What is FDMS (Fanvil Device Management System)?

June 26, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

Our tech support team at VoIP Supply offers great pre- and post-sales support plus provisioning, consultations, configuration, and installation help. We get a lot of VoIP hardware and software questions and would like to share the solutions with everyone. 

In previous Mom’s calling Q&A series, we have discussed: Does the VVX x50 Series Support the VVX D60 Wireless Handsets? Today, we have more new real questions and answers from VoIP users just like you.  

What is FDMS (Fanvil Device Management System)?

Q: What is FDMS? Where can I find more information?

A: FDMS is Fanvil’s Device Management System that allows users a way to centrally provision, register, upgrade and monitor their Fanvil devices. Check out the documents below to learn more:


Come back for more VoIP questions and answers next time! If you have VoIP questions to ask us, please submit a technical support ticket or contact our VoIP experts today at (866) 582-8591 

Switchvox 7.1: How to Assign a Desktop Softphone to a User

June 24, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

Digium Switchvox is known for its simplicity and full features. Today, we are going to show you how to assign a desktop softphone to a user.

How to Assign a Desktop Softphone to a User on Switchvox 7.1

To accomplish this, first you need to find out if your user has a SIP phone extension. If not, you will need to create an extension first and then use Manage Phones tool to assign a phone to a user’s main extension. Let’s go through the steps together:

  1. Open Setup > Extensions:To create extensions and find the Manage Phones tool for an extension.

  1. Find the extension from the list and click on its Manage Phones action.
  2. Assign a Switchvox Desktop Softphone for the Main extension or for one of the person’s additional phone extensions.

That’s it! Please note that a user with multiple phone extensions can only have one that is a desktop softphone.

Have you tried Switchvox 7.1? What’s your experience? If you want to learn more about Digium Switchvox, be sure to check out our webpage!

VoIP Supply is hosting a workshop and networking event in NYC!

VoIP Supply NYC Roadshow

Are you looking for new ways to save your business time and money? If yes, then you’re in luck! VoIP Supply is excited to announce that we will be hosting a workshop and networking event in Poly’s state of the art Experience Center in New York City on July 16, 2019!

During this event, VoIP Supply, Poly, and Algo will present ways to save your business time & money, grow your revenue and partner with the industries best! Extra bonus: After our workshop we will be treating you to a Yankees vs. Rays game. Space is limited so don’t wait to reserve your spot today!

Why Attend the NYC Workshop Event?

  • Learn about VoIP Supply’s partner program and fulfillment services
  • Catch more revenue with amazing paging solutions
  • Explore the benefits of partnering with Poly
  • Get a free ticket to Yankees vs Rays game!

Still thinking about it? Check out the workshop agenda to see more details of the event!

Click Here to See Workshop Agenda

Webinar Recap: Algo’s Mass Notification Solution Application

In Algo’s webinar last week, Scott and Brian gave us an overview of the Algo portfolio and new product updates. The whole presentation was filled with a lot of great information. The part I personally enjoyed the most is the real use cases where they explained how and where businesses can apply Algo’s solutions. Some common use cases include:

  • Scheduled announcements
  • Emergency notification
    • Ring an extension
    • Push button
    • Relay input 8301

Download the presentation slides here to check out more details!

You may also find the Q&A session below useful.

Algo Webinar Q&A Session

Q: Any resources and support to help design a project from start to finish?

A: Our VoIP consultant, Brian Hyrek, is available to design your project. Scott from Algo is also available to get on a call with you if needed. Our in-house engineers can also help you with the project designing.

Q: Can Sangoma’s FreePBX work with Algo’s speakers?

A: Yes, Algo is compatible with Sangoma. Many of our FreePBX customers use Algo’s solutions. Algo is a 3rd party SIP endpoint and open standard SIP will register. Click here to download the compatibility guide.

Q: Are Algo devices able to do two-way communication?

A: Yes. The 4 speakers mentioned all have a microphone with the speaker to enable two-way communications. The 8186 device also has a microphone for two-way communication. It’s suitable for warehouses and large areas.

Q: Do all Algo endpoints need to be SIP registered?

A: No, not all speakers need to be SIP-registered. If it’s a paging speaker or paging adapter, you don’t need to register the endpoints. Only when you are making or answering a call, you need to have the SIP registered.

Want to learn more about Algo’s mass notification solutions? Visit our webpage or contact Brian Hyrek at 716-531-4318 or email at [email protected]!

June Hardware Roundup: New Video Phone, Multicase Speaker and WiFi Access Point

June 19, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

June is a month of great new VoIP hardware! This month, we are seeing lots of great new additions you can add to your communication system, including Grandstream’s new enterprise-grade GRP Series IP phones, CyberData’s multicast speaker, the GWN7630 WiFi Access Point and much more!

Grandstream’s GRP2614 is now available!

If you haven’t checked out Grandstream’s new GRP Series IP phones, you are really missing out! The GRP2614 is now available for purchase. Click here to order!

These high-end devices are designed for enterprise users or service providers who need to mass deploy and manage a large number of endpoints at once. See what features are included for the GRP2614:

  • 16 Lines
  • Built-in dual-band WiFi support
  • Support all major codecs, including wideband codecs G.722 and Opus
  • Support secure-boot, encrypted data storage

See datasheet here

CyberData’s 011485 Multicast Speaker

Looking for an economical and easy-to-use speaker? Check out the CyberData 011485, a multicast speaker with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE 802.af). This product is currently in stock. Click here to order!

The 011485 speaker easily connects to your PoE network with a single Ethernet cable connection. The 011458 is capable of playing audio from any multicast source like the CyberData SIP Paging Server with Bell Scheduler (011146).

  • Plays audio from multicast
  • TLS security for auto provisioning
  • Support for 10 multicast paging groups
  • Network-adjustable speaker volume
  • User upgradeable firmware via web interface or auto provisioning
  • 802.11q VLAN tagging

See datasheet here.

Grandstream GWN7630 WiFi Access Point

The last but not the least is Grandstream’s latest WiFi access point, the GWN7630. This device features dual-band technology and an antenna design that provides maximum network and WiFi coverage.

It’s a great solution for small to medium-sized businesses or branch offices where you need to have WiFi access. The GWN7630 is coming soon. We’re accepting pre-orders. Click here to pre-order!

  • 2.33 Gbps wireless throughput and 2 Gigabit wireline ports
  • Dual-band 4×4:4 MU-MIMO technology
  • Self-power adaptation upon auto detection of PoE or PoE+
  • Supports 200+ concurrent Wi-Fi client devices

Download the datasheet here.

Want to see more new VoIP hardware? Visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-398-8647 today!
See All New VoIP Hardware

3CX Version 16 Update 2 is in Beta! (Webinar Recap)

In today’s 3CX reseller webinar, Sean from 3CX talked about the new features and functionality added to 3CX version 16 update 2. In case you missed it, we want to share with you this quick webinar recap. Let’s check out some exciting updates in this new version of 3CX!

Download the webinar presentation slide deck here:

What has been improved in 3CX version 16 update 2?

  • Major upgrade to Session Border Controller
  • Install process requires just PBX FQDN and authentication key
  • SBC’s can now be remotely updated and configured in Sip trunks section of the management console
  • Now you can receive status updates, stats and emails for each SBC connection
  • See more updates

Does 3CX v16.1 have Chat and Talk Feature?

3CX version 16.1 only offers limited chat and talk functions. You will need to have the update 2 installed to access to full features. V16.2 is now in beta and will soon be available. Click here to download 3CX v16.2.

If you have more questions regarding the 3CX v16.2, don’t hesitate to give one of our VoIP experts a call at 1-800-398-8647!

Used, Like-New IP Phone Deals with Refresh

June 18, 2019 by Youleidy Vega

In the month of June, we are highlighting the best of the best refurbished products for our dose of Refresh. Refresh is our line of used products that are certified to work and look as good as new for a fraction of the cost of new ones. Because we trust our Refresh line, we offer the Refresh guarantee, if it doesn’t work or breaks within the first six months, we take it back, no questions asked!


Yealink T46S $149.99

The Yealink T46S is an elegant looking IP Phone that supports OPUS Codec for enhanced performance and offers high-end features combined with an intuitive interface that is easy to use and pleasing to the eye.

Quick Features:

  • 4.3-inch 480 x 272-pixel color touch screen
  • USB2.0
  • Opus
  • Up to 16 SIP accounts
  • Paperless label design
  • Headset and EHS support
  • Wi-Fi via WF40
  • Bluetooth via BT40

Read more about the Yealink T46S

Poly VVX 410$99.99

The Poly VVX 410 IS  high-end IP Phone with a color LCD display and dual Gigabit ports. It is easy to use and integrated well with third-party Unified Communications applications (UC) for added productivity for the knowledge worker and office staff.

Quick Features:

  • 12 Line appearances
  • Polycom HD Voice
  • 3.5″ (320×240) Backlit Color LCD
  • Dual Gigabit RJ45 Ports
  • RJ9 headset port

Read more about the Poly VVX 410

Poly VVX 310 $72.99

Polycom vvx300

The Poly VVX 310 brings the same great features of the VVX 410  but has a smaller grayscale display. The VVX 310 is the perfect phone for the main area in an office, kitchen,  or for an employee that does not need all the bells and whistles, but can benefit from having great audio and interoperability with third-party UC applications.

Quick Features:

  • 6 Line appearances
  • Polycom HD Voice
  • 208×104 Backlit 8 Level Grayscale graphical LCD
  • Dual Gigabit RJ45 Ports
  • RJ9 headset port

Read more about the Poly VVX 310

Our Refresh line is reliable and one of a kind. We guarantee our products and allow you to also add an extended six months of warranty at your discretion for a low cost. Check us out here and if you have any questions, we are only a call away! 1-800-398-8647.

5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase From An Authorized Poly Partner

June 17, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

When it comes to choosing a vendor for Poly products, lower pricing can be tempting, but watch out! Purchasing from an unauthorized seller may put you at serious risk. To help you make a wiser decision when shopping for VoIP online, we want to share with you the reasons why you should purchase from an authorized Poly partner like VoIP Supply.

Why purchase Poly products from an authorized partner?

Reason 1: Be fully covered by Poly’s Manufacturer Warranty

An authorized Poly partner like VoIP Supply fully handles your returns and RMAs. VoIP Supply also offers advance replacement services for any failed hardware component. If our technical support determines that a replacement part is required, the replacement part will be shipped for advance replacement using an expedited carrier service. However, if your product was from an unauthorized source, you will not be able to obtain support or a replacement under warranty.

Reason 2: Take advantage of Poly promotions

Poly provides decent promotions such as rebate incentives from time to time. As an authorized partner of Poly, VoIP Supply is able to help you take full advantage of them and save more. Unfortunately, gray market devices are not eligible for these promotions.

Reason 3: Avoid defect products, missing parts, and outdated software

Some unauthorized sellers sell “unused products” rather than “new products” and these Poly devices can come missing key accessories or components required for your region to ensure the product will work as needed. We have also seen some unauthorized sellers selling products that include software that is no longer supported by Poly and requires updates to prevent network vulnerability.

Reason 4: Enjoy FREE configuration services

An authorized Poly partner like VoIP Supply provides FREE configuration services on devices they provide. If you are using BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices, there’s usually a configuration fee because these devices are not passing through the same warehouse for pre-configuration and thus the workload is much greater.

Reason 5: Get Full Support and Assistance

Authorized Poly partners have the necessary qualifications and training and have access to Poly resources, sales, and technical personnel to offer you full support and assistance. For BYOD devices, however, there’s no guaranteed troubleshooting and support.

Not sure if your vendor is an authorized Poly partner or not? Click here to see the list of unauthorized sources or simply purchase through VoIP Supply at www.voipsupply.com

The Grandstream WP820: The WiFi Phone You’ve Been Waiting For!

June 13, 2019 by Steve Lopian

One thing’s for sure, there is no shortage of IP phones in the market. Having been working in the industry for as long as I have, It seems like there have been hundreds and hundreds of new phones released since 2014.

While all of the phones I’ve come across are a nice combination of desk phones, DECT phones, color screens with sidecars etc., there has always seemed to be one type of phone missing.  A WiFi phone.

But then Grandstream Networks came along and released the WP820! With so little choices out there or WiFi phones, this was very nice to see hit the market. And aside from its sleek design and feature list, the price point of $219.00 for this phone was twice and nice.

Even though our team couldn’t contain all of the excitement when this phone was made available for purchase, we did have our eye on it.  If you follow Grandstream or are a member of their Beta Club, then you know this phone has been in the works for quite some time.

While the phone was in beta, we were able to get one in our lab for testing. We were so impressed with the beta version that we decided to put together a review video for that, which you can watch here.

Now you’re probably saying to yourself “okay, that’s great, but are you going to review the real deal?” The answer is yes! We have and it is exactly what we expected it to be. Awesome.

The final product is packed with Bluetooth, HD voice and a panic button just to name a few features.  If you want to know more about what you’re getting out of this phone, then click the video above and see what the new WP820 WiFi phone from Grandstream Networks is all about!

Do you use the WP820? Or maybe a different WiFi phone? What are your likes and dislikes? Let us know in the comments below! We want to hear from you!

Xorcom’s IP PBX Is Getting Better with New Software Updates!

June 12, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

Xorcom’s CompletePBX and Multi-Tenant PBX keep getting better and better to provide users with the best functionalities and most updated features. Let’s check out some highlights this week!

Updates for CompletePBX

New Diversion Headset Field

Now you can set the system to include SIP DIVERSION header field in the INVITE request. This is required by some SIP providers to keep the original called-ID when forwarding a call. To set up, go to PBX> External> Trunks>Diversion Header. Note that this can only be set when the Use Incoming CIS is set to Yes.

Added Support for Grandstream GXP1625

Xorcom has added new support for Grandstream configuration type for GXP1625 IP phones.

See more updates and bug fixes here

Updates for Multi-Tenant PBX


Users can now do a bulk software upgrade for TEnant PBXs via the MT Manager GUI. Select the systems using the checkbox and then click the Upgrade icon:

Cancel Pending Actions

Users can now cancel the upgrade action from being performed to all systems in the queue. If the system has already started the upgrade will complete the action without interference.

Port-Forwarding and Permission Management

The admin can now map ports for custom external services so that external services used by the customer, such as CRM and hotel PMS. Under the general MT Manager Settings tab, you can also set global services. These will appear on all Tenant PBXs in the system.

See more updates here!