VoIP Headsets are probably the last thing that comes to mind when talking about VoIP; however, the headset you are wearing now actually plays a more important role.

Choosing the right VoIP headset for your softphone will help you improve the phone call quality and further optimize your overall communication experience. Looking at all kinds of headsets on the market and don’t know where to start? Check out these 10 best, dedicated VoIP headsets designed specifically for softphone applications!


Corded VoIP headsets for Softphones

  1. VXI TalkPro headsets are ideal for contact center, office, and Unified Communications environments, the VXi TalkPro headsets are equipped with the new microphone to provide even better speech recognition accuracy.
  • Improved noise-canceling microphone
  • lightweight and even more comfortable
  • Compatible with Windows® and Macintosh®


  1. Jabra UC Voice 550 MS Mono is optimized for seamless integration with Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Office Communicator. It is made for light-to-medium use by desk-centric professionals who work both inside and outside the office!
  • Crystal clear wideband sound
  • Comfortable leatherette ear cushions
  • Flexible boom arm tip for easy microphone adjustment


  1. ClearOne CHAT 10D is designed for Unified Communications (UC) applications. The plug-and-play installation makes it easy to setup and get started right out of the box. The in-line call controller features call control (answer/hang-up), volume up/down, and mute with LED indicators.
  • Acoustic Shock Protection (ASP) prevents volume spikes or high-pitched tones
  • Durable, high-quality designs with modern styling
  • Audio compatibility with in-line volume control for Avaya, Cisco, IBM, Skype and more


  1. Plantronics Blackwire C435 has a low profile design that’s ideal for video conferencing, PC and other multimedia applications. The ultra-discreet design and superior audio quality ensure workplace productivity and effective communications.
  • Durable, portable design easily tucks into travel case, ideal for professionals on-the-go
  • A dynamic EQ feature optimizes your voice quality
  • Enhanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) provides more natural sounding voice


  1. Jabra UC Voice 550 Mono is designed for light-to-medium use by desk-centric professionals who occasionally work remotely and need to take the headset with them.
  • Crystal clear wideband sound
  • Adjustable speaker chambers for optimal coupling to the ear
  • Flexible boom arm tip for easy microphone adjustment


Wireless VoIP Headsets for Softphones

  1. Plantronics Voyager Legend UC B235 is an advanced Bluetooth headset that ships with a USB Bluetooth dongle for use with laptops and desktop computers. It allows it to automatically answer a call when you place it on your ear and transfer between your mobile phone and VoIP headset.
  • Portable USB Bluetooth mini-adapter can stay in your laptop port for always-ready connectivity
  • Precision tuned triple-mic with enhanced DSP for superior noise cancellation
  • Integrated A2DP lets you listen to streaming media from your mobile phone or tablet


  1. Jabra PRO 9470 comes with a stylish touch screen base that offers a wireless range of up to 150m. The simple SmartSetup wizard helps you connect your VoIP phones and choose preferences to get started with the PRO 9470 within a few minutes.
  • Touch screen base with SmartSetup wizard
  • Full hearing protection with Jabra SafeTone
  • Future-proof investment with free software upgrades via Jabra PC Suite


  1. Sennheiser D10 USB offers a full workday of talk time up to 12 hours and a noise-canceling microphone for all users in loud work environments. The D10 USB headset offers fast charging allowing users to regain 50% of power within only 20 minutes.
  • 3-way Conferencing on 1 Base Station
  • Hearing Protection Technology to protect users
  • Standby Time up to 100 hours


  1. Plantronics Savi W730 is one of the lightest DECT headsets on the market. Optimized for Unified Communications, the Savi 730 updates your status to “busy” so colleagues can see your availability. This intelligent system combines best-in-class sound quality, hands-free mobility and hours of talk time for ultimate efficiency.
  • One intelligent headset to manage your PC, mobile and desk phone calls
  • Transfer audio from headset to mobile phone with a press of a button to take mobile calls on-the-road
  • Energy efficient adaptive power system optimizes for range and talk time


  1. Plantronics Savi W720 is one of the most popular VoIP headsets for softphones. With the three-way connectivity, you are able to easily manage and switch between PC, desk phone, and mobile calls from one single wireless headset!
  • One intelligent headset to manage your PC, mobile and desk phone calls
  • Automatically routes calls to the mobile phone or headset
  • Transfer audio from headset to mobile – take mobile calls on-the-road

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) continues to change and evolve to keep up with the fast-changing technology world. To help you stay on top of VoIP, we’d like to update you with the latest VoIP hardware on a monthly basis.

This December, we have some new, exciting IP phones, gateways, and headsets from Sangoma, Digium, Snom, and more well-known brands. Let me walk you through them quickly!

Sangoma s205 IP Phone

The s205 is an entry-level, 1-line SIP Phone designed with all the fundamental capabilities you’ll need for daily operations. The Hot-Desking function allows you to access all your settings simply by logging into any phone with your extension and password. A perfect solution for users without a permanent work desk such as call-center agents and roaming workers!

Popular Features:

  • 1 SIP Account
  • HD & PoE
  • 5 Way Conference
  • EndPoint Manager
  • Hot-Desking
  • Built-in VPN

Click to Download the s205 Datasheet

Snom D785 IP Phone

The D785 is a 12-line SIP Phone featuring a 4.3-inch large color LCD display and outstanding 24 self-labeling keys that allow you to customize your phone. For even more flexibility, you can pair the D785 with up to three D7 expansion modules to have 18 more programmable keys per module.

Unique Features:

  • Optional WiFi and DECT Support via USB port
  • Dual Ethernet ports (GigE)
  • Support for up to 12 SIP lines/accounts
  • VPN
  • Remote management: TR-069/TR-111
  • Auto-provisioning and redirection

Digium G080 Analog Gateway

Digium G080 Analog Gateway Series is an 8-port analog gateway available in 3 separate analog loop-start configurations: 9 FXO ports (GA080), 8 FXS ports (GA800), and 4 FXO with 4 FXS ports (GA440).

This Series is ideal for business that demands a robust feature set at an affordable price. It covers the ability to configure calling rules for connecting many combinations of telephony providers and PBXs, failover routing to ensure calls won’t fail, codec and fax licensing, and VLAN tagging. Check out more features below!

  • Intelligent call routing
  • Easy-to-navigate GUI
  • Loopstart analog signaling support
  • Remote configuration and software updates
  • Up to 8 concurrent calls
  • T.38 Fax Gateway

Sangoma’s PBXact UC 25 & PBXact 400

Sangoma introduced two new PBXact UC appliances! PBXact offers enhanced functionality as it comes equipped with several commercial modules to help your business prosper.

  • PBXact 25: Up to 25 user extensions & 15 concurrent calls
  • PBXact 400: 400 Extensions & up to 150 simultaneous calls


Jabra Evolve 75 e Headset

The Evolve 75e is the perfect headset for both calls and music whether you are on the road or in a meeting. With active and passive noise cancellation you are in control of how much noise you want to block out. We are accepting preorders for the Evolve 75e!

  • Skype Certified
  • Wireless earbud design
  • Dual Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Active and Passive Noise Cancellation
  • Busylight to alert colleagues when on a call

Plantronics Blackwire 5200 Headset Series

The Blackwire 5200 Series is easy to use with USB/USB-C and 3.5 mm connectivity options that will let you work on a variety of devices. It’s designed for all-day use. Check out more features:

  • Connectivity options
  • Comfort and durability
  • Wearing style choice
  • Simple call management
  • Outstanding audio quality

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Questions about VoIP devices and services are regularly submitted to VoIPSupply.com through a technical support ticket or via the “Ask The Expert” tab on our product pages.

We respond to these requests directly but more often than not, this Q & A would be helpful for lots of other folks.

Below are your VoIP questions answered – Real questions from real people just like you.

Q: I have a Polycom VVX600 phone. Will this headset [Jabra Motion Office] work with that phone? Is there something available that would signal people that I am on the phone when I am talking on the headset – perhaps an optional light or something?

Jabra Motion Headset
Jabra Motion Headset – One headset for all your phones, including the Polycom VVX600

A:   The Jabra Motion Office is a versatile wireless headset that promises to be “the only headset you’ll ever need.”

It’s designed to be the one headset you take with you everywhere to work hands free no matter if you’re making calls from your desk phone, VoIP softphone on your computer or laptop, cell phone, or tablet.

And in the words of the Jabra Motion datasheet, this headset “is designed to work with Bluetooth mobile phones. It can also work with other Bluetooth devices that are compliant with Bluetooth version 1.1 or higher and support a headset and /or hands-free profile.”

Polycom VVX600
Polycom VVX600 Business Media Phone has Bluetooth 2.1

The good looking Polycom VVX600 Business Media Phone has integrated Bluetooth 2.1 so, Yes, the Jabra Motion Office is a great headset for this phone and you’ll get extra use out of it with your other devices which is good if you work from home or on the road.

Jabra Busylight Signal

Lastly, to answer the second part of your question: “Is there something available that would signal people that I am on the phone when I am talking on the headset – perhaps an optional light or something?”

You’re in luck.

The Jabra Motion Office comes with a busylight indicator on the unit that will help you avoid interruptions, especially in a hectic office or one that has a more open working environment.

The Jabra busylight turns red when you’re on a call providing a clear signal that tells people not to bother you.

Stay Tuned

Check back next time for more VoIP Q & A.

Thanks for your questions!