5 Reasons Why You Should Sell The Poly (Plantronics) Headsets – Webinar Recap

October 31, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

The global VoIP headset sales forecast for 2020 is over 1.8 billion dollars. – according to Frost & Sullivan: Growth Opportunities in the Global Communications Endpoints Market (Feb 2018). 

Since there’s a lot of potential to increase your headset revenue, we co-hosted a headset webinar with one of our top VoIP headset vendors, Poly (formerly Plantronics), to make sure you have the tools and resources you need to succeed! 

Poly’s headsets are popular for a reason – they have the right headset for every work style and application. See below for an overview of their main headset series:

5 Reasons Why You Should Sell The Poly (Plantronics) Headsets

Why should you sell Poly’s VoIP headsets? The list can go on and on but I will touch on the five key advantages:

  • Free Support to our certified Poly partners and/or directly to your end customers
  • Self-service tools for 1st line support
  • Online compatibility guide & tool
  • 60% discount code for demos
  • Best in class warranty

Download our webinar slides here to learn more details! Our webinar recording will be available shortly. Stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Poly (Plantronics) Headset Questions

Q1: Where can I find the Poly headset compatibility guides?

A: Visit Poly’s webinar to use the online tool: https://www.plantronics.com/us/en/support/compatibility-guide

You can also download Plantronics Hub, a tool that allows you to check for updates, battery, volume, etc. online when connecting your headset to an IP Phone. Plantronics Hub is available here: https://www.plantronics.com/us/en/support/downloads-apps/hub-desktop

Q2: Do Poly headsets have an EHS adapter for different manufacturers?

A: Yes, Poly has an EHS for almost any manufacturer on the market. We also have the compatibility chart available. 

Q3: Is there a headset that allows a user to listen to music from their mobile device, and answer calls from their mobile or deskphone (VVX310)?

A: Yes, Poly’s Savi series allows you to answer calls from three different ways, mobile, deskphone, and desktop PC. With Savi Series VoIP headsets, you can also automatically answer the call and get back to your music after you are done with the call. Check Savi 8200, 700, and 400 series.

Q: Do Poly headsets support Bluetooth hearing aids? Does Poly sell DAC amplifiers?

A: Yes, Poly headsets support hearing aids. No, we don’t sell DAC amplifiers, we only sell standard headset amplifiers. 

Q: Does your headset support NENA-911

A: No currently Poly doesn’t support NENA-911.

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