How to Configure Fanvil’s X2P Phones Manually

September 8, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

Fanvil’s X2P IP Phone is one of the most popular IP phones for call center environments. The X2P comes with an innovative design, high performance, and product efficiency.

Before your X2P can provide telephony service, at least one line must be configured on it.  The line configuration stores the service provider and the account information used for registration and authentication. When your X2P is configured, it will be able to register the device to your service provider with the right address and authentication. Let’s take a quick look at how this can be done!

How to Manually Configure a Line on Fanvil X2P IP Phone

To configure a line on your Fanvil X2P IP Phone, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the line configuration screen through the soft-menu button: Menu > Settings > Advanced Settings 
  2. Enter the correct PIN code to enter advanced settings to edit line configuration. (The default PIN is 123) 
  3. Enter Accounts > SIP1 / SIP2 > Basic Settings
  4. See parameters and screens below, see all of them in the user manual here.

There you have it! Are you ready to learn more about the X2P? Visit our product page or call one of our VoIP experts today at 1-800-398-8647 to learn more!

How Many Simultaneous Calls Can a SIP Trunk Handle?

September 4, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

Our tech support team at VoIP Supply offers great pre- and post-sales support plus provisioning, consultations, configuration, and installation help. We get a lot of VoIP hardware and software questions and would like to share the solutions with everyone. 

Q: How many simultaneous calls can a SIP Trunk handle?

A: You need one SIP Trunk channel for each simultaneous call. If your business typically requires five active calls at any given time, then five SIP Trunk channels are required.

VoIP Supply works with many popular VoIP service providers. We will work with you to determine how many simultaneous calls your business needs and make sure they are available to you. Call one of our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 for a free consultation today!


Come back for more VoIP questions and answers next time! If you have VoIP questions to ask us, please submit a technical support ticket or contact our VoIP experts today at (866) 582-8591 

What Are the Replacement Options for The Cisco SPA112 VoIP Adapter?

September 3, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

As Cisco’s SPA112 2-Port Phone Adapter goes End of Life (EoL), many customers are asking for a replacement option. If you are also looking for a solution, here are a few options for you!

What replacement options are available for the Cisco SPA112 VoIP adapter?

1. Grandstream HT802 VoIP Adapter:

The HT802 is a Dual FXS Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) designed for any residential or business setting that wants to turn their analog phone into a VoIP system. Our customers love how compact it is and the support of T.38 Fax over IP. See more features:

  • Two SIP profiles
  • Three way conferencing
  • Unique security certificate per device 
  • Auto provisioning options
2. Poly Obihai OBi302 VoIP Adapter: 

The Obi302 is a 2-port Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) that allows you to use your existing analog phones or fax machines to make calls using the internet. The OBi302 includes a built-in 2-port router with QoS and comes with the ability to work wirelessly using OBiWiFi or OBiBT.

  •  2 Port FXS for one analog device
  •  Support for 4 SIP accounts
  •  Will support faxing using T.38
  •  Includes 2 RJ45 ports with integrated QoS 
3. Fanvil G200S VoIP Adapter: 

The G200S is a VoIP gateway and adapter that supports two SIP accounts and T.38 Fax over IP service. It is an affordable and convenient choice for connecting your existing analog devices to an IP phone system.

4. Patton SN102 SmartNode Analog Telephone or Fax Adapter

The SN102 is another great ATA alternative to the SPA112 that allows you to make VoIP calls with legacy devices. The SN102 is secure and reliable and it comes with advanced telephony features such as 3-way conferencing, call waiting, Do not disturb (DND) support an more.

  • Call Waiting, Call Transfer
  • Call Forward as Busy forward; Non-Answer forward; unconditional forward
  • Do-not-disturb (DND) support
  • 3-way conferencing

What’s Your Backup Plan for Zoom Meetings?

September 2, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

Some users have been experiencing technical issues with the Zoom system recently. Some reported that they were unable to visit the Zoom website ( and/or unable to start and join Zoom Meetings and Webinars.

What’s your backup plan for Zoom meetings? If you don’t have one set up yet, try these options:

#1 Sangma Meet

If you are looking for a quick and secure video conferencing solution, Sangoma Meet is a no-brainer! The Sangoma Meet offers a capacity of up to 50 participants on any device with easy connectivity. Your video conferencing is private and secure with password protected so that only the people you authorized can join your calls. 

Follow three simple steps to start your Sangoma Meet experience:

1. First, open a WebRTC compatible browser (For example Chrome)

2. Second, go to

3. Third, begin your video conferencing and invite your participants

#2 Lifesize Video Conferencing

Lifesize video conferencing is personal and powerful. It is so simple to set up and get started! Lifesize provides solutions for all sizes of meeting rooms, from small/huddle rooms, medium sized rooms, to large rooms. 

Lifesize provides a free program for users to experience their service. Click here to claim your free account!

#3 Grandstream IPVideoTalk

Grandstream’s IPVideoTalk is a subscription-based video conferencing and web service designed for various locations. You will be able to join through the web with any WebRTC-eabled browsers including Firefox, Chrome, and more. Important features include:

  • Customizable meeting registration pages NEW
  • Enhanced customization of meeting emails NEW
  • Q&A support NEW
  • Dual video-presentation stream (WebRTC browsers) NEW
  • Pause screen sharing NEW
  • Easy two-step installation
  • Screen sharing
  • More features here

#4 3CX WebMeeting

The 3CX WebMeeting is another popular choice for virtual meetings. You can set up a web meeting within minutes with 3CX WebMeeting and take advantage of their collaborative features such as file sharing, online whiteboard, and more.

  • Easy to use
  • Leverages WebRTC technology enabling clientless video calls
  • Document Sharing
  • Advanced online classroom features
  • Text Chat & File Transfer
  • Screen Sharing & Remote Control

#5 Google Meet

If your team is already using Google products, Google Meet is one of the easiest video conferencing solutions available. Hosting real-time meetings is easy within the browser you are familiar with and you will be able to share your video, desktop and presentation slides with your team easily!

Visit our website to learn more video conferencing options! Or simply give our VoIP experts a call and we will be happy to find you your ideal backup plan!

Top 5 Chromebook Compatible Headsets and Web Cameras for Distance Learning

September 1, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

Chromebook has become a simple and secure solution for many teachers and students as they transition to the distance learning environments. If you are also using Chromebook, here are the top 5 add-on headsets and web cameras that will optimize your distance learning experience!

Shop Chromebook Compatible Devices

VoIP Headset

  1. Poly Blackwire 3210

The Poly Blackwire 3210 is one of the most popular headsets at VoIP Supply! This corded, one-ear versatile headset comes with USB-A connectivity, noise cancelling microphone, Hi-Hi Stereo Sound, and more. The Blackwire 3210 headset is currently in stock. Order yours here now!

  • USB-A connection
  • Monaural headset
  • Step smartly into unified communications
  • Wearing style choice
  • Lightweight design
  • Simple call management
  • Outstanding audio quality

2. Jabra Evolve 2 65

The Evolve 2 Series is designed for both work, learning, and listening to music! It offers excellent background noise cancelling with foam oval ear cushions for all-day comfort. Our customers also love the long lasting battery life, up to 37 hours!

  • Mono headset
  • UC, Black
  • Integrated busylight 
  • Soft memory foam cushions 
  • Superior Noise Cancelation
  • Includes Jabra Link 380c USB-C dongle 
  • 37 hours battery life (optional charging stand sold separately)

Web Camera

3. VS1080P Web Cameras

The VS1080P is a full HD 1080P USB web camera with a sleek design. There are two versions available and in stock right now:

The web camera is compatible with major web-based platforms. See more features:

  • Sensor: CMOS
  • Most Effective Pixels: 1920* 1080
  • Date Format: MJPG / YUY2
  • Frame Rate: 30fps Max
  • Lens Construction: 1G3P
  • Focus: Manual Focus
4. Logitech C270 Web Camera

If you are looking for an affordable web camera, the C270 can be your go-to solution. This camera comes with a built-in microphone and 1-click Facebook and YouTube upload, digital zoom, and UVC compliant. It is also optimized for Laptops and Windows.

  • HD 720p
  • Built-In Noise canceling Microphone
  • 1-click Facebook upload
  • 1-click Youtube upload
  • Digital Zoom and Intelligent Face Tracking


5. Jabra SPEAK 510 UC Speakerphone

A portable conference speakerphone is a great addition to your Chrombook. With Jabra SPEAK 510 UC, it’s easy to turn anywhere into a meeting/study room. Bluetooth and USB connectivity support available. See more features:

  • USB and 3.0 Bluetooth connectivity
  • Hifi|Wideband and Digital Signal Processing
  • Mute function
  • Omni Directional/noise filter microphone
  • Up to 15 hours talk time
  • USB Charging
  • Battery Status Indicator

Looking for more Chromebook compatible headsets and web cameras? Visit our website to see them all or call our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 today.

3 Fanvil Product Advantages VoIP Resellers Can’t Miss Out On

August 28, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

During our webinar this month with Fanvil, we talked about their latest product offerings including the X7 Series, the X7A Android Phone, the XU Series, and so much more. In this webinar recap post, I will focus on a few unique Fanvil features. Let’s hear all about them!

Download our Webinar Slides Here to Learn More

  1. Custom Branding (OEM) Option on the XU Series

Brand recognition is important and Fanvil made it easy for you. Our Fanvil resellers are able to market their own logo right on the XU Series Fanvil Phones. With a minimum order quantity of 200 units, you are able to customize the front plate or keep it blank! Contact our VoIP consultants for more details.

2. Fanvil’s Android Phone with Customizable One-Touch Keys

Fanvil’s X7A is a very powerful Android phone that comes with 112 programmable DSS keys, which you can customize into different functions you need such as:

  • Speed dial
  • Call forwarding
  • Recording
  • BLF
  • Broadcasting
3. Fanvil Broadcasting Solution

Fanvil’s IP phones and PA2 Public Announcement Gateway work great together to build the most efficient broadcasting solution for your business. See a common setup here:

Ready to learn more? Give our VoIP experts a call at 1-800-398-8647 and visit our website to learn more about Fanvil’s reseller program!

VoIP Reseller Advantages: 4 VoIP Supply Programs You Need to Know About!

Are you interested in expanding your business? The VoIP Supply team has the most comprehensive partner program for VoIP resellers! During our reseller webinar this month, Don gave us an overview of our four popular programs. Each program has its unique value and advantages. Let’s check them out one by one!

Download our Presentation Slides here to Learn More!

1. Fulfillment by VoIP Supply

Take advantage of our fulfillment services and the expertise we have in-house! Let our experts do the dirty work for you so you can focus on the sales and marketing aspect of your business rather than trying to get pallets and boxes shipped in and out of the offices. Check out some highlights:

  • Secure user portal to order and manage your business from start to finish. 
  • Manage your business with real-time automation of local receiving, outbound shipping, product provisioning and customer RMA’s. 
  • Real-time visibility into privately stocked inventory, as well as real-time connections to all of your order information 24/7/365. 
  • Integrated support to assist your business in managing, and tracking RMA’s or support issues. 

2. Provisioning and Other Professional Services

VoIP Supply makes your rollout of IP Phones so easy! The phones will come with each box pre-labeled with the extension and user’s name – all you have to do is plug it in at the desk and turn it on. Easy enough? 

Need more complex tasks? Our team can also program your IP PBX to work with your trunking provider and other more sophisticated tasks such as:

  • Product provisioning, and testing for: 
  • Phones, PBX’s, Routers, Gateways, Analog Telephone Adaptors (ATA’s), and Integrated Access Devices (IAD’s) 
  • Product assembly 
  • Customer labeling, and branding 
  • Inserting marketing collateral into hardware boxes, or shipping package 
  • Re-packaging, re-casing, and re-palletizing as needed by your customer 
  • Multiple staging options for custom deployment options 

See Device Provisioning Services & Pricing Breakdown Here in the Presentation Slides

3. Rental Program

VoIP Supply’s Device as a Service (DaaS) rental program gives your customers the widest variety of VoIP Products for a low monthly payment. The application process is very simple and quick! See what you can expect here:

  • Fast & easy to apply – One-page application 
  • Approved within days 
  • Wide variety of VoIP products (phones, conference phones, PBX, and more) 

4. Refresh and Reclaim Programs

VoIP Supply’s Refresh line allows you to replace a customer’s device with a certified refurbished device at a fraction of the cost of a new VoIP device. Our Refresh products also come with a one year warranty! 

VoIP Supply’s Reclaim program is your outlet for selling off your used and excess VoIP equipment. You can submit your equipment for sale to VOIP Supply and receive fair market value for it. 

Interested in learning more about a specific program? Contact our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 today!

The Snom/VTech Healthcare Solution: Scalability, Security, Mobility

August 27, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

Are you in need of a reliable Healthcare Communication Solution for your organization or the elderly? This month’s Snom/VTech webinar, we looked at Snom’s latest innovations targeting healthcare institutions. Let’s take a quick recap!

Snom’s healthcare solutions are designed to grow with your organization. From small doctor’s offices, medium-sized clinics, to large hospitals, Snom has you all covered! 

Download our presentation slides to learn more.

M90: Healthcare Antibacterial Handset 

The M90 DECT phone comes with an anti-bacterial surface, which will protect your guests, patients, and staff from unwanted germs. 

  • Cordless Handset Requires M900 DECT access point 
  • Antibacterial Surface (JIS Z2801/ISO22196) 
  • 2” Color 240×320 LCD 
  • 3 Softkeys 
  • IP65 Ruggedized Design 
  • 3.5mm Headset Jack 
  • 200 Hours Standby/17 Hours Talk Time 
  • Alarm Button 

Assisted Living Solutions: VTech Amplified Series

The VTech Amplified comes with unique features to deliver clear communications for the elderly and people with special needs, including increased volume, extra-large buttons, and more. This Series includes several wireless DECT handsets, an extension ringer, cordless audio doorbell, and an SOS pendant. Learn more here!

  • Corded/Cordless Base Phone 
  • DECT Connectivity For 4 Cordless Accessories 
  • Big Button & Large Visual Ringers 
  • Photo Dial for Assistance in Speed Dialing 
  • Audio Assist with Temporary Volume Increase up to 50db During Calls and Message Playback 
  • Caller ID Announce 
  • Antibacterial Plastics To Promote a Safe Clean Environment 
  • SOS Pendant with IPX4 Water Resistance so it can be Worn in a Shower

Don’t forget to take advantage of Snom’s trade-in program! This promotion is valid on purchases or lease agreements from now through July 15, 2021. Minimum of 5 phones and maximum of 200 phones. Call one of our VoIP consultants today at 1-800-398-8647 to learn more!

What is a SIP Call? What Are the Benefits of SIP Calling?

August 25, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

What is a SIP Call? A SIP Call is a telephone call generated through the process of transmitting voice calls over a SIP Trunk. To understand the process, you need to know what a SIP Trunk is. 

What is SIP Trunk and How Does It Work?

A SIP trunk refers to two things. SIP (session initiation protocol), which is the protocol used to start and end a call, and a trunk, which is a term adopted from traditional telecommunications. A trunk cable is a cable with a lot of copper pairs that are designed to facilitate many concurrent calls. 

In the same way voltage travels through an analog telephone pair, RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol), travels across a session in a SIP trunk. RTP, is the audio portion of a call, and the quality of that audio has a lot to do with the network it’s traversing. A reliable, low latency connection to the internet is critical to the success of a SIP trunk.

Download our SIP Trunking Guide Here to Learn More

What Are the Benefits of SIP Calling?

  1. Cost: Pay a much lower monthly rate for a greater number of call paths with comparable audio quality with a high speed, reliable connection.
  2. Flexibility: Add and remove telephone numbers at will, and make call routing changes on the fly. 
  3. Advanced Features –  Every provider has different features, here are some important ones to look out for:
    1. Number Portability: ability to move telephone numbers to and from your SIP Trunk provider
    2. E911: You can define the address for a particular phone number 
    3. Disaster Recovery Routing: Apply in an event that you lose connectivity to your SIP Trunk
    4. Faxing: T.38 Fax support 
    5. Call Detail Reporting: You get insights into your call records on the provider side

Ready to learn more? Give our VoIP experts a call at 1-800-398-8647 now to get your questions answered! Or download our free buyer’s guides to learn at your own pace!

What is a WiFi Phone? How Does It Work?

August 21, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

A WiFi phone is a telecom device that’s equipped with the capability to connect to the Internet through a WiFi network. When using these devices, you are able to make phone calls, receive/send messages through a WiFi connection. 

Since Wi-Fi calling makes calls over the Internet through WLAN (wireless local access network), it doesn’t need to rely on the network of cell towers. WiFi ranges up to 300ft, thereafter you need another WAP (Wireless Access Point/Repeater/WiFi Extender) to continue the longevity so the connection doesn’t start cutting out and calls drop. 

View WiFi Phone Options

Is WiFi Calling Free?

Wi-Fi calling communicates through the Internet like other VoIP phones, therefore, there’s no additional cost, even for international (long-distance) calls. 

See all types of VoIP phones here.

What’s the Best WiFi Phone?

Choose from over 30 different models from the best manufacturers in the industry, like Cisco, Grandstream, and Spectralink. All of VoIP Supply’s Wireless IP Phones are standards-based 802.11, fully warranted, SIP compliant and are perfect to use with most of the leading VoIP Phone Systems on the market. Here are a few popular WiFi phones:

What Are The Benefits of WiFi Phones

WiFi phones are popular for a reason! Here we will look at the four top benefits:

  1. Wireless: Users can enjoy free roaming in the offices without losing important calls/messages. No more annoying wires!
  2. Low Cost: Users can use their flat-fee low-cost VoIP service to make calls to and from anywhere in the world.
  3. Simplicity & Ease of Use: Anyone who knows how to use a cellular phone can learn how to use a WiFi phone very quickly! The setup is fairly easy as well.
  4. Calling Features: Features such as speed dialing, call forwarding, call waiting, conference calling and others can be delivered with exceptional voice quality and mobility.

Ready to explore more WiFi phones? Visit our website or simply give our VoIP experts a call at 1-800-398-8647!