Star2Star Named a 2019 Customer Product of the Year Award Winner

April 4, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

Star2Star Communications, a leading provider of communication solutions, announced that their Full Spectrum Communications Solution has been named as a 2019 Customer Product of the Year Award winner by TMC, a global media company. Star2Star is the world’s only provider of Full Spectrum Communications. The solutions unify voice, video, mobile, chat, fax, presence management, and more into a single, easy-to-use system.

What does the Product of the Year Award recognize?

This award recognizes vendors that are advancing the call center, CRM and telecom services. It also highlights products that empower their customers to meet and exceed their expectations and needs.

“When we created the Full Spectrum Communications Solution, we had the customer experience front and center while designing the system,” said Michelle Accardi, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Star2Star. “Full Spectrum Communications are designed to solve the complexities and challenges of the modern business in ways other solutions can’t. When you have all of the technology you need under one platform, with the ability to integrate and customize for your unique needs, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.”

This is the fourth consecutive year that Star2Star has been recognized with this award. Congratulations, Star2Star! We are very excited about the news and looking forward to serving more customers with their flexible solutions.

Learn more about Star2Star solutions here.

Sangoma Unveiled New Switchvox 7 UC Software

This Wednesday, Sangoma Technology Wednesday announced their first major Switchvox release after the acquisition of Digium completed back in September. This is version 7 of Switchvox that provides a more integrated and collaborative experience for the D-Series IP phone users.

What’s included in Switchvox Version 7?

Switchvox 7 includes advanced conferencing features for greater collaboration, delivers added functionality for D-Series IP phones with call pickup capabilities, and upgrades the platform’s operating system for improved performance and security, according to Sangoma.  

When is Switchvox 7 Available?

Switchvox 7 is currently available for Switchvox on-premises customers with an active subscription and the following supported appliances: E510, E520, E530, E540, 80, 310, 360, 380, 450 and 470.

“Digium has been a trusted supplier for years, with the consistency we’ve come to rely on,” said Jim Anderson, president of Unitel. “The 7.0 release takes the best value in unified communications to an even higher level. I look forward to offering Switchvox to our clients for many years to come.”

Are you using Digium Switchvox 7? What are your thoughts about this new version? Learn more about Digium Switchvox solutions by visiting our website or contact our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647.

Xorcom Software Updates: MT Manager 1.0.12

April 3, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

Xorcom’s Multi-Tenant PBX is getting more secure and better! Today, Xorcom announced some exciting new software updates on their MT Manager version 1.0.12. Let’s hear what it is all about!

What New Features Are Available?

  • A strong password enforcement policy is now applied to all MT Manager login passwords for both admin and resellers
  • A new Reports section was added to the MT Manager GUI.
  • Usage reports are now available to provide information about the dynamic license usage and be used as a basis for billing.
  • The system generated CSV files of four types:
    • Full Month – historic report for the usage in any given previous month.
    • Month-to-date – average usage for the current month up until the date of the report.  This report shows the actual consumption of license usage so far for the current month.
    • Current – how many licenses are being used at this given point in time.
    • Estimated – what will be the total consumption at the end of the month if no further changes are made.
  • Report format – the report details the tenants’ information as follows:

Additional Multi-Tenant PBX Changes

  • Back button – the Cancel button was replaced by a Back button.  The Back button will always send the user back to the previous dialogue (unlike the Cancel button which would send to a dialogue based on hierarchy).
  • Performance improvements for voice routing and operating system

Other than the new features introduced by Xorcom, they also fixed the wrong inbound in-dialog SIP requests when the SIP trunk requires registration or when SIP provider uses MT server IP address in R-URI.  

Learn more details here. Are you using Xorcom’s multi-tenant PBX? What are your thoughts on these new updates? Share with us!

How Does FreePBX-to-PBXact Conversion Module Work?

Our tech support team at VoIP Supply offers great pre- and post-sales support plus provisioning, consultations, configuration, and installation help. We get a lot of VoIP hardware and software questions and would like to share the solutions with everyone.

In previous Mom’s calling Q&A series, we have discussed: Is Sangoma 3000G Compatible with Cisco Patch Panel? Today, we have more new real questions and answers from VoIP users just like you.

How Does FreePBX-to-PBXact Conversion Module Work?

Q:  When applying the FreePBX to PBXact conversion module, does it go to the FreePBX deployment or the PBXact deployment? I can’t find any documentation on it.

A: You buy this for the FreePBX appliance deployment and then update the license from the PBX and it will magically change everything for you. If you need more information, see the video below to learn how to convert FreePBX to PBXact in under 10 minutes:


Come back for more VoIP questions and answers next time! If you have VoIP questions to ask us, please submit a technical support ticket or contact our VoIP experts today at (866) 582-8591

Yealink Talks About New T5 Series and More From ITEXPO 2019

March 29, 2019 by Steve Lopian

One of the brands that we were really excited to see at this year’s ITEXPO was Yealink.  It seemed like there was never a dull moment in their booth, but we still managed to get ourselves in for an interview, and we’re glad we did!

One of the main focuses for Yealink this year was their new T5 series of IP phones.  It was interesting to learn about what these phones have to offer and what specific upgrades they had.  But most of all, it was great to actually get our hands on these phones!

Yealink had their new T5 series on full display and they did not disappoint! Some of the most interesting takeaways from learning about these phones was their ability to content share, as well as, having built-in Bluetooth and WiFi!

And! Lucky for you, we were able to get our whole interview with Yealink on camera so you’re also able to experience the first-hand look at these new phones and everything they have to offer! Just click the video above to check out these phones and more from ITEXPO 2019!

Are you already using a Yealink phone from their T5 series? If so, let us know how you like it in the comments! We want to hear what your favorite features are!

How to Upgrade to the Yealink Teams Edition from SFB Edition

As Skype for Business rolls into Microsoft Teams, more features and tools are unlocked for Teams users. We received many inquiries from our customers regarding how to utilize Yealink’s Teams edition devices. Therefore, today, we are going to show you how to upgrade your existing Yealink SFB phones into the Teams edition.

The whole upgrading process can be separated into two main steps: Upload the Teams firmware and Register & Upload the license. Let’s get started:

Upload your Microsoft Teams Firmware

  1. Download the Microsoft Teams firmware file:
  2.  On the device, go to Status -> General to find out the IP address of the device.
  3. Type the IP address into a web browser to go to the web interface of the device, and log in with the default Administrator information:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin
  4. Go to Settings -> Upgrade -> Select and Upgrade Firmware,.
  5. Click “Upload” to upload the MS Teams firmware, a message will pop-up, click OK.
  6. If the firmware is upgraded from Skype for Business, the license should be already installed.

Register for an account and Upload the License

  1. Login to Yealink License Management Platform.
  2. Go to License Management -> My application, click “+New Temporary License” or “New Permanent License” based on your needs. (Note: So far, end users could only apply for temporary licenses up to 180 days. If you need to apply for permanent licenses please contact your distributor or phone provider).
  3. Fill out and submit the application form.
    • Version: select Microsoft Teams
    • MAC: IP phone: Setting -> About -> MAC OR Web interface: Status -> Network Common -> MAC Address.
    • Model: You can find it at the bottom of the device.
  1. 4. When the application is approved, login to Yealink License Management Platform License Management -> My application, scroll all the way to the right, under Action, download the license.
  2. Go to web interface Security -> License to upload the license.

The device will reboot after the license is imported. That’s it! Your upgrade is completed!

Do you have more questions? Learn more here:

Microsoft Teams Update: New Collaboration Features Roadmap

March 28, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

Over the past two years, Microsoft Teams keeps evolving to keep up with the fast-changing workspace. This month, they are focusing on adding new collaboration tools to enhance team communication and work efficiency. Let’s check out what has been updated and what you can expect to see in the following months!

What NEW Teams Features are Available Now?

  • Data Loss Prevention in conversations and chats: Automatically detect, protect, and test for sensitive information in every discussion
  • Microsoft 365 Live Events: Create on-demand and live events that offer exciting communication solutions to partners, customers, and employees
  • Microsoft Whiteboard for Teams: Get involved with multi-level collaboration experiences

More Coming Soon Features

  • Live Captions: Read captions in real-time without losing track of the conversation
  • Information barriers: Choose which individuals are able to collaborate and communicate through the Teams platform

By the end of 2019, you can expect to see more features such as:

  • Secure private channels: Customize who can see files and conversations in a specific circuit
  • Content cameras and intelligent capture: Support for additional content-capturing cameras. Access Intelligent Capture to focus, and enhance images and text
  • Custom Backgrounds: Select your own unique background

Are you using Microsoft Teams? Make sure you check out our new Teams phones to take full advantage of the features!

Xorcom CXR2000 Appliances Are Upgrading to Solid State Drives (SSD) in April!

March 27, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

Xorcom announced recently that their CompletePBX appliances of series CXR2000 and up are going to be equipped with Solid State Drives (SSD) in April 2019! Currently, they are using enterprise-grade Hard Disk Drives (HDD).

What’s the benefit of upgrading to SDD?

The upgrade will significantly increase read and write speed, which means significant performance increase, especially for heavy-duty systems, TwinStar and call centers. The affected Complete appliance lines include CXR2000, CXE2000, CTS2000, CXR3000, CXE3000, CTS3000, CXTS3000, CXT4000, and CXTS4000.

The 2000 and 3000 series will have a 250 GB SSD by default (upgrade option to 500 GB SSD available) and the 4000 series will be equipped with a 500 GB SSD. See more details here!

Unboxing The Algo 8180 SIP Audio Alerter (G2)

March 22, 2019 by Steve Lopian

This day and age, it seems like every business is looking for IP paging. Some are looking to upgrade their old analog paging systems, and others are looking to start fresh. Whether it’s a small business with a warehouse or a large enterprise with multiple floors, IP paging is becoming a ‘must have’ for everyone.

But how difficult is it to install and operate IP paging? A lot of people will tell you that it is extremely complicated and expensive, but much like a lot of other stories you hear in the VoIP world, it’s just not true anymore.

If you are looking for something cost effective and easy to install, then I would be doing a disservice by not recommending Algo for all of your IP paging needs.

Algo has a wide-range of IP paging, emergency alerting, and security products that can cover every area of your business.  Algo even offers paging adapters so you can seamlessly integrate your existing analog system to a new and efficient IP system!

But for the sake of this blog, I wanted to focus on one particular Algo product. The Algo 8180 (G2) SIP Audio Alerter is a perfectly priced unit that can serve multiple purposes!  This thing offers voice paging, multicast or broadcast capabilities, and even has preloaded ringtones for the perfect alerting system!

I have looked around, and I can tell you that I don’t think there is anything out there that can match the simplicity of this device and also pack as many features that it offers.  For a full list of features check out the Algo 8180 (G2) here!

By this point, if you are in the market for IP paging, you should only have 2 questions left! “What’s in the box?” And “How can I see it in action?”  The good news is I have answers for both!

Just take a look at the video above for a detailed unboxing and product test right in our very own VoIP lab! We hooked the 8180 (G2) up to a Poly VVX 600 to show you just how simple it is to operate once you have it connected to your VoIP network!

So, enjoy the video and if Algo is not on your list of potential IP paging solutions for your business, I’m sure it will be now, and you can thank me later!

Are you currently using the Algo 8180 (G2) or other Algo products? How are you enjoying them? Let us know in the comments!

Ribbon and Yealink Partner to Bring Reliable and Faster Microsoft Teams Solutions

March 21, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

Ribbon Communications VoIP GatewaysRibbon Communications Inc., a global company that specializes in IP-based communications security and software solutions, announced their new partnership with Yealink, a global leader of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, to deliver more reliable and faster Microsoft Teams options.

What Ribbon Products Have Been Tested?

Ribbon’s Session Border Controller (SBC) 1000, SBC 2000 and SBC Software edition (SWe) Lite are all tested as a secondary register for Yealink’s Teams edition (the T56A, T58A and CP960).

How Does This New Partnership Help?

Ribbon’s SBCs now provide Yealink’s Teams phones with the ability to make VoIP calls without being connected to the Microsoft Phone system. Yealink’s Teams Phones allow Teams users to enjoy real-time communications through a familiar user experience and Ribbon’s SBCs enable the same calling features even when these Teams phones are not connected to the Microsoft system.

“Microsoft Teams is one of the fastest growing enterprise collaboration tools in the world – now Ribbon and Yealink are working together to bring an innovative solution to market that will allow an entire organization’s employee base to realize the full benefits of Teams, even as separate groups are gradually migrated to the Teams voice capabilities,” said Alvin Liao, Vice President of Product at Yealink.

Are you a Microsoft Teams user? What are your thoughts on Ribbon’s new collaboration with Yealink? Share with us!