Over the years, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has drawn a wide interest from all walk of life which also includes the hospitality industry. Your hotel might already know that a VoIP system is a more cost-effective communication solution, however, the cost-saving benefits brought by Hosted PBX are actually just the beginning. Let’s find out the three main ways Cloud PBX reshapes how hospitality industry communicates.

A Cloud-Based Solution: Everything is Connected

As the Internet of Things (IoT) moves the world towards a decentralized network system that connects people with more things around the world, Cloud PBX also plays an important role to connect your guests with their devices and more services.

A Cloud-based PBX connects your guests’ devices such as room phones, keycards, software and valuable databases to the Cloud to enhance the customer experiences. With a connected system, improving productivity and management capabilities for better guest experiences and customer loyalty has become a breeze!

By collecting and sharing data across all points of contact such as check-in lobby, guest rooms, mobile apps, the Cloud PBX solution also provides you with critical business insights to take actions on an continue to grow.


Integrates into Existing Infrastructures

Integrating Cloud PBX services into an existing infrastructure is now simpler than ever before. There are multiple Cloud PBX solutions designed for seamless PBX integration and superior performance especially in the areas of network security interoperability & connectivity to ensure your transition to a VoIP system is as smooth as possible.


Advanced Hospitality Phone Features

One of the biggest advantages of a Hosted PBX solution is the advanced features it offers. From check-in/out, wake-up calls, to room status and call billing, Cloud PBX solutions come with superior, useful phone features to enrich your guest experience and work efficiency. In this competitive hospitality industry and high customer expectation ear, these phone features would really make you stand out in the crowd and bring values to both your hotel and your customers!

See some of the popular features:

  • Guest name applied to extension
  • Guest extension voicemail reset
  • Disable outbound calls on extension
  • Log calls from each room and show call costs
  • Do not Disturb
  • Allow housekeeping to set room status via their mobile phone
  • Compatible with most popular PMX system
  • See more features

Is your hotel using a Cloud PBX system? How does your hotel benefit from using VoIP? Share with us! A hosted VoIP solution has a lot more benefits await you to explore. Visit our site to learn more or simply give one of our VoIP experts a call at 1-800-398-8647 for a free consultation today!

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When it comes to choosing a VoIP service provider, there can be a lot of questions.  Just a quick check online will show you there are more options than you thought possible!  That’s why it’s important to keep a clear head and focus on the most important things.

There are a lot of things to consider.  Not just about your future VoIP provider, but about your business too.  We felt that this topic absolutely needed a video, and we delivered!

So, take a minute and check out some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing your provider.  And always remember, if you still have questions or just can’t seem to find the answers, you can always give us a call at 1-800-398-8647.  Our team of experts can take you down the correct path and find a solution that is right for you!


There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Sangoma’s SIPStation and FAXStation lately, so we figured we’d make a video!

There are and will always be tons of decisions when it comes to choosing who you want to handle your VoIP Services, and we understand that at VoIP Supply. That’s why we created the CloudSpan MarketPlace! Between CloudSpan and our knowledgeable staff of solutions consultants, shopping around for VoIP Service has never been easier. But then we came across Sangoma’s SIPStation, and well, it got even easier.

As time moves on there are always going to be innovation and changes when it comes to VoIP, and right now SIPStation seems to be paving the way with their powerful features like trunk groups and concurrency bursting (just to name a few).

If you are interested in learning more about SIPStation by Sangoma, then check out the video, and see what our solutions consultant, Brian Hyrek, think are the top 5 reasons to consider using SIPStation by Sangoma.

skype-tipsSkype is nothing new to most of us. We all love how simple and straightforward Skype is. It probably only takes you less than 30 minutes from downloading to dialing your first call through Skype.

You think you already know all about Skype? Well, there might still be some features that will surprise you! Check out the 7 Skype tips and tricks in this post to see what they are!

#1 How to Make Calls from Skype Contact Listskype-5

Do you know you can start a Skype call by double-clicking on a contact? Here’s how:

  1. Click Tools >> Options >> General Settings
  2. Check the box: When I double-click on a contact start a call

Pretty easy, huh?

#2 How to Hide or Show the Skype Moving Pencil

You must have noticed that when you are chatting with someone on Skype message, there’s a pencil image moving showing you that someone is editing his/her message. Not a big fan of this feature? No problem. Here’s how you can hide it and have more privacy:

  1. Click Tools >> Options >> IM & SMS >> IM Settings >> Show Advanced Options
  2. Uncheck the box: Show when I am typing


#3 How to Clear Skype Chat History

Erase your chat history in Skype is easy. Just follow these two steps:

  1. Click Tools >> Options >> IM & SMS
  2. Click IM Settings >> Show Advanced Options >> Clear History

Be aware though, once you clear your history, you can’t restore the messages! So think twice before you hit the button! You can also adjust the time frame that you want to keep your history by selecting the drop-down menu.

#4 How to Get Keyword Notifications on Skype

Too many messages that you don’t have time to read them all? Use Skype’s Keyword Notifications to get notified only when certain words are mentioned in the IM window. Here’s how:

  1. Click Conversation menu>> Notification Settings
  2. Select the radio button: Notify me only if these words are mentioned.
  3. Type in the keywords you’d like to receive notifications

Now you can sit back and focus on your work!

caller-id#5 How to Set Up the Caller ID on Skype

Caller ID shows your phone number when you make a call. You might want to set up this so people recognize you when you make Skype calls to landlines or mobile numbers.

  1. Click Skype menu >> Account. You will see a web page where you get more call related information
  2. Click Caller ID and select Country/Region and type in your Phone number.
  3. Click Verify Number.

You are all set. Test it out!

#6 How to Edit Your Last Message on Skype

Oops, made a mistake in the message that you just sent? Press the Up Arrow Key on your keyboard, Skype will automatically copy the text you sent and put in your chat box where you can correct and re-send.


#7 How to Transfer Skype Account Contacts

call-transfer Need a new Skype account but feel it’s tedious to re-add in all your contacts again? Let Skype do the work for you! You can easily backup all of your contacts from the old account and simply transfer them into the new one within minutes.

  1. Sign in your old account. Click Contacts and go to Advanced and select Backup Contacts to File.  
  2. Sign in your new account and click Contacts>> Advanced>> Restore Contacts from File

There you have it! Are you using any of the tricks I mentioned? What Skype features do you like to see? A hosted VoIP Service has a lot of useful and more advanced features, be sure to check it out too!cloudspan banner

Switching to VoIP can come with a lot of questions. There are always many things to consider, and sometimes important things can slip through the cracks.

At VoIP Supply, our experts are here to help you understand and craft the perfect VoIP solution. They have over a decade’s worth of knowledge and experience in the industry and can make any transition to VoIP, a smooth one.

While we are just a phone call away, we thought it would be cool to put this video together for you to consider one extremely important factor that is often overlooked. Your Local Area Network! Can it handle VoIP calls? Find out now!


The hospitality industry is extremely competitive when it comes to pricing and services. Especially when customers can get all the information with just a few swipes or clicks on their smartphones and compare you and your competitors side-by-side within minutes.

That being said, how to stand out within that space has become a big topic. You might also be thinking that there’s no way you can achieve this without it costing your business a pretty penny……or is there? What if I told you there’s a way to be more competitive and save more? Let’s check out how VoIP not just reduces your costs but also generates more revenue for your hotel business!

Reduce Costs

Reduce Expansion Costs – VoIP networks reach anywhere with an Internet connection, therefore, when a hotel needs to add a new unit such as a fitness center or a dining area, no extra installation or cabling will be needed. You will also save a lot of trouble and money without closing the location or disturbing your guests for additional installation or maintenance.

Cut Infrastructure Costs – traditional hotels require separate networks to process telephones and data which involves extra costs of installing, wiring as well as the costs of management and maintenance. VoIP uses an existing data network, therefore, eliminating the need for separate networks and too much wiring. Besides, your VoIP service provider will be responsible for maintaining the infrastructure in the cloud, so you can save on the maintenance costs and the cost of hiring IT staff!

Lower Off-site Communication Costs – VoIP Service collects everything under one roof even when you are on the road. Because VoIP call rates are usually fixed regardless of the distance, you will be able to save costs on traveling and long-distance call rates and easily manage group communications from a single source.

Increase Revenue

Guest Phones – By providing your guest more paid communication services, your hotel can open up more business opportunities and generate additional revenue. For instance, VoIP allows you to offer your guests voicemail services, instant messaging, outbound calling, etc.

Customer Satisfaction – In the long run, VoIP service will improve your customer satisfaction and indirectly boost your overall revenue. Ex: Lower customer wait-time by using customized call routing on an inbound number and caller ID.

By integrating your VoIP system with your CRM system, you can also get access to guest information right from the same system, speeding up check-in/out process time and also process special requests such as taxi pickup notification and wake-up calls with more efficiencies. In this way, you can improve convenience and increase customer loyalty.

Effective CommunicationVoIP service comes with a lot of useful features such as Find Me/ Follow Me, Call Parking, IM, and advanced analytics which enables effective and efficient staff communications and management. Through the bring your own device (BYOD) solution, your staff can use their smartphones, laptops, or other devices when making calls or sending messages. With VoIP call features, your hotel will be more responsive to customer inquiries and resolve any issues in real-time.

These are just some of the benefits you can enjoy from deploying a VoIP system. VoIP is very flexible and has a lot of potentials. To learn more about how VoIP can help you achieve your business goals, contact one of our dedicated VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 today!

10-questions-to-askChoosing a VoIP service provider is not an easy task. To select the right VoIP service that you won’t regret, you will have to answer some questions regarding your application such as calling habits, your location, your budget, and the knowledge of your technical staff. Let me share with you the 10 must-ask questions you need to know when selecting a VoIP service provider!


10 Questions to Ask Your VoIP Service Provider

#1 Are you providing a premise or hosted service?

A managed (hosted) service provider reduces your resources and responsibilities while the premise option simply provides the voice network and you administer your own network.

#2 What hardware options are available for my hosted service?

Understand what kind of devices you and your employees need and make sure your service provider has the hardware selection options you want.

#3 What kind of customer service support do you have?

Seek out the service providers comment to investment in their technology and support services. Make sure they have a convenient support channel for you to reach out.

#4 Do you support E-911 or other service features?

Consider special requirements you may have for your business and ask your Cloud service provider if they have them covered. Sometimes it’s negotiable with some providers.


#5 What services are included versus fee-based add-ons?

Some services a provider offers may cost you extra fees. So be sure to ask what services are included and what are not in the contract.

#6 How is the call quality?

If you choose a hosted system, on-site devices such as Quality of Service should be avoided. Make sure you can have good call quality you expect.

#7 How reliable is the service?

Will you experience any service downtime? In what situation can that happen? If you can’t have any downtime, ask if there’s any backup system or other solutions.

#8 Customer experience?

service-guide-imageHave they ever handled any customers who face the similar situation as yours? What were their experiences? Do they have case studies? You should also search customer reviews and ask questions if anything raises concerns.

#9 Do you have disaster discovery capability?

What happens to your data, recordings, and voicemails in the event of a disaster wiping out a service provider’s data center? Do they have a backup plan and will the service always be available?

#10 Depth of Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Read the small print and ask questions if anything raise any concerns. Be aware of what happens when something goes wrong, beforehand.

Want to learn more? Check out our VoIP Service buyers guide or simply give one of our VoIP service consultants a call at 1-800-398-8647!

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toshiba-directionSince Toshiba announced their decision to wind-down their Telecommunication Systems Division (TSD), effective immediately, a lot of people are searching for alternative solutions to replace their current phone system. If you don’t have any replacement plans yet, don’t panic! Our VoIP specialists are here to give you some directions.


What are the Alternative Options to Toshiba Phone Systems?

Since Toshiba phone systems are all proprietary, switching out the system will involve replacing the entire phone system. This, understandably can seem like a daunting endeavor but seriously don’t panic! You can also see this as an opportunity to make a change for your business. Our VoIP specialists have come up with a three-step process below to help you find the best replacement option for your business.


Step One: List Out Your Requirements

Examine your business needs and list the requirements that must be met by the new phone system you are switching to.


Step Two: Plan Your Budget

How much capital expenditure do you plan to spend? Do you want to maintain your own PBX or go to the Cloud? Do you want to have custom applications? Do you have an on-site IT staff? All of these are questions that you must answer in order to assure that you are shopping for the best phone system for your business.


Step Three: Choose Your Ideal Type of VoIP System

There are basically two main types of VoIP systems available: Cloud Hosted VoIP and On-Premise VoIP.


Usually, for small to medium-sized businesses with a limited budget, a hosted VoIP system would be ideal since the service provider will provide most of the maintenance, which means you don’t need to have an on-site IT staff. Additionally, only a limited amount of VoIP hardware is required to get your system up and running, therefore, the upfront costs are relatively low.

For larger enterprises that desire customization, an on-premise VoIP system will give you more flexibility and independence. Although this option requires higher upfront costs to purchase the required VoIP equipment, it’s a great long-term investment as you own the equipment and save from the low monthly rates; however, we highly recommend checking out a hosted option as well. You will also benefit from the high scalability, customized applications, and migration support. See a variety of the on-premise solutions here.


If you are still not sure where to start or you are concerned about your specific business situation, VoIP Supply’s CloudSpan MarketPlace is a great place to direct you to the best solution. If you’re interested in moving your system to a safer and more reliable solution, fill out the form below or dial 800-305-1427 to receive a free consultation with up to 3 potential VoIP service solutions from some of the most popular service providers on the market!