

Algo 8373 vs Algo 8301 – What are the differences?

While the 8373 and 8301 paging adapters are very similar in their core functionality, they are designed for different applications and environments.

Either of these two adapters can register to any hosted or premise-based IP phone system as a 3rd party SIP endpoint, enabling a full integration of a traditional analog paging system to VoIP. The type of paging adapter required is dependent on the needs of your environment. 

  • The 8373 is ideal for: Where organizations utilized zoned paging amplifiers. If you have one amplifier, but want to create zone paging by controlling up to 3 sets of analog speakers from the amplifier
  • The 8301 is ideal for: When the legacy amplifier doesn’t have dedicated speaker zones behind the amplifier. The 8301 also comes with some features that the 8373 doesn’t have such as:
    • Music input
    • Scheduler for automating announcements, bells, etc. 
    • Expanded SIP registration options for up to 10 Ring extensions for emergency alerting

See a feature comparison chart here:

Download the comparison sheet or visit Algo’s website for more information on the differences between the 8373 and 8301 paging adapters!

September Hardware Roundup – NEW Grandstream Routers, NEW Fanvil LINKVIL and More!

September 19, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

Fall is here! As you enjoy watching leaves turning into colorful works of art, don’t forget to also check out our NEW VoIP products! This month, we are introducing you to several exciting new routers, VoIP phones, and so much more!

Grandstream’s New GWN Routers


Check out Grandstream’s NEW GWN Series Dual-Band WiFi Routers! These routers are ideal for residential and small business service providers, providing powerful network security features at a market-leading price point. They also support cloud provisioning and remote management for easy deployment and customer service. These two new products are coming soon!

Key Features:

  • 100 or 256 concurrent clients
  • Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 option
  • 1.27 or 1.77 Gbps speeds
  • Dual-band 2×2:2 MU-MIMO
  • Cloud provisioning & management with GWN.Cloud
    (coming soon)
  • VPN, Mesh networks, firewall features & more

Grandstream GXV3480 Android Phone


Have you checked out Grandstream’s NEW GXV3480 IP Video Phone for Android

The GXV3480 IP Video Phone for Android combines a 16-line IP video phone with a multi-platform video conferencing solution and the functionality of an Android tablet to offer an all-in-one communications solution. The device also runs on Android TM 11 and offers instant access to hundreds of thousands of Android apps.

LINKVIL by Fanvil

Fanvil March Webinar 2022 (Twitter Post)-2

Check out Fanvil’s new sub-brand, LINKVIL! LINKVIL was created to produce wireless unified communication products and it will be focusing on the research and development of A&V-IoT wireless communication products. 

VoIP Supply will carry all products under LINKVIL. More wireless communication will be launched in the near future. 

LINKVIL by Fanvil Portable WiFi Phone W611W is the first product to be made available under the LINKVIL line of products. Don’t miss out!

Visit our website to learn more new VoIP products!

5+ Fanvil New Products to Look Out For in 2022

September 16, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

VoIP Supply and Fanvil’s new product webinar was a blast yesterday! If you missed our presentation, don’t worry, here’s a recap for your convenience:

Download the presentation slides here to learn more.

  1. Fanvil NEW V Series IP Phones

If you haven’t checked out Fanvil’s new V Series IP Phones, you are really missing out! The V Series includes the V67, V65, V64, and V62. These phones come with integrated WiFi 2.4,5GHz & BT4.2, Tilt screen & Anti-Bacterial plastics, and so much more advanced features.

Check out a comparison chart below to see detail:

  1. Fanvil NEW i6 Video Door Phones

Fanvil’s SIP door phones are second to none. The Fanvil team continuously comes up with new models and features to accommodate a variety of business needs. The i6 Series includes the i64, i63, i62, and i62. With the functions of hands-free call and video monitoring, Fanvil door phones are installed indoor or outdoor to provide the access control management for various buildings. 

  1. Fanvil NEW i57A & i55A Indoor Stations

Enjoy easy and reliable access control service with Fanvil’s newly launched i57A and i55A Indoor stations! These devices feature elegant outlook, fluent operation, easy installation, WiFi support, and so much more. 

One cool feature of these devices is “Video Preview”. Residents are able to view the video image before communicating with the visitors and achieve remote access control via the indoor station after identification. 

Watch our quick unboxing video to learn more:

[VIDEO] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l64QZyQmpgE&t=73s

  1. Fanvil W611W WiFi Phone

Did you know that Fanvil offers a WiFi phone? The W611W is a portable, elegant WiFi phone designed for mobile communication applications. 

Certified to IP67 standard, W611W is highly waterproof, dustproof, and drop-safe from 1.2-meter height. It also has excellent performance in different environments with humidity and dust. The 10 hour talk time and 200 hours standby time will ensure that you have smooth communications without interruptions!

  1. Fanvil CS30 Speakerphone

Last but not the least, check out Fanvil’s NEW CS30 Speakerphone designedl for conferences in small offices, huddle rooms, home offices, or similar settings! 

Need to work remotely? Not a problem. The CS30 is great for training, and interviews even in a remote setting! This device is so compact and easy to connect to your PC and/or smartphone via NFV/Bluetooth wireless pairing and USB wired connection.

Register for Fanvil’s Roadshows!

Before you go, remember to register to attend the Fanvil roadshows! Join us for an interactive and delicious lunch and learn at Ruth’s Chris Steak House while we will introduce you to Fanvil’s full line of products and the services VoIP Supply offers our partners to help grow your business. Limited seats are available, so register today!

How to Configure CyberData Intercom Devices with Zoom

September 9, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

Configuring CyberData devices with Zoom is easy! Before we start, remember to contact your Zoom account manager and request they enable “Other/Generic” common area phone type. This will allow manual configuration of the CyberData device. 

Once you are ready, simply follow these steps to register your CyberData Speaker as an Intercom/Paging device on Zoom:

  1. Log into Zoom
  2. From the Profile page select the “Phone System Management” section and the ‘Users & Rooms’ subsection.
  3. From the “Users & Rooms” Page navigate to the Common Area Phones tab. 
  4. Press the ‘Add’ Button to create a common area phone to be used by the speaker.
  5. After clicking the Add button a Pop-up will appear that allows common area phone creation.
  6. Set the Display Name of the phone. 
  7. Set the Description to the location of the speaker. 
  8. Adjust the extension number as necessary. 
  9. Set the MAC address of the device. 
  10. Make sure to select Other for the device type.
  11. Click the Save button to create the Phone. 
  12. Once created, the browser will redirect to the newly created extension’s page. 
  13. Click on the Provision button at the bottom of the device’s page.
  14. A popup will appear with manual provisioning information to setup the CyberData Speaker. Keep this popup open. 
  15. Make sure to download all the certificates listed which will be needed for device configuration.

There you have it! You can also set up a paging extension or night ringer extension through the web interface to enable more functionality. To learn more details, download our Zoom Configuration Guide here

Don’t forget to also visit our product pages to learn more about CyberData products!

The Poly Edge B Series IP Desk Phones are Now Compatible with Cisco BroadWorks

Poly is excited to announce that Poly Edge B Series Phones are now certified with Cisco BroadWorks! The Edge B Series is also certified with Zoom Phone, Google Voice and more. 

These certifications make it easier for Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and VoIP service providers to streamline their testing and support of Poly Edge B phones. It is also easier and faster for providers to get the phones to market. 

To stay up to date on the latest Poly Interoperability and Compatbility, check out their chart here.

About Poly Edge B Series

Poly’s Edge B phone family comes with two and four-line key options. They are cost-effective devices not only for small businesses and emerging markets, but also for many enterprise-based use cases. 

Key features include:

  • Poly Acoustic Fence technology
  • Poly HD Voice 
  • Hardcore reliability 
  • Desk and wall mount options

Click here to learn more about Poly’s Edge B Series!

August Reseller Updates: NEW Products, New Promotions, VoIP News, and More!

August 26, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

Click here to download the presentation slides

What’s New this August?

  1. Granite EPIK

Check out Granite EPIK! They provide a POTS alternative that is fully compatible with alarm, POS and voice lines, and delivers savings along with the best service in the industry.

Their patented technology is delivered over the 4G LTE network, with intelligent failover to internet or PRI connections for redundancy. Granite EPIK offers universal US availability, even at locations no longer served by traditional copper circuits. 

Key benefits include:

  • Compatible with all analog line devices
  • Fire and building code compliant
  • More reliable than traditional POTS
  • 24/7 remote out of brand monitoring with instant notification
  • Cellular backup
  • Advanced security 
  • So much more!
  1. RabbitRun SOHO SD-WAN

Have you heard of RabbitRun? RabbitRun provides flawless 4G failover designed for work from home and small business markets. They address business challenges with its core solutions:

  • Application performance & Quality of Service – prioritize application data based on the advanced congestion aware quality of service system
  • Failsafe, No Drop Failover – keep customers Failsafe with no dropped voice and video meetings
  • Load Balancing, Application Traffic Steering – utilize the maximum network connectivity while providing the best application performance
  • Built in 4G LTE Wireless – support via an internal modem. Optional 4G LTE data plan
  • Cloud Managed and Jump Service – simplified installation that’s fast and not complicated.
  1. Sangoma FAXStation is Now HIPAA-Compliant! You can trust that Sangoma FAXStation keeps every healthcare data private. Learn more here.
  2. Fanvil Education Promotion – Don’t forget to take advantage of Fanvil’s incentive program for education projects! It’s up to 5% off and this promotion ends on September 30th, 2022.

Sign up for our next reseller update webinar here to stay on top of VoIP!

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