October Hardware Roundup – Algo Device Management Platform, Fanvil’s CS30 Speakerphone, and more!

October 18, 2022 by Mary Cheney
October Hardware Roundup – Fanvil’s CS30 Speakerphone, Algo Device Management Platform, and more!

This October has brought some exciting product announcements by our great partners at Fanvil and Algo. Check out some of the highlights below!

Algo’s Device Management Platform

Algo recognized the demand for their partners to be able to easily manage their Algo endpoints all in one place. They recently launched the Algo Device Management Platform which allows you not only to manage, but you can also monitor and configure all of your registered Algo IP endpoints from the platform. 

Some of the Main Key Features:

  • Easily push to update configuration settings, troubleshoot devices, and upgrade firmware.
  • Devices can be easily grouped via the tagging functionality to be overseen by district, department, and/or functionality.
  • Effectively oversee all Algo IP endpoints deployed in a large environment or over multiple locations and networks
  • Learn more benefits here

Fanvil CS30 Speakerphone

Have you checked out Fanvil’s newest product, the Fanvil CS30 Speakerphone?

Fanvil recently launched a brand new speakerphone to their growing portfolio of products. This compact speakerphone is ideal for small offices, huddle rooms, and home offices. It comes with a carrying case for those individuals who are constantly on the go but need a portable conference solution.

Check out our unboxing video to see what’s in the box and learn about some of the additional key features! 

Poly Edge E Series – Zoom Certified

Lastly, we wanted to highlight that Poly announced their Edge E series phones are now certified with Zoom.

For so many of us jumping from one platform to another in our everyday work lives, having the devices we are working on certified across multiple platforms helps to keep us working efficiently without having to fiddle around with settings! 

For a full list of Poly integrability and compatibility, check out their useful chart

[Q & A] Do I Have to Pay for CyberData Design Services?

October 12, 2022 by Mary Cheney
CyberData Design Services

Q: We are looking to deploy a CyberData IP Paging Solution, we need assistance with the design of the solution, do we have to pay for these services?

A: No, CyberData offers free design services. Their Design Services Team can review floor plans and make the best recommendation for your environment! 

Through VoIP Supply’s partnership with the team at CyberData, you can be sure you will have the team you need behind your upcoming project.

Take advantage of CyberData’s FREE design services for your next IP Paging solution project.

How to Blind Transfer a Call on Fanvil’s V67 Android Phone

October 7, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

Did you know that you can blind transfer a caller to a ring group or another person on Fanvil’s V67 Android Phone without hassle? 

A blind transfer makes it easy to transfer calls to a different agent without speaking to that new agent first. This will cut down the wait time and let the new agent decide whether to accept or reject the transfer. 

Here’s how to accomplish a blind transfer:

  1. Blind transfer During the call, the user presses the function menu button [Transfer] 
  2. Enter the number to transfer or press the contact button or the history button to select the number
  3. Press the transfer key again to a third party. 
  4. After the third party rings, the phone will show that the transfer is successful 
  5. Once the transfer is complete, the call on your end will drop. 

That’s it! How does this feature work out for you and your team? We want to know!

Visit our product page to learn more about Fanvil’s V67 Android phone. 

Algo Released Firmware Version 5.2

October 5, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

NEW! Algo firmware version 5.2 is now available on all Algo devices except the 8036 & 8039. Featured devices include:

What’s new in Version 5.2?

  • Compatibility with optional Cloud
  • Based Device Monitoring ADMP
  • Algo Device Management Platform
  • Zero Touch Provisioning
  • Update Linux system (includes all latest security patches)
  • Add API command to extract relay input status
  • Add remote volume subscriber/notifier feature with the Algo 1204
  • Add configurable SNMP community string
  • Add option to set multiple schedules in one day (only available on the Algo 8301)
  • Add DTMF selectable emergency alerts
  • Add individual volume selection per group in receiver mode for Polycom Group Page
  • Add configurable option for Check sync reboot behavior
  • Add option to reboot/sync by weekday
  • Automatically convert the scheduler file to the new database format during an upgrade (only available on the Algo 8301)
  • Fix provisioning upgrade issues
  • Fix web interface password issue
  • Improved logging for troubleshooting TLS handshake
  • Minor bug fixes

How do I update to the latest version of the Algo firmware? 

Firmware 5.2 is available on the Algo website for immediate download! Products will begin shipping with FW 5.2 in October 2022.

Click here to Algo’s website to learn more details!

Algo has Launched their NEW Device Management Platform (ADMP)

October 4, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

Great News! Algo has launched the Algo Device Management Platform, a cloud-based device management solution.

What is the ADMP?

The Algo Device Management Platform (ADMP) is a cloud-based device management solution to manage, monitor, and configure all registered Algo IP endpoints from any location.

Devices are continuously monitored for connectivity, and an email-based notification is issued when a device goes offline. This allows for real-time supervision of device status.

Key Benefits:

  • Easily push to update configuration settings, troubleshoot devices, and upgrade firmware.
  • Devices can be easily grouped via the tagging functionality to be overseen by district, department, and/or functionality.
  • Effectively oversee all Algo IP endpoints deployed in a large environment or over multiple locations and networks
  • Learn more benefits here

Easily Monitor and Management Algo End Points

The ADMP is a helpful tool for both service providers and end-users to effectively oversee all Algo devices deployed in their environments over multiple locations or networks. The ADMP is available in two license types, Basic and Pro. 

The ADMP simplifies the process of overseeing Algo IP endpoints, particularly for businesses that need to manage devices spanned over a large facility, compass, or hospital, and/or service providers who need to manage devices for multiple end users in various locations. Visit Algo’s website to learn more about ADMP!

Are you ready to give it a try? Click here to sign up for a FREE trial today!

Watch Now: Unboxing Grandstream GWN7062

It’s time to unbox Grandstream’s GWN7062! Designed for small offices and/or remote workers, the GWN7062 is the world’s leading Wi-Fi 6 Dual-Band Router that comes with powerful features such as:

  • Blazing-fast Wi-Fi speeds up to 1.8 Gbps
  • 4-times increased data capacity to 64 devices
  • Smooth 4K Ultra HD streaming, web meetings, video conferences, and more!

Watch this short video as we unbox the GWN7062 and learn about its features and functionality!

VoIP Supply Announces New Partnership with SkyAMP

October 3, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

VoIP Supply is excited to announce that we are a new distribution partner for SkyAMP! Let us introduce you to SkyAMP and the products they offer to improve your communication needs:

Who is SkyAMP?

Established on August 10th, 2020, SkyAMP strives to provide resilient online connectivity that would continue to operate without failure, even under adverse conditions such as severe weather and local power availability. 

SkyAMP created the ultimate wireless contingency that ensures businesses and essential government agencies will have a stable and reliable connection when they need it most. 

What is SkyAMP?

SkyAMP devices are constructed from a mix of metallic materials and assembled under our patented process so that they function similarly to solid-state electronics, harnessing the power of physics and inherent qualities of the materials to make for an effective signal booster. 

SkyAMP is a new, game-changing, and patented technology. Forget about annoying cables, wires, SIM cards, configuration, or even pairing or setup requirements – simply set it and get it!

  • Unpowered Wireless Signal Booster
  • Models available in DECT, 2.4 GHz WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G Cellular
  • No cables, wires, SIM cards, configuration pairing or setup required
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Carrier agnostic

VoIP Supply carries all SkyAMP products and is looking forward to providing the best wireless contingency products to our customers. Visit our web pages to learn more about SkyAMP!

Poly Edge E Phones are Now Certified for Zoom!

September 30, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

Exciting announcement – Poly’s Edge E Series Phones are now certified with Zoom, offering customers a smoother user experience! The Edge E Series is also recently certified with Metaswitch. With these new partnerships, Poly’s Edge E Series is now able to offer a new, efficient way of hybrid working.

About Poly Edge E Series

The Edge E Series is Poly’s most versatile phone to date. Built for hot-desking or home offices, these devices offer customers a wide range of features for an easy hybrid working experience. 

Popular features include:

  • Easy hot desk technology
  • Rich acoustics including Poly NoiseblockAI and Poly Acoustic Fence technologies
  • Seamless integration with headsets and mobile phones 
  • Integrated Bluetooth 5.0 gives users freedom to move about the office

Check out Poly’s interoperability and compatibility page for more information.

Click here to visit our product pages to learn more about how Poly’s Edge E Series optimizes your hybrid working environment. 

Fall in Love with These 6 Cool VoIP Features

VoIP is full of potential and we want to help you discover some of the coolest features that you may not know about! Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Fanvil V67 Cool Lighting

Did you know that the Fanvil V67 comes with cool lighting? The flow lighting not only pleases your eyes but also improves your work efficiency as a status indicator!

  1. Algo 8186 can be paired with Algo 8128

The Algo 8186 Speaker can be paired with the Algo 8128 Strobe Lights to provide a visual indicator for voice pages and emergency events!

  1. Fanvil CS30 360-Degree Omnidirectional Voice Pickup

Fanvil’s CS30 features 360-degree omnidirectional voice pickup and noise reduction. It effectively solves the problem of unclear voice in remote calls and noisy conference environments, enabling users to enjoy a clear, stable and smooth remote meeting experience. 

  1. Poly Edge E Series Headset Support

Did you know that Poly’s Edge E Series supports RJ-9, USB EHS, and Bluetooth headsets?

Poly’s PVOS 8.0.0 supports Bluetooth 5.0, including Bluetooth Low Energy, for all Poly Edge E Series devices that have built-in Bluetooth. Connecting your phone to wireless networks is now easier than ever! 

  1. CyberData VoIP Endpoints Provision

CyberData can now be provisioned manually and via 3CX template for all devices. Newer CyberData devices are now featured ‘on-box’ with 3CX, making setup a breeze!

  1. Advanced Network Devices ISO Certification 

Advanced Network Devices’ products are all ISO certified and are ETL compliant with the national safety standards of North America. These paging solutions are Ideal for healthcare facilities and more!

That’s not all! Visit our website to keep exploring more unique VoIP features!

5 Key VoIP Reseller Updates You Must Know This Fall

September 27, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

If you missed our VoIP Reseller webinar this month, you can’t miss out on this webinar recap post! We put together the top 5 key updates for your convenience. Let’s check them out:

Click here to download the presentation slides

  1. Poly released the NEW Poly Edge E Series

If you haven’t checked out Poly’s Edge E Series, you are really missing out! The Edge E Series include several models listed below:

Poly Edge E Series is designed with faster processors, modern Poly desk phone user interface, microban protection, access to help videos via QR Code, and more rich user experience including:

  • Configurable UI to suit individual user needs
  • Assistive technology for user’s with disabilities
  • Personalized line key assignment from the phone UI
  • Simple to use diagnostics for basic end user troubleshooting
  • Improved directory management and search

Click here to learn more about Poly Edge E Series!

  1. Grandstream’s NEW GWN Family Members

Grandstream is excited to announce the new release of the GWN 7062 and 7052 routers! 

The GWN Series WiFi solutions are popular for several reasons:

  • 3 Free management options
  • Easy installation – just scan a barcode with the GWN.Cloud app
  • Portfolio of APs and Routers – Full portfolio of indoor, outdoor and long-range WiFi APs as well as routers
  • Real-time monitoring, alerts and reports – Available on all APs, Routers, and management options

See how Grandstream’s solutions all work together to offer you a seamless communication experience:

  1. Fanvil’s Roadshows

Have you registered for our Fanvil roadshows? If you haven’t, don’t wait any longer! Seize your chance to learn about Fanvil’s newest technologies that will help you and your business grow and succeed. Seats are limited, so register now!

  1. Fanvil’s NEW Promotions!

Don’t forget to also check out Fanvil’s two NEW promotions:

  • Get 1 FREE CS30 when you purchase 10 units of the V64/V65 phones or 5 units of the V67 phones
  • Get i5 Series 5% off SRP when you buy 5 or more units of the i6 series
  1. Sangoma’s Instant Rebate

Now is the best time to purchase Sangoma’s P310 and P315 IP Phones! From now to end of this year, enjoy instant rebates on:

  • P310 – $5
  • P315 – $10

Come back in October to learn more about VoIP Reseller updates!

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