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toshiba-directionSince Toshiba announced their decision to wind-down their Telecommunication Systems Division (TSD), effective immediately, a lot of people are searching for alternative solutions to replace their current phone system. If you don’t have any replacement plans yet, don’t panic! Our VoIP specialists are here to give you some directions.


What are the Alternative Options to Toshiba Phone Systems?

Since Toshiba phone systems are all proprietary, switching out the system will involve replacing the entire phone system. This, understandably can seem like a daunting endeavor but seriously don’t panic! You can also see this as an opportunity to make a change for your business. Our VoIP specialists have come up with a three-step process below to help you find the best replacement option for your business.


Step One: List Out Your Requirements

Examine your business needs and list the requirements that must be met by the new phone system you are switching to.


Step Two: Plan Your Budget

How much capital expenditure do you plan to spend? Do you want to maintain your own PBX or go to the Cloud? Do you want to have custom applications? Do you have an on-site IT staff? All of these are questions that you must answer in order to assure that you are shopping for the best phone system for your business.


Step Three: Choose Your Ideal Type of VoIP System

There are basically two main types of VoIP systems available: Cloud Hosted VoIP and On-Premise VoIP.


Usually, for small to medium-sized businesses with a limited budget, a hosted VoIP system would be ideal since the service provider will provide most of the maintenance, which means you don’t need to have an on-site IT staff. Additionally, only a limited amount of VoIP hardware is required to get your system up and running, therefore, the upfront costs are relatively low.

For larger enterprises that desire customization, an on-premise VoIP system will give you more flexibility and independence. Although this option requires higher upfront costs to purchase the required VoIP equipment, it’s a great long-term investment as you own the equipment and save from the low monthly rates; however, we highly recommend checking out a hosted option as well. You will also benefit from the high scalability, customized applications, and migration support. See a variety of the on-premise solutions here.


If you are still not sure where to start or you are concerned about your specific business situation, VoIP Supply’s CloudSpan MarketPlace is a great place to direct you to the best solution. If you’re interested in moving your system to a safer and more reliable solution, fill out the form below or dial 800-305-1427 to receive a free consultation with up to 3 potential VoIP service solutions from some of the most popular service providers on the market!

We Are VoIP Supply

Buffalo, New York, March 14th, 2017 – VoIP Supply, a leading VoIP solutions provider in North America, marked its 15th year anniversary with significant accomplishments in the CloudSpan Marketplace, a single platform that provides various cloud services to meet customers’ business needs.

In the past year, restructuring the CloudSpan Marketplace and the sales team to focus on proactive growth of service sales was a challenge for VoIP Supply but both are continually showing significant improvements the past 9 months.

CLOUDSPANToday, VoIP Supply’s CloudSpan Marketplace has grown mature, positioning for exponential growth in the current year and foreseeable future. The improved internal systems and processes satisfy new and existing customers with greater customer intelligence, increased team efficiency and effectiveness and a more personalized experience.

This year, VoIP Supply shifts the internal software platforms to more modern SaaS platforms and is expecting to see continuous improvements in customer experience and growth in the CloudSpan Marketplace as well as customer adoption of hosted VoIP services.

“The past 15 years have been a wonderful journey and a memorable adventure. I am extremely proud of what we have all been able to accomplish, the success that we have created, and the hundreds of thousands of customer interactions and solutions that we have been a part of,” said Ben Sayers, CEO and Founder of VoIP Supply. “We’ve experienced many great highs and have persevered through some of the lowest of the low. We’ve done so as a team and a family, working side by side with many great people over the years. I am thankful to all that have been a part of it and I’m grateful for all that we have been through.”

VoIP Supply Anniversary
About VoIP Supply

VoIP Supply, LLC (https://www.voipsupply.com) is your trusted source for everything VoIP; from our large selection of name-brand hardware to our CloudSpan Marketplace. VoIP Supply provides you with a fully staffed inbound call center with licensed, certified and highly trained VoIP experts that can help you with any problem you might have. Whether you are a home user, business, reseller or service provider, VoIP Supply has the products, experience and expertise to make your deployment a success.

VoIP Supply is a three-time Inc. 500/5000 honoree, listed by Business First as one of WNY’s Most Admired Companies, as well as being consistently ranked one of Western New York’s Best Places to Work. VoIP Supply is also the first Certified B Corporation in Western New York.

Our dedicated Solution Specialists are here to help, so call us today at 1-800-398-VoIP or visit our website at https://www.voipsupply.com


As the cost of school supplies, textbooks, technology equipment, and other related expenses continue to increase, many educational institutions are looking for a way to reduce their costs – switching to a VoIP system can help you achieve that goal. While a lower monthly bill is the most common reason for deploying a VoIP system, there’s a lot of other benefits you may not have noticed yet. Therefore, today we are going to walk you through some of the popular VoIP service benefits that education institutions love!

#1 Minimum Maintenance

With a hosted VoIP system, you don’t need an IT staff to maintain your phone system. Your service provider will be responsible for the system maintenance, monitoring, and management. Simple house your phones and the VoIP service provider will deliver your VoIP service through the Internet connection.

#2 Easy to Set Up

A hosted VoIP system requires minimal VoIP hardware and low upfront costs. Therefore, it’s easy to set up and get started (usually takes a few hours). Setting up a phone system quickly is a big benefit for schools who can’t close down too long during semesters.

#3 Unified Communications System

You would love unified communications if you have students or faculty in a remote area. With a unified communication system, conducting a virtual seminar/class becomes an easy piece. Schools are able to connect students, faculty, parents from different channels (social media, apps, email, instant message, etc.) into one single system.

intercom #4 Paging/ Intercom Support

Paging and intercom support help educational institutions communicate efficiently especially during an emergency event. The integration of intercom and your VoIP system allows you to make important announcements right from your phone device.

#5 Phone Features

A VoIP system has a lot of potentials. Here we list out some of the popular features most school systems take advantage of:

  • Announcements – make announcements about school events, schedule changed, or an emergency.
  • Conferencing – conduct faculty meetings over telephones.phone-features
  • Auto Attendant – set automatic professional greetings and direct callers to the specific routing options.
  • Call Recording – record all important calls with parents, students, or faculty.
  • Call Park – place calls into specific parking locations such as classrooms or offices andpickup the call when you arrive the location.
  • Call Queuing – organize different school departments into queues so that callers can be routed to the right place.
  • Find me/ Follow me call routing – control how your calls are directed even when you are not at the school office.
  • Learn more.

Is your educational organization using a VoIP system? What do you benefit from it? Share with us!


magicJack imagemagicJack VocalTec, the popular VoIP service you might have seen on TV or at local drugstores, is known for its low pricing and simple setup process to billions of users across the world.

We’ve got a lot of customers asking about magicJack. “Can I replace my regular VoIP service with magicJack to reduce the service cost? Is it good enough for my business?” “What’s the difference between using regular VoIP service and using magicJack?”

To answer those questions, you have to first understand how magicJack works and what advantages and disadvantages it brings.


The Pros and Cons of magicJack

Just like other VoIP service providers, magicJack utilizes existing Internet connection to enable you to make phone calls without an additional telephone service.

Pros: One of the biggest advantages of magicJack is a cheap VoIP service fee. With around $30 to $35 annual fee, you can make unlimited local and long distance phone calls to mobile phones and landlines in US, Canada, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. However, be aware of the hidden costs that might come with the service such as taxes, fees in addition to the annual service fee, the cost of equipment, etc.

It’s also very simple to set up.  Simply connect your computer or ethernet port to your phone through magicJack and power it, you are ready to call. (See setup diagram)

Cons: If you are a busy multitasker, you might be disappointed by magicJack as it only works on a high-speed Internet connection such as cable modem and DSL. We’ve heard customers encountered issues such as program crashing when they tried to run multiple tasks on their computers. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t normally have more than one program running at once.

Another common complaint is that magicJack reduces its costs by placing advertisements on users’ computers, which can be unprofessional and distracting. This usually doesn’t happen for regular VoIP services.

For business users, you might find the features provided magicJack limited. Although it covers the basic phone features such as call forwarding/ waiting/ transferring and caller ID, regular VoIP service provides a more comprehensive package including advanced analysis reports and voicemail to text message.


So, magicJack or Regular VoIP Service?

It all depends on how you will be using VoIP services. We can’t speak for everyone but the general rule is: if you are just looking for a cheap VoIP solution to call your friends or family occasionally, magicJack is enough to handle your needs; if you are looking for a solution to build a small to medium size business or even a call center, regular VoIP service will be a way more reliable choice in terms of stability and features comparing to magicJack’s.

Although the pricing and setup process of regular VoIP services are not as sweet as magicJack, it’s all going to be paid off from the service and quality you get in the long term. Some customers also consider using magicJack as a supplement rather than replacing the existing service completely. Contact our VoIP specialists for a free consultation today at 800-398-VoIP to find out the best solution for your business.

See a quick comparison between magicJack and regular VoIP service here:

magicJack and regular service

Are you using magicJack? How’s your experience?

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Our Favorite Things in VoIP by VoIP SupplyWant to find out what some of the tech industry’s top experts picked as their favorite things in VoIP? This year has been one of the best in VoIP and North America’s leading VoIP solutions provider VoIP Supply, has had the chance to try, test, sell, host, provision, reclaim and refurbish everything in the world of VoIP. We’ve worked with residential customers, small to medium sized businesses along with large enterprises and used their feedback and our own to come up with our favorite things in VoIP 2016. Spoiler Alert! You’re going to want everything on VoIP Supply’s Favorite Things List!


Our five part VoIP Favorite Things series features a curated list from VoIP Supply industry experts Joe Shanahan, Brian Hyrek, Don Stefanie, Jon Garbin and Darren Hartman.

Joe Shanahan VoIP Supply


Here is VoIP Supply’s Senior Account Manager Joe Shanahan’s Favorite Things!




What is your favorite VoIP product or service?

Sangoma FreePBX

Sangoma FreePBX


Why is this your favorite VoIP Thing?

Sangoma FreePBX is an excellent open source asterisk software and is backed up with on going development and hands on support from Sangoma. FreePBX also has the full feature set of any proprietary PBX system on the market for a fraction of the cost. VoIP Supply also offers a range of Sangoma FreePBX Phone Systems and Sangoma Phones to compliment the software.


Must Have VoIP Item.

Polycom VVX phones

Polycom vvx300

Why this is a Must Have VoIP item?

To me, these are the best VoIP phones on market for overall quality and bang for your buck.

WHAT is the VoIP item that you or your customers can’t live without?

SIP Trunking of Hosted PBX for their office phone system.

VoIP Supply Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking CloudSpan Marketplace

WHY can’t you or your customers live without this VoIP Item?

They can’t live without this because of the ease of integration and use, increased in efficiency, full feature set and huge cost savings from using an antiquated legacy phone system.

You can find all of the details along with ordering  Joe’s Favorite Things at VoIP Supply!

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You may have noticed that almost everyone is texting around you, or, not surprisingly, maybe yourself is also one of the heavy text message users like me.

83% of American adults own mobile phones and three-quarters of them (73%) send and receive text messages. – According to PewResearch Center‘s research.

Why do so many people love SMS text messaging? Quick answer – it’s simple, clear and fast. Text messaging is a way to communicate privately and precisely. Compared to talking in person, it’s a better way to communicate without being heard by others around you.

instant-messagingOne time I had to contact an online bookstore to ask if they had the book I needed. I was in a quiet library so I had to rush out to make the call. Unfortunately, the person who answered the phone had me wait out in the cold for 20 minutes and came back with a 2-second disappointing answer: “No, we don’t have it”. I was frustrated and gave up my book search for a while.

Luckily things are different now. With a lot of businesses offering instant messaging customer service, I can contact them anytime and work on other things while waiting for the answers. Communication is easier than ever.


Giving customers a convenient way to communicate is how a business stands out among their competitors.

VoIP is your best way to give your customers a preferred way to communicate. VoIP service not only provides you instant messaging, chat and SMS tools but also integrates them all together in one place for easy management. You are able to message customers, your co-workers or employees right from  your own desktop computer.

voicemail-to-textEven better, VoIP service also offers voicemail to text features, which transfers your voicemails into a transcription for you to read whenever it’s convenient. You can simply save the important information in a text format for future reference.

A quality customer service and efficient work environment start with VoIP service. Do you prefer SMS text messaging? What are  your reasons? Share with us!

Every marketer has had the experience that your marketing strategy just didn’t work no matter how hard you’ve tried. You might say – well, some industries are just not so prospective.

The fact is, Business Marketing is a dynamic system that has to change its tactics relentlessly to catch up with the customers. With the proper tools in place, every marketer like you can turn the uphill battle into an easy fight. Here we’ll share some secrets of how VoIP can boost your marketing efforts.

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After thoroughly evaluating the pros and cons, you finally decided to switch to a VoIP system. The next big question would be: How do I get the best VoIP deal from all the VoIP service providers?

Believe it or not, most buyers rushed into making a purchase decision and ended up realizing they could have saved a fortune with better quality product or service if they would have spent some time researching and comparing! Here we provide some tips to help ensure that you get the best VoIP service deal.

Step One: Approach multiple VoIP service providers

Contact multiple VoIP service providers from different sources and pick out at least five for further consideration. Possible sources include a referral from your friends or advertisements, contacting providers by phone, live chat, or filling out forms online.

One great, simple solution is to utilize our CloudSpan MarketPlace, a one stop shop for multiple service providers with the best service and products. Our VoIP solution specialists help customers winnow down the ideal solution to meet their business requirements, saving them money, time and energy. See more CloudSpan benefits here. Simply fill out the form below to consult with our VoIP specialists:

Step Two: Evaluate and compare the options

Once you have picked out the five or more potential options, be ready to discuss with each provider about their services and products to see if they can satisfy your needs. Meanwhile, record down the consideration factors on a spreadsheet so you can compare them side by side clearly.

Here’s a list of some key points to consider during your evaluation process:

  • Any upfront costs such as VoIP equipment or setup costs
  • Overall savings on the new system
  • Features to meet your requirements
  • Available technical support
  • Time length to switch to new service
  • Any good or bad user feedback
  • Other special business demands you may have


Step Three: Make a purchase decision

Every service provider has different pricing and features depending on customers’ business sizes and requirements. Review the comparison spreadsheet you have made and be prepared to negotiate with the providers based on the research you have down. The rule of thumb is don’t rush the decision making process. Give yourself enough time to think through and get the best deal among the options.

voip-cloud-service-banner 1200x150

Now you are all set to start deploying the best VoIP deal and enjoy the benefits! If you encounter any issues or have questions when selecting a suitable VoIP service provider for your business, please contact our specialists at 1-800-398-VoIP or email at voipexperts@voipsupply.com. We will be happy to assist you with any VoIP questions.

steveVoIP Service Specialist– Steve Kruszynski  

Email: skruszynski@voipsupply.com
Direct: 716-531-4269



VoIP Service Specialist– Edward Miller

Email: emiller@voipsupply.com
Direct: 716-531-4270

Take advantage of features to make your day easier

When it comes to VoIP Service there are plenty of features out there that can greatly increase your efficiently throughout the day. One of those features would be Find me/Follow me Call Routing.

The basic idea of this feature allows you to directs calls that are coming in to your desk phone or main line to somewhere else that will be more convenient for you. You’re basically allowed to set up rules for when someone is attempting to call you.

Don’t Miss a Call When You’re Away From Your Desk

find me follow me imageIf you’re someone who is away from their desk often or you work remotely this feature is a great option to keep you in contact with everyone. There are basically two paths you can have designed for yourself.

Sequential Ringing: Allow the call to ring your desk for 10 seconds (or anytime you decide) then move to another landline, such as your home office, then you can move to your cell phone if necessary.

Multiple Endpoints Ringing: This allows multiple phones to ring at once. You can have your desktop phone in your office, your home office line and also your mobile device ring simultaneously. If you’re sporadically in different places at different times this is a great feature to make sure you pick up the call as soon as you can.


Benefits to Find Me/Follow Me

  • Never miss a call when you’re away from your desk
  • Only one phone number to hand out to receive calls to all devices
  • Appear to always be at your desk when incoming calls are received
  • Have the freedom to go about your day and stay in contact with everyone
  • Contact us today

    Start allowing your customers to reach you anywhere while you’re working. Contact our VoIP Solution Specialists today at 1-800-398-8647 or voipexperts@voipsupply.com