Setting Up an AudioCodes MP1xx FXS With Asterisk

August 20, 2008 by Garrett Smith

This will be the last in the AudioCodes setup series. A quick and dirty configuration for a vanilla Asterisk setup. AudioCodes uses the network address for FXS and for FXO gateways. Setup your network accordingly to access the default address.

Asterisk Setup:

The Asterisk setup is easy. Just create standard type=friend extensions for as many phone extensions as you would like to create in sip.conf. A typical basic entry would look like below.

context=local ; Context for incoming calls for this user
host=dynamic ; This peer register with us
dtmfmode=inband ; Choices are inband, rfc2833, or info
allow=ulaw ; dtmfmode=inband only works with ulaw or alaw!
;progressinband=no ; Polycom phones don’t work properly with “never”

Create dialplan entries in extensions.conf
exten => 1001,1,Dial(SIP/1001|25)

AudioCodes Setup:

Connect the gateway to a network switch and connect a computer to the same
switch. Then configure the IP address of the computer to 10.1.10.XXX (anything but 10 or 11). Then run your web browser and point it to and login using

Default IP address:
Default username: Admin
Default password: Admin

Click -> “Quick Setup” and change the following:

IP Address => IP address of the AudioCodes 124
Subnet Mask => Set to the correct netmask for your local network
Default Gateway Address => Gateway IP address for your LAN
Working With Proxy => Yes
Proxy IP Address => IP address of the Asterisk server
Enable Registration => Set to “Enable”

Restart the gateway and log back in using the new IP address.

Protocol Management -> Protocol Definition -> Proxy & Registration
Registrar IP Address => Set to the IP address of the Asterisk server
Registration Time => 60
Subscription Mode => Per Endpoint
Authentication Mode => Per Endpoint

Go to Protocol Management -> Protocol Definition -> DTMF & Dialing
Max Digits In Phone Num -> Make it a large number like 32 digits

Go to Protocol Management -> Protocol Definition -> Coders
Add coders as needed You need to set at least G.711U-law

Go to Protocol Management -> Endpoint Settings -> Authentication
Set SIP username and password for each port to match your settings in sip.conf

Go to Protocol Management -> Endpoint Phone Numbers
Enter an extension (phone) number for every used channel to match entries in sip.conf

AudioCodes FXS gateway is ready. Worked here YMMV.


  • hello

    i have to audio code ip adrress

    can u suggest me how the configuration is possible with asterisk sothat i can monitor/record call



  • cheater

    Hi Kevin , i configure my audio codec whit a IP public (190.12. XXX . XXX) , but I try connect for web but show me a error

    Correct authorization is required for this area. Either your browser does not perform authorization, or your authorization has failed. RomPager server by Digest Access Authentication, which is not supported by your browser.

    Return to last page

  • thachpn

    please help me configure mp1xx fxs with asterisk use domain name without ip proxy?

  • patrick

    does not work. I can not get the thing to got ext 9000 to port 1 9001 port2. The only way it works is set to ascending and ofcourse that will not work. the docs for this unit sucks. I am sure it will work nicely if I could get it to work right. the whole point of getting this was to have it work with 2 fax machines and two modems. if it is radomly picking ports then it is useless.

  • Vlok Stone

    @ patrick try using By Dest Phone Number under hunt groups

  • Is there a link to set up audiocodes MP118 directley to gateway

  • Raul Chiarella

    Hello. I have the MP-124 FXS model and i’m getting One Way Audio problems

    Do you know anything about that?

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