3CX Version 20: Final Release

March 11, 2024 by jstewart
3CX Version 20

3CX, the renowned developer of innovative communication solutions, has officially unveiled the final release of 3CX Version 20. Packed with an array of groundbreaking features, this latest release is set to redefine the business communication landscape.

The final version of 3CX 20 offers: 

  • AI Foundations 
  • Hardened Security 
  • New SIP Call Manager 
  • VoIP Quality Monitoring 
  • One, Easy-to-Remember URL
  • All-New Native Windows Softphone 
  • More Granular Permissions Within Departments 

Before upgrading to 3CX Version 20’s Final Release, check out the 3CX V20 Upgrade Checklist and FAQs

It is also important to note:

  • Scheduled Reporting is coming in Update 1 or 2. 
  • Currently, V20 is Available on Linux Only
  • On-Premise Installations Require Split DNS: The 3CX FQDN must be fully resolvable on the LAN as well as outside of the LAN. 
  • System Owner is Required: You will only be able to upgrade with a System Owner role set. 
  • Global Office Hours/Holidays Reconfiguration and Use of Departments: If you don’t want to use Departments you can just use the default Department. 
  • Read the updated manual: https://www.3cx.com/docs/manual/

With its innovative features and emphasis on security, collaboration, and mobility, 3CX Version 20 represents a significant leap forward in the realm of business communication. As businesses continue to adapt to new ways of working, 3CX remains at the forefront, empowering organizations to communicate more effectively, efficiently, and securely than ever before.

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