Welcome 2020 with Exciting New VoIP Doorphones, VoIP Gateway, IP Camera and More!

January 14, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

Gear up for 2020 with our new VoIP hardware this January! VoIP Supply kicks off this new year with some exciting new innovations from some of our top brands, including Fanvil’s new all-in-one doorphones, Mobotix’s new intelligent camera, Patton’s analog VoIP gateway and so much more! Let’s check them out:

Fanvil’s New All-in-one i33V & I33VF Doorphones

The Fanvil I33V is an all-one-one access control device that doubles as an intercom and broadcasting solution. The doorphone is a wall-mounted unit that features infrared night vision, supports 2 SIP lines and allows for access control via call, code, or RFID/IC card and indoor switch! The I33VF is the same doorphone but designed for flush-mount installations. These doorphones are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Patton SmartNode SN200 Gateway (SN200/2JS2V/EUI)

Patton SmartNode SN200 Analog Telephone Adapter & VoIP Gateway

The SN200 Series are Patton’s latest analog telephone adapter and VoIP gateways. These units support a variety of telephony interfaces, from 1 to 4 simultaneous calls with options for FXS and FXO ports available for survivability or number portability during the ALL-IP migration phase.

The Patton SN200 series are interoperable for voice and T.38 fax with leading SIP service providers, Softswitch vendors, and major IP-PBX manufacturers. The SN200 Series is now currently available! Don’t forget to take advantage of our promotion and take 20% off the SN200!

Mobotix M73 High-End IP Camera

Mobotix introduced their latest innovation, the M73 high-end IP camera! This weatherproof camera is loaded with advanced features such as up to 3 function and optical modules for easy self-assembly, 4K image sensor, and more!

With Mobotix’s all-in-one M73 camera, you don’t have to sacrifice design for superb video quality. We are accepting pre-orders now. Pre-order today to be the first to try out!

What new VoIP hardware do you expect to see this new year? Hop on over to our website to see more new hardware!

Troubleshooting: How to Pair a BlueParrott B250-XT VoIP Headset

January 9, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

Our tech support team at VoIP Supply offers great pre- and post-sales support plus provisioning, consultations, configuration, and installation help. We get a lot of VoIP hardware and software questions and would like to share the solutions with everyone. 

In previous Mom’s calling Q&A series, we have discussed: What is IP Faxing? Today, we have more new real questions and answers from VoIP users just like you.  

My BlueParrott Headset Won’t Pair, What Can I Do?

Q: My BlueParrott B250-XT headsets are not connecting to phones. What should I do?

A: You can try different power supplies to make sure the issue is not from a bad charging cord. And then try the following steps to pair your BlueParrott headset with your phone:

  • Turn your headset on and try pair it with your phone by holding the pairing button on the headset
  • Once you hear “discovering”, enter the default password “0000”
  • If the headset still won’t connect to your phone, contact technical support.

See the user guide for more information.


Come back for more VoIP questions and answers next time! If you have VoIP questions to ask us, please submit a technical support ticket or contact our VoIP experts today at (866) 582-8591

Snom D735 Review: Mid-range IP phone with a 3-Year Warranty

January 8, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

Have you checked out Snom’s D735 IP phone? Since our team received a lot of inquiries on this device, we decided to make a video and give you a quick view of the Snom D735! Let’s see what’s cool about this IP phone:

Mid-range IP phone with everything you need

The D735 is a mid-range IP phone which comes with everything  you need for daily operations. It is equipped with a beautiful 2.8’’ color display and 8 programmable keys to give you the flexibility you need. It also supports PoE and WiFi features (with a usb dongle). 

Snom D735 Review with Marc

In the video above, you will be able to take a closer look at each part of the D735. Marc will highlight some key features that come with this IP phone and the cool password setting feature that he really likes! Don’t miss out!

Oh, did I mention that the D735 also comes with an outstanding 3-year warranty, just like all other Snom IP phones? How do you like the Snom D735? Leave us a comment below!

VoIP Supply is a distributor of Snom. Call one of our VoIP experts today at 1-800-398-8647 to learn more about Snom products!

Top 6 VoIP Training Webinars in 2019

January 7, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

2019 was a busy year at VoIP Supply! We have hosted over 40+ training webinars and events in this past year. In case you missed something interesting, we are putting together a list of our most popular training webinars for you in this post. Let’s check them out:

#1 Save Time and Money with FDMS!

Click here to download the Fanvil presentation slides

FDMS provides remote device management service via TR069. It allows you to manage devices through LAN or WAN and can support configuration, deployment and firmware upgrade capabilities. Watch our webinar recording to learn about this Free management system for all Fanvil service providers and resellers! 

Read the FDMS webinar recap here

#2 Algo Informational IP Paging Webinar

Click here to download the Algo presentation slides

In this webinar, Scott and Brian gave an overview of the Algo portfolio and new product updates. The whole presentation was filled with a lot of great information. You will be able to see how and where Algo’s solutions can be used in real cases!

Read the Algo webinar recap here

# 3 Snom D-Series Webinar

Join VoIP Supply’s Tom Uhteg as he teams up with Sarah Boucher and Ian Mitchell from Snom to cover the full desktop line of Snom IP phones!

This webinar will be a deep-dive into the Snom D-series.  They’ll cover the features and functionality of these phones, as well as, the benefits of reselling Snom for your business!

#4 Grandstream GDMS Guide: An Overview with Live Demo

Click here to download the GDMS presentation slides

Have you heard about Grandstream’s GDMS? GDMS is a free cloud based solution that provides easy-to-use tools to manage your Grandstream devices. During our webinar with Grandstream, Abdel presented some key features of the GDMS and demonstrated how you can take advantage of this new platform. Watch our recording to recap! If you are a partner of VoIP Supply, log in to the partner portal to learn more about GDMS here.

Read the GDMS webinar recap here

#5 [LIVE DEMO] Spin Up a FreePBX Instance in the Cloud with SYSTM

This was a live demo that shows you how to spin up a FreePBX instance within SYSTM. VoIP Supply’s engineer Joe Pencille and Mike O’ Donnel from SYSTM teamed up to demonstrate how easy and fast it is to accomplish this with easy-to-use VoIP infrastructure. 

Read the Telinta webinar recap here

#6 How to Leverage Our Partners and Resources to Grow Your Business – VoIP Supply Manufacturer Program Webinar

Click here to download VoIP Supply’s presentation slide

Join VoIP Supply’s Channel Manager, Don Stefanie as he talks about our manufacturer programs. Each of our manufacturer reseller program has its unique benefits you can take advantage of including special discounts, technical support, and more. Choose the manufacturer program(s) you’re interested in below to learn more!

Did you learn something useful or interesting from our past webinars? In 2020, we have more webinars and events coming soon. Go to our upcoming event page to register early!

How to Add RFID Cards to a Fanvil Door Phone

January 3, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

Fanvil’s door phones add an extra layer of security to your facility. Their all-in-one door phones come with a unique feature set and flexible options. Today we are going to show you quickly how to add RFID cards to a Fanvil door phone under 10 minutes! Let’s get started:

How to Add RFID Cards to a Fanvil Door Phone

  1. Go to EGS Settings> Under “Card Reader Working Mode”, select “Card Issuing” and click Apply. 
  2. Scan your RFID card to the card reader on the door phone
  3. Go to EGS Access > You should see your card ID appear in the ID field. Here you can create access rules for the user of the card. Click Add when you are done. 
  4. Once you have added all the RFID cards, go back to the EGS Setting tab. Under Card Reading Working Mode > Change from Card Issuing to Normal and click Apply.

You are all set! Have you used Fnavil’s RFID card feature on one of their door phones? How does this feature help your business? Share with us!

Learn more about Fanvil’s door phones here!

VoIP Supply Is Exhibiting at ITEXPO 2020 in Florida

VoIP Supply to showcase their Reseller Partner Program,Fulfillment Services and many of the top VoIP Brands such as Polycom, Sangoma, Digium, Fanvil, Algo, Plantronics, Cyberdata, February 12 -14th, 2020 at Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA.

Buffalo, NY – January 3rd– VoIP Supply, everything you need for VoIP, announced today that it will be showcasing its Reseller Partner Program and Fulfillment Services at ITEXPO 2020, held February 12- 14th, at Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

About VoIP Supply’s Reseller Partner Program

VoIP Supply’s reseller partner program is designed to assist all of their partners who want to offer the perfect telecommunication solutions to their clients. They are committed to using their position in the Marketplace to help their customers and partners grow exponentially. As a partner with VoIP Supply, you will gain:

  • Industry aggressive commissions
  • VoIP Provisioning
  • Multiple solutions and proposals through their partners
  • Dedicated support from VoIP Supply and their partners
  • Comprehensive resources including marketing emails, infographics, blog posts, sales training, sales templates
  • Much more!

About VoIP Fulfillment by VoIP Supply

VoIP Fulfillment by VoIP Supply provides provisioning and fulfillment to VoIP Service Providers since the industry’s beginning. By taking advantage of the services and expertise VoIP Supply has in-house, customers are able to focus on their core business rather than getting pallets and boxes shipped in and out of their offices. Their services have continued to evolve and improve over time, leveraging current technologies and passing along the access and efficiency to their customers.

Registration for ITEXPO 2020  is now open. Get your free pass today!

5 Cool VoIP Features You Can’t Miss Out On

January 2, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

There are many cool VoIP features from our popular brands that will make your work life so much easier. In case you missed them, we put these cool features together in this post to share with you. Be sure to check them out!  

#1 Fanvil X210 Hotspot and 106 DSS Keys

Fanvil’s X210 can act as a master phone and ring on multiple devices whenever there’s an incoming call. This setup reduces the chance to miss important calls and lets you choose where to talk based on the nature of the call!

Fanvil’s X210 also allows you to set up to 106 DSS keys with the three page-switch buttons! The main display of the X210 comes with 10 DSS keys. The 2 integrated side color displays with three page-buttons give you additional 96 DSS keys for BLD, speed dial functions etc. See more highlights:

  • High resolution 4.3” color display
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Compatible with major platforms: 3CX, Asterisk, Broadsoft, Elastix, Zycoo, etc.

#2 Poly Studio Auto Framing

Poly Studio automatically frames the whole group and zooms in on the person speaking during a video conference! See more highlights:

  • Simple to deploy and manage
  • Polycom Acoustic Clarity
  • 5x zoom / EPTZ
  • Speaker tracking technology
  • Smart Group Framing

#3 Grandstream DP730 Push-to-Talk Button

Did you know? You can initiate 2-way calling simply with the push of one button! Turn your Grandstream DP730 into a walkie-talkie and start communicating with zero waiting time.

Did you know? You can play music or answer your phone simply by putting on the Voyager 8200 headset, and pause your media player or mute a call by taking it off!  

#4 Algo 8180 G2 Reads Your IP Address 

What is your IP address? Let Algo’s 8180 (G2) Audio Alerter read it aloud for you! Did you know? With just one push of a button, Algo’s 8180 will read your IP address aloud! No more hassle finding your IP address.

#5 AudioCodes C450HD

Toggle between Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business with one single click on the AudioCodes C450HD! No more hassle switching back and forth between these two platforms.

What do you think about these cool features? What are your favorite VoIP features you can’t live without? Share with us!

What Is IP Faxing?

December 27, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

Are you still using a traditional faxing service? It’s time for a change! IP faxing not only can lower your costs, but it also increases your work efficiency. If you haven’t heard about IP faxing, don’t start missing out, read this post to learn from the basics!

What is IP Faxing?

IP faxing, also called Fax over IP (FoIP), is a technology of sending fax documents over an IP network. Traditionally, we send and receive fax documents over the PSTN (Publicly Switched Telephone Network);  now with FoIP, we bypass the PSTN completely.

How Does IP Faxing Work?

With IP faxing, your fax document is first packetized, then encapsulated in a transport protocol and sent from “Point A” to “Point B”. Point A and Point B are typically fax machines that interface with a Fax over IP gateway or some sort of IP adapter.

These devices allow fax machines to interface with an IP network as well as conduct the digitizing and encapsulating of the fax document. 

Why IP Faxing?

IP Faxing comes with many unique benefits. Since you are using your existing network for the faxing service, fax over IP is very cost-effective compared to traditional faxing (fax over PSTN). Bringing your fax documents into IP realm will also allow you to easily archive, sort and email your important documents. See more benefits:

  • Unified network connectivity – leveraging your existing LAN and WAN networks. 
  • Advanced management capabilities
  • Lower cost (usually per minute rate)
  • Remote usage 

Since efaxing is such an important part of any business, more VoIP service providers are now including faxing service in their solutions. One such solution being Sangoma’s FAXStation, an error-free fax service designed to address the T.38 fax limitations, providing you with reliable and secure IP faxing solutions on the market. BabyTEL also provides a reliable and secure T.38 faxing solution that won’t break your bank! 

If you’d like to learn more about IP faxing, visit our webpage here to get more information!

Konftel Video Conferencing Bundle Solution: Everything You Need in One Box

December 26, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

Are you tired of shopping in multiple places for your video conferencing equipment? Konftel wants to make it easy for you! Now you can get everything you need for video conferencing in one of Konftel’s bundles. Konftel offers flexible options to fit your business needs. Each bundle contains a Konftel conference phone, camera, and the Konftel OCC Hub. 

Konftel has video conferencing solutions for small, medium, and large meeting spaces. The Konftel Video Conferencing units deliver crystal clear audio, are easy to install and setup with just a simple USB cord, and contain a two-year warranty. All units are even compatible with many third-party manufacturers such as Skype for Business, Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, and many more. Check them out here!

Why buy Konftel Video Conferencing Solutions?

  • OCC Hub allows for video conferencing whenever wherever with a USB port
  • OmniSound® audio technology
  • Easy installation and management
  • 2-year guarantee on all products

The Algo 8180 (G2): A High-Efficiency SIP Loudspeaker

December 23, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

Algo is known for its high efficiency VoIP paging solutions. If you are looking for a flexible loudspeaker that simply works, you can’t miss out on the Algo 8180 (G2) audio alerter! This perfect paging solution is designed for noisy environments such as warehouses, workshops, restaurant, and machine shops. Let’s check out some of the cool features:

Algo 8180 (G2) SIP Audio Alerter Key Features

The Algo 8180 (G2) is the next generation of the original Algo 8180. It comes with enhanced features such as enhanced multicast options, a relay input for using a button, and dedicated emergency alert extensions. This alerter is SIP compliant network audio device. When registered with a SIP server, one endpoint will play an audio file from internal memory upon ring detection. See more features:

  • Made in Canada
  • Dual-purpose loud ringing and/or talkback voice paging
  • Significantly louder (eight to twenty times) than typical telephones
  • SoundSure™ ambient noise compensation adjusts output for noise level
  • Selectable/customizable alert tones or announcements
  • PoE eliminates local power supply
  • Multicasting capability for wide area notification
  • Voice Paging with talkback capability
  • High efficiency and high output wideband speaker
  • Pre-loaded with several ringtones including bell, chime, gong, buzzer, etc
  • Supports custom uploaded WAV files or recorded messages
  • Multicast receive or broadcast capability

Watch our unboxing video to learn more:

Algo 8180 G2 Compatible Products

Need a more powerful alerting system? Add a horn speaker and/or a strobe light to make your facility even more secure! Algo 8180 G2 is compatible with a few Algo visual alerter and horn speakers. See a full list here:

Visit our webpage or simply give one of our VoIP experts a call today at 1-800-398-8647 to learn more about Algo’s 8180 G2!