UCM6300 Vs. UCM6300A: How to Choose Your Ideal Grandstream PBX

October 27, 2021 by Ying-Hui Chen

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Don’t get left behind! Grandstream’s UCM6200 Series is going end of life (EOL) and it’s time for you to transition to the UCM6300 Series with the newer version of Asterisk for more features and capabilities! 

Grandstream’s UCM6300 Vs UCM6300A: What are the differences?

While both series come with improved hardware and advanced features; only the UCM6300 Series supports both audio and video conferencing features. 

To help you choose the right model you need, here are a few questions to consider:

  • How many users do you need?
  • How many concurrent calls?
  • Do you need video conferencing capabilities?
  • How many FXO/ FXS?

Check out a comparison chart below to see what features each model provides.

View the Grandstream UCM6300 Series

View the Grandstream UCM6300 Audio Series

*Hot Off the Press!* Poly Introduced NEW Poly Edge B Series Phones

Exciting News! Poly introduced their NEW Poly Edge B Series IP Phones today! This series comes with a stylish design and professional-grade audio quality. It is available in 2- and 4-line key models supporting 8- and 16-line key assignments. A perfect solution for small businesses, emerging markets, and even some enterprises!

The Poly Edge B Series includes three models: the Edge B10, B20, and B30. See a comparison chart below:

Let’s check out some of the cool features:

  • One Button Fast Access: The Edge B10 and B20 allow you to quickly cycle through and access available features. Each supports two hard-line buttons and four additional pages for fast access. 
  • Background Noise Cancellation: If you are a Poly customer, you would know how fantastic the Acoustic Fence technology is! It eliminates background noise to keep your conversations on track. No more distractions like trying, dogs barking, etc.!
  • Mute Status with Key Illumination: You can easily tell if a phone is muted or not by looking at the key illumination! 
  • Easy Provisioning: Get your phone up and running in no time! Poly Device Management Service (PDMS) provides a central, secure portal to stage, deploy and manage all your Edge phones from wherever you are. 
  • Coming soon to your desktop: Several service providers and partners are working to get the Poly Edge B Series onboard as a supported phone on their respective UCaaS platforms! Stay tuned for more information soon!

Visit our product page to learn more! Or simply give us a call at 1-800-398-8647 and our VoIP experts will be happy to answer your questions!

*3-Minute Read* Learn All About Sangoma PBXact Cloud!

Download our presentation slides here

Looking for an easy cloud phone system? Spend 5 minutes to learn about Sangoma’s PBXact Cloud! Sangoma and VoIP Supply teamed up to host a webinar to show you what Sangoma PBXact Cloud is all about. Don’t have time for the whole presentation? Check out this quick webinar recap:

What is Sangoma PBXact Cloud?

PBXact Cloud is a complete UC platform provided by Sangoma. It is an open source system that is based on FreePBX and Asterisk. In short – it’s a certified version of Sangoma’s FreePBX!

Let’s check out some highlights of PBXact Cloud:

Tightly Integrated 

  • SIPStation (Trunking service) and FAXStation (Fax service) 
  • Sangoma S-D-P Series phones ○ PSTN telephony interfaces (configurable) and VoIP Gateways 
  • CRM: SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, SalesForce, Zoho, ConnectWise 
  • 300 + End points and over 20+manufacturers 
  • Sangoma Portal for licensing, support and Phones 

Expanded Capabilities 

  • Exclusive add-on modules (Base includes $2.3K in FreePBX add-ons) 
  • Software extensibility enables custom Integrations APIs 
  • Includes Sangoma Connect mobile and desktop client for collaboration 
  • Go to the next level with the Call Center Bundle

PBXact Cloud includes features like Sangoma Connect Mobile, Desktop softphone, CRM-Link and Zapier, and more.

Now let’s talk a little bit more about some of the popular features:

Sangoma Connect

Sangoma Meet

  • Easier and more reliable configuration process 
  • Better handling of network transitions (wifi<->LTE) 
  • Broader phone-model coverage 
  • Enhanced Push technology for increased reliability on incoming calls 
  • Zero touch deployment
  • In Connect Mobile, a Sangoma Meet tab offers a shortcut to Sangoma Meet. 
  • Changes are coming to the desktop and mobile apps, for deeper integration. 
    • Video chat (including guest chat) is removed. Please use Sangoma Meet for Video Conferencing. 
    • Also, the Chat widget is removed. Chat in the Desktop Softphone offers SMS and group chat. 

Sangoma Desktop Softphone 

The softphone solution is perfect for working from home staff or remote call center agents!

  • Make/Take calls – Shares desk Ext 
  • Threaded Slack like chat 
  • Phone system contact list/ dial by name 
  • Presence control (Available, Chat, Away, DND, Not Available) 
  • Hold/Transfer 
  • Visual Voicemail 
  • 1:1 video calls 
  • Click to call 
  • Screen Pops w/CRM Link 
  • SMS/Fax

Sangoma’s SmartOffice Access Solution

More key features include:

Don’t forget to also check out Sangoma’s SmartOffice Access! This solution leverages your existing LAN so you don’t need to do additional drilling through walls. Installation is a breeze! Plus, you will avoid a lot of unnecessary expenses.

No Door Readers 

  • Readers per door are expensive 
  • Readers are potential security risks as they reside outside the premises 
    • Primary target of every access control hack or attack! 

Mobile Control and Credentials 

  • App is used to open doors, arm zones or administer the platform 
  • No key cards or fobs: No one forgets their mobile phone! 

Reuse Existing Door Strikes or Mag Locks 

  • If you are already using a legacy Access Control system, it is easy to upgrade to SmartOffice Access! 
    • Customer must check with local municipal bylaws first 

Sangoma FAXStation

Last but not least, check out Sangoma’s faxing over IP solution, FAXStation! This easy solution provides you with unlimited users and it is just as reliable as the PSTN. It is easy to manage and integrated with the PBXact Cloud. 

  • Can use fax machines and/or eFax. 
  • Low monthly cost ($19.99/trunk for high volume) 
  • Unlimited users • Avoids T.38 compatibility issues 
  • No telco lines needed! 
  • Just as reliable as the PSTN! 
  • Easy management integrated with the PBXact Cloud 

Do you have more questions about Sangoma PBXact Cloud? Visit our website for more information or simply raise your phone and give us a call at 1-800-398-8647! 

Technical Training: Flexible Grandstream Provisioning Options In the Know

October 21, 2021 by Ying-Hui Chen

Did you know that Grandstream provides flexible product provisioning options? Whether it’s for automatic configuration, quick deployment, or mass deployment, Grandstream has you all covered! Better yet, all provisioning options were made available with security in mind. Here is a list of the common provisioning options: 

  1. Web UI and Keypad Lockdown 
  2. XML and Name Based XML Configuration 
  3. TR-069 
  4. Redirection Services – GAPS 
  5. Full Management – GDMS.Cloud and GDMS.Local 

Download our presentation slides here to learn more.

Let’s take a closer look at what GPAS and GDMS have to offer:

Grandstream Automated Provisioning System (GAPS): Redirection Services

GAPS is an automated system that allows administrators and providers secure control over device provisioning. It gives you the ability to streamline mass deployment from a central location. 

  • Most larger deployments already have their own provisioning servers
  • Don’t like to host configurations externally for security reasons
  • Provides a no-touch way for devices to be redirected
  • API’s available for easy automation and integration

Grandstream Device Management System (GDMS): Full Management

GDMS is a centralized interface for you to provision, manage, monitor and troubleshoot all your Grandstream devices. It gives you a full management ecosystem to do them all and you are in full control!

  • Full management ecosystem that includes provisioning, configuration, management, troubleshooting and monitoring
  • Cloud based and on prem options
  • Cloud based options allow customers to save costs on maintenance
  • Gives customers full control

Visit our website to learn more about Grandstream products or call one of our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 to have a chat with us!

Jabra Direct Vs. Jabra Xpress: Two FREE Jabra Headset Management Tools You Must Take Advantage of Now..!

Who doesn’t enjoy free features and tools? It’s time to take full advantage of your Jabra headsets! VoIP Supply has teamed up with Jabra this month to talk about their two FREE headset management tools. If you missed the webinar, don’t miss out on this recap post! 

Click here to download the presentation slides

Jabra Direct

  1. Stay Up to Date on the Latest

Jabra Direct is a tool that helps you make sure that your headset is up-to-date with the latest firmware! This tool is very convenient because it guarantees you’ll enjoy the latest headset features, bug fixes and easy access to compatibility updates. Plus, the Direct Dashboard is super user friendly. Staying current is easier than ever!

  1. Personalization

Make your headset unique! You will be able to personalize your headset for working in the office, from home, or even during your daily commute. Isn’t that great? 

  1. Remote Controls

You are in full control! Jabra Direct allows for remote call control of softphones. Whether you are using Microsoft Teams, Cisco Jabber, or other supported platform, you are able to contro your calls directly from the buttons on your Jabra headset!

Jabra Xpress

Jabra Xpress is designed to boost your team productivity! This tool gives you smart, secure and free headset analytics so that you can improve and make the best use of your assets. 

  1. Call Analytics

Jabra Xpress collects data from individual headsets for you so you can make data-based decisions that will improve your team productivity and customer experience!

  1. Data Protection

Jabra Xpress comes with the highest level of data protection! It is SOC II Type 1 compliant and all data is collected and managed in a secure place.

  1. Easy Mass Deployment

If you have multiple locations and numerous users, you will love Jabra’s Xpress! You can easily update all headsets with the latest firmware, no matter where they are being deployed.

The best part? Both management tools are completely FREE of charge! 

What do you think about these two FREE tools? We want to know! Don’t forget to visit our website to learn more about Jabra headsets!

5 Spooktacular Features that Makes CISCO 8800 Series MPP Phones Stand Out in the Crowd

Don’t get left behind… If you haven’t checked out Cisco’s new 8800 Series, you are really missing out! The Cisco 8800 Series is designed for knowledge workers, administrative and executive staff, or any professionals looking to have a video conferencing experience right at their desk. Why is everyone talking about Cisco’s new 8800 Series? Let me walk you through some of the popular features that really make them stand out in the crowd!

  1. Regulation Compliant

The 8800 Series is the most secure phone on the market! It is compliant with regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and more.

  1. HD Video Support

Our customers enjoy the affordable entry to HD video on the Cisco 8845 and the Cisco 8865! The camera add-on makes it so easy for remote workers to communicate and increase productivity. 

  1. Mobile Integration

You will love the Bluetooth mobile integration for hands-free usage! This series also comes with desktop Wi-Fi and fast-charging USB for tablets and smartphones. These flexible features allow you to work wherever you want, and however you like!

  1. Cost-Effective Administration

Cisco’s 8800 Series is designed to help you cut costs! The flexible deployment options help you maximize your investment. Your remote workers can get single sign-on access with Cisco Expressway and be protected with the least encryption. 

  1. Environmental Friendly

Did you know that the Cisco 8800 Series is made from 100% PCR resin? Doesn’t it feel great to know that the devices you use reduce waste and lower environmental footprint?

Check out this comparison chart below to see what each model offers:

Are you ready to learn more about the Cisco 8800 Series? Visit our website or simply give our VoIP experts a call at 1-800-398-8647!

2021 October VoIP Hardware Roundup: AudioCodes Microsoft Teams Phone, Poly Studio X70 and More!

October 18, 2021 by Ying-Hui Chen

AudioCodes C435HD-R Teams Phone

Are you ready to peek at our October new VoIP hardware? New Microsoft Teams, Poly Studio Video Bar, CISCO Phones, and so much more! Let’s dive in: 

If you are looking for a dedicated Microsoft Teams phone, you don’t want to miss out on this great new arrival! The AudioCodes C435HD Teams IP Phone features HD voice, USB support, a color screen with multi-lingual support, and even a button for native support for Microsoft Teams. The AudioCodes C435HD takes your collaboration experience with customers and coworkers to the next level.

  • Crystal-clear audio
  • Native support for Microsoft Teams accessed through a dedicated button
  • Calendar and click-to-join support
  • USB headset support
  • Full duplex speakerphone
  • Robust security mechanisms
  • PoE or external power supply

Poly Studio X70 Video Bar

Another popular new VoIP product you have to check out is Poly’s new addition to the Poly Studio family, the X70! 

The Studio X70 has been designed with the idea of providing the best meeting experience available. It is inclusive of both video and sound which helps to eliminate extra cabling and IT work. It features NoiseBlockAI technology as well as Acoustic Fence technology which eliminates distracting noises and side conversations so that the focus stays on the speaker. 

  • Dual cameras with 4K+ sensors
  • Two-way stereo speakers, aluminum cone tweeters, and advanced bass ports
  • AI-driven camera array 
  • NoiseBlockAI noise reduction technology
  • Seamless native experience on leading cloud video services

Cisco 6871 Unboxing Video

Cisco 6871 GIF

Before you go, don’t forget to also check out our latest unboxing video! Our team made this short video to show you what’s in the CISCO 6871 box and some of the cool features you will enjoy. Click here to watch now!

Key Features:

  • 6 SIP registrations, a USB port 
  • Color backlit 3.5-in.(9-cm) 480 x 272-pixel display
  • Supports a wideband audio handset connected through an RJ-9 port
  • a USB port for use with headsets
  • Backlit indicators 

Who doesn’t love to see more new VoIP products? Hop over to our website to check out more!

[GUIDE] 4 Simple Steps to Set Up Fanvil SIP Hotspot

October 15, 2021 by Ying-Hui Chen

The VoIP Supply team once again partnered with Fanvil to host a technical webinar! This time, we are demonstrating how to easily set up your Fanvil i-series door phones. Let’s take a quick recap:

Click Here to Download the presentation slides

How to Set Up Fanvil SIP Hotspot and Door Phones

To set up your Fanvil door phone, you need to first register it to the SIP server. Your SIP server will provide necessary information such as domain, port number, outbound proxy IP, extension and password, etc. 

Next, you will need to add an SIP account on the SIP hotspot device. 

  • Hotspot server phone registers sip account of sip server and clients connect to SIP hotspot server phone; 
  • Clients share the extension number of sip hotspot server, all clients will ring together or one by one with sip hotspot on incoming calls, any sip phone call out via sip hotspot extension number; 
  • Hotspot clients call each other with the extension number assigned by hotspot server;

Step1. Add one sip account on a SIP hotspot device. Add the sip account info from SIP server on hotspot device


Step2. Enable SIP hotspot service on hotspot device

Step3. Enable SIP hotspot service on sip hotspot clients Enable hotspot and select client as mode. 

Type, monitor and local port must be the same as sip hotspot. 

Step 4. Move unmanaged extensions to managed ones Go to Hotspot Managed Extension page, move all clients from Unmanaged part to Managed part. 

Now when all the clients are online, users can call each other with the extension number assigned by SIP hotspot device.

Once a SIP hotspot is registered to the sip server, all the clients will use the same extension to call out or receive incoming calls. When there are incoming calls, all clients will ring together with SIP hotspot or ring one by one. 
Download our webinar presentation slides to learn more about other Fanvil doorphone settings such as hotspot group, speed dial button, remote password, and more!

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