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Cordless VoIP Phones

Cordless IP Phones

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Cordless IP Phones

Grandstream GXP Line of IP Phones

Cordless VoIP Phones

Increase your productivity by increasing your mobility around the office. Go Wireless!

DECT, WiFi, and Bluetooth wireless technologies have come a long way in recent years. DECT IP Phones are quickly becoming a standard in retail and hospitality verticals while WiFi is taking a stronghold on the healthcare vertical. Whether the wireless phone is a standalone system or an accessory handset to a corded phone, VoIP Wireless technology is quickly becoming commonplace in the work environment.

Our Cordless IP Phones are fully warranted, supported by our in-house experts, SIP compliant and work in conjunction with most of the popular phone Systems on the market.

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    **Polycom VVX D60 Wireless handset only. Base station sold separately The Polycom VVX D60 Wireless Handset complements the family of the Polycom VVX series of Business Media Phones, providing a cordless solution as an easy add-on device.
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    The Panasonic KX-TGP550 is a desktop SIP phone paired with a wireless DECT handset. The desktop unit can be paired with up to 6 DECT handsets.
  3. snom M65

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    The snom M65 is a VoIP DECT wireless handset that can be paired with the snom M700 DECT base station. Up to 30 additional M65 handsets can be paired with one base giving increased mobility and freedom to users.
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    The Moimstone MWP1100A is a Wi-Fi phone that supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands so it can be used anywhere with Internet phone service. This sleek and stylish design supports IEEE802.11a/b/g/n with field proven stability from major carriers.
  5. VTech DS6151

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    ATT/VTech 80-7009-00 - DS6151 2-LINE, DECT, CID Dect 6.0, dual Caller ID, dual keypad, and answering system
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    The Clarity D703 DECT Cordless Phone is the number one selling of its kind, offering you sound of up to 35 dB, a backlit keypad with large font and a high contrast caller ID screen, as well as the flexibility to move around as you talk. Great sound, amazing display, and cordless mobility all in one.
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    The Spectralink 7742 extends maximum security features for areas where personal safety is reinforced. With automatic alarms such as running, man down and no movement as well as a tear-off string alarm, this handset is recommended for high-risk personnel such as those in a hospital setting. The handsets are dust protected and resistant to splashing water, vibrations and shocks.
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    Base station and Wireless handset with no power supply.
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    The Yealink W56H DECT Handset is the ideal wireless handset for users needing extended battery life while working "on the go" throughout the office. The Yealink W56H DECT Handset is compatible with the Yealink W56P solution.
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    Ubiquiti UniFi UVP-Executive IP Phone

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