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We can’t believe it’s that time of year again! Channel Partners is right around the corner and we are thrilled to announce we will be exhibiting.

Time: April 10-13th, 2017

Location: Mandalay Bay, Convention Center, Las Vegas

Booth Number: 250

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What You Can Expect

Our team of VoIP experts will be there to highlight some of the latest and greatest additions to our products and service offerings.

  • Fulfillment by VoIP Supply – Over the years VoIP Supply has added, and expanded on our provisioning and fulfillment capabilities to
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We Are VoIP Supply

Buffalo, New York, March 14th, 2017 – VoIP Supply, a leading VoIP solutions provider in North America, marked its 15th year anniversary with significant accomplishments in the CloudSpan Marketplace, a single platform that provides various cloud services to meet customers’ business needs.

In the past year, restructuring the CloudSpan Marketplace and the sales team to focus on proactive growth of service sales was a challenge for VoIP Supply but both are continually showing significant improvements the past 9 months.

CLOUDSPANToday, VoIP Supply’s CloudSpan Marketplace has grown mature, positioning for exponential growth in the current year and foreseeable future. The improved internal systems and processes satisfy new and existing customers with greater customer intelligence, increased team efficiency and effectiveness and a more personalized experience.

This …


As the cost of school supplies, textbooks, technology equipment, and other related expenses continue to increase, many educational institutions are looking for a way to reduce their costs – switching to a VoIP system can help you achieve that goal. While a lower monthly bill is the most common reason for deploying a VoIP system, there’s a lot of other benefits you may not have noticed yet. Therefore, today we are going to walk you through some of the popular VoIP service benefits that education institutions love!

#1 Minimum Maintenance

With a hosted VoIP system, you don’t need an IT staff to maintain your phone system. Your service provider will be responsible for the system maintenance, monitoring, and management. Simple house your phones and …

When it comes to conference phones, there is something for everyone. On some level, almost every company needs one and with all the options that are out there, it can sometimes be difficult deciding what conference phone will be the best fit for your conference room.

We can all agree that the most important thing to consider when choosing a conference phone is how well the party on the other line can hear you, and your team. It can be unprofessional if your client on the other end of the phone call has to keep asking to repeat something you said. This alone can set the wrong tone for your call and can have an impact on your business. And while some conference phone mics …

The world of VoIP is filled with all kinds of benefits. This can be anything from lowering your monthly phone bill to having a super cool looking desk phone, but it is what you can do with your desk phone that sets VoIP apart from traditional PSTN lines.

The list of features you can access when having VoIP is too long to mention, but if I were to single one out, it would have to be BLF. What does BLF stand for? Busy Lamp Field, and if you are not taking advantage of this helpful VoIP feature, then you’re missing out!

While BLF can have several different functions, it’s basic and most popular function is a visual indication on your desk phone that allows you …

The world is changing fast. When I was little, no one was using the term “smartphone”, “USB port”, or “touchscreen”. Maybe, in the next decade, we will no longer need a so-called “phone” and the new generation will have to go to a history museum to see a physical phone.

The world is dynamic, so is your business. It’s time to review your phone system to see if it can keep up with your competitors, partners, and, the most important of all, your customers. Here we put together the top 5 indicators your phone system is outdated.


Top 4 Warning Signs Your Phone System is Not Sufficient for Business

Indicator #1 Increasing Monthly Fee

An increased phone bill is the most obvious indication your phone …

Grandstream PhonesMarch 6, 2017, Grandstream, the leading manufacturer of IP voice and video telephony solutions, released a new DECT HD repeater for beta testing by the Grandstream Beta Club.

The new DECT HD repeater is to be paired with the existing DP750 and DP720 DECT IP phone set, to extend the network signal range and provide users with the highest flexibility, setting them free from the base station without losing Internet connection.

About the Beta Testing

Qualifications: Customers who currently own a DP750 and DP720 DECT IP phone bundle and have broad experience with DECT IP technology especially those who have prior experience with Grandstream DECT IP phone products.

Availability: 50 units of the DECT repeater will be available for shipping to selected testers by late …

Our tech support team at VoIP Supply offers great pre- and post-sales support plus provisioning, consultations, configuration, and installation help. We get a lot of VoIP hardware and software questions and would like to share the solutions with everyone.

In the previous Mom’s calling Q&A series, we have discussed: Is There a Report that Outlines Grandstream Call Logs? Today, we have more new real questions and answers from VoIP users just like you.


What’s the default password for Plantronics Headsets?

Q: I have a Plantronics ear piece which I love. But then I got a new phone to replace my old phone and I can’t get the two paired. When I try to link the two I am asked for a pin number. I …

Looking for the whole lists of IP phones from Grandstream? We’ve got you covered! Follow this article to learn all the features and functions of Grandstream’s IP phones and the best workplace environments for each of their models. You will find the three main series: The GXP1600 series basic IP phones, the GXP1700 series mid-range IP phones, and the GXP2100 high-end IP phones.

The GXP1600 Series Basic IP Phones

Designed for small businesses who don’t require advanced features, the GXP1600 series are simple, easy-to-use IP phones that satisfy your basic needs of VoIP. The GXP1600 series comes with 3-way conferencing and easy no touch provisioning with other Grandstream products.


The GXP1610/1615 is a single line VoIP phone with a 132×48 pixel LCD …

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we have to say goodbye. Whether it’s saying goodbye to the car you’ve been driving for 10 years, the leftover pizza you have been saving in your fridge for a week, or even sometimes it can be time to say goodbye to your desk phone!

But saying goodbye doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Maybe you’re saying goodbye because you are getting into your first brand new car! Or maybe you are ordering a new pizza from your favorite pizza joint! Or maybe, just maybe, you are upgrading your desk phone to something more modern and more user-friendly!

I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to finish this blog writing about all …

mobile-phone-1875813_1920VoIP security is a hot topic, and rightfully so. A compromised system can cost you $$$ in phone bills, so how do you prevent a breach? Well, the answer isn’t as complicated as you’d expect. There are a lot of opinions floating around on the subject, so let me address some truths and falsehoods that may be of importance when securing your VoIP system.


Fiction: You NEED a session border controller (SBC)

If you are a small business or are installing a VoIP system in your home, there is no need for an SBC. An SBC is a great device (or virtual appliance) because it masquerades your internal VoIP infrastructure. In basic terms, a SIP trunk from a provider terminates to the SBC, which …