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Watch Now: 2024 March VoIP News Update

March 29, 2024 We're back with the March VoIP news Update! This month, we have some exciting details about the recently launched 3CX Version 20! We'll discuss several ... READ MORE
3CX Version 20 Final Release

3CX Version 20: Final Release

March 11, 2024
3CX, the renowned developer of innovative communication solutions, has officially unveiled the final release of 3CX Version 20. Packed with an array of groundbreaking features, ... READ MORE

SIP Chats: Michael Rehac of VoIP Supply Provisioning & Fulfillment

January 29, 2024 SIP Chats is back with our first episode of 2024, and this time, we're doing things a bit differently. Your host, Brian Hyrek, has an ... READ MORE

Watch Now: 2023 December VoIP News Update

December 21, 2023 Our last VoIP News Update of the year is out now! Tune in and get an exciting look at Linkvil by Fanvil's new CA400 Video ... READ MORE

How to: Protect Our Community with Alyssa’s Law

November 29, 2023
Every second counts when faced with life-threatening emergencies, especially in terms of public safety. Alyssa's Law, a groundbreaking piece of legislation, addresses the critical issue ... READ MORE

Watch Now: 2023 November VoIP News Update

November 28, 2023 The wait is over! Your November VoIP News Update has arrived! This month, we'll discuss the brand-new release of Patton's SN-SFP Gateway! This small, but ... READ MORE

How to Determine If You Need a Special Network Switch for Your VoIP Phone

September 18, 2023
It’s no secret that in the fast-paced world of modern business, communication is key. As companies continue to rely on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) ... READ MORE

Did You Know Patton Communications Offers Top-Notch Support for Seamless Connectivity?

August 4, 2023
In today's interconnected world, reliable communication is the lifeblood of any successful business. Enter Patton Communications, a leading provider of cutting-edge network solutions that has ... READ MORE

Did You Know VoIP Supply Offers Fulfillment Services?

June 12, 2023
When you are running a business, there are a trillion things to worry about (probably literally) and I am sure every business owner wishes they ... READ MORE

Shopping VoIP Products – Made Easy!

June 5, 2023
On-line shopping has been booming for years, but it spiked during the pandemic and afterward as people became reliant on being able to buy what ... READ MORE
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